• ‘Rope For Kids’ Raises Thousands

    #2.5 & under roping saddle winner John Vincent Jr. (r), with Randy Pennebker presenting. Click photo for full story...

  • CHSRA D1 Hosts Red Bluff Shootout

    CHSRA District 3's Payton Shoeppach was named the AA Cowgirl at the Red Bluff Showdown Rodeo. She received a saddle for her efforts. (Full Gallop Photogrphy) Click photo for full story...

  • Barrel Race Rings In The New Year

    Samantha Dewhurst on "Herbie Rides Again" was the Open 1D winner on Sunday, as well as the Youth 1D winner on Saturday and Sunday. (Capture Photography) Click photo for full story.

  • Two Saddles Awarded On New Year's

    New Year’s weekend at the Triple Crown Equestrian Center. The big winners were JT Bradley, #3 & over saddle (second from left) and Clayton Moore, #2.5 & under saddle (second from right). Brian Humphry and Steve Waldron were the buckle winners. Click photo for full story...

By Mike Sweeney
Special To Ropers Sports News

ACTON, CA – ACTRA Members from Southern California and the Bakersfield area showed up at the Vincent Hill Arena in Acton September 16 to qualify for the Wrangler/Professional’s Choice ACTRA National Finals in Reno October 22-28.

Darin Readmond hosted the event and did an excellent job. A big tip of the Resistol to Darin and his staff for the efficient way they took care of business.

President Bill Horner made the trip to pass out the awards and discuss with many members ways in which ACTRA could improve this event.

The awards were great. average winners won specially designed buckles from Skyline Silversmiths. Second through fourth place featured awards from Professional’s Choice, and Wrangler provided the go round winners with Wrangler gift cards.

The top three money winners of the day were awarded Yeti Coolers sponsored by Darin Readmond Livestock. The winners were Danny Costa, Butch Pope and Brian Mauro. Brian and Carol Johnson were tied and Brian won the flip.

Congratulations to all the ropers for being the first in California to qualify for the ACTRA National Finals.

Results of the SoCal ACTRA National Finals Qualifier follow; payoff is per man.

#5.5 Hdcp: 4 for $50

1st go: 1. Butch Pope and Ron Rogers, $100. 2. Derrick Clark and Robert Jernigan, $70.

Average: 1. Nick Dondero and Tony Boggs, $450. 2. Cody Fosnot and Danny Costa, $370. 3. Regina Christensen and Noe Casian, $295. 4. Derrick Clark and Robert Jernigan, $215. 5. Steven Senteney and Danny Costa, $135. 6. Nick Dondero and Jim Pratt, $75.

#4 Roping: 4 for $50

1st go: 1. Brian Mauro and Carol Johnson, $80. 2. Cobb Oxford and Rick Radar, $55.

Average: 1. Brian Mauro and Carol Johnson, $425. 2. Butch Pope and Luis Ramirez, $335. 3. Butch Pope and Ray Ortiz, $230. 4. Tommy Thompson and Jenna McCarthy, $145. 5. Brian Mauro and Carol Johnson, $85.

#6.5 Hdcp: 4 for $50

1st go: 1. Jenna McCarthy and Brad Bishop, $80. 2. Dale Gibson and Craig Branham, $55.

Average: 1. Mike Boyle and Craig Branham, $425. 2. Gary Christensen and Shawn Howell, $325. 3. Walter Scott and Danny Costa, $230. 4. Mike Boyle and Danny Costa, $150. 5. Dale Gibson and Craig Bran­ham, $90.