• Steve Maddalena Memorial Roping

    Steve Maddalena Memorial champion heeler Roscoe Rhodes, Lacey Parsons presenting (with Stevie Parsons), and champion header Matt Goings. Click on photo for full story...

  • Mora & Chaves Win Wounded Heroes Open

    High money senior and junior at the Wounded Heroes Roping: Mitch Jacobs (left), Ryan Eaton Jr. presenting, Gavin Cardoza, and Jerry Johnson presenting. Click photo for full story...

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  • ProRodeo Hall Of Fame Welcomes 2019 Class

    The ProRodeo Hall of Fame enshrined 12 members at the Hall in Colorado Springs, Colo. The Class of 2019 included Allen Bach, Commotion (bareback horse), Elra Beutler and Jiggs Beutler (stock contractor), Dean Gorsuch (steer wrestler), Doug Brown (bull rider), Jerome Robinson (notable), Cody Stampede Rodeo (committee), Tommy Lucia (contract personnel), Jimmie Gibbs Munroe (barrel racer), Sammy Thurman Brackenbury (barrel racer) and Florence Youree (notable). (PRCA ProRodeo photo by Steve Gray) Click photo for full story...

Aletha Lindsey Barkley and Rylee George were the winners of the All-Girl Roping. Producer Danielle Porteur with Cactus Ropes and Saddles Barry Berg and Dustin Noblitt, make the presentation.

By Danielle Porteur
Special To Ropers Sports News

Tres Pinos, California, is the home of the largest All Girl Breakaway and Team Roping on the beautiful West Coast at Bolado Park Event Center that took place on July 11th. This year was another huge success, thanks not only to our amazing local sponsors but also California’s Richest partnership with Cactus Ropes and Cactus Saddlery providing such an amazing prizeline to girl ropers.

     This year, Cactus gave contestants an opportunity to run at three beautiful Cactus saddles, including one for the breakaway roping. For the first year, the ladies also had a chance at a champion header and heeler saddle. Cactus also provided a Heel-O-Matic NEX dummy for our junior incentive breakaway roper. Our high money header and heeler received a Heel-O-Matic Bones 2.0 and a HOM Hox provided by Heel-O-Matic Training Systems. Congratulations to Kara Moody for winning the Open Breakaway by beating 63 contestants, which also qualified her for “Rope for the Crown” in Vegas in December, good luck to you Kara. Congrats to Hannah O’Conner for winning the Junior Incentive for 2019. Lila Bell was 2019 American Qualifier and we are looking forward to seeing her in the lights soon. Congratulations to Rylee George and Aletha Barkley as they were the California’s Richest Team Roping champions for 2019, which led to them both being the high money header and heeler of the day. Cactus Gear sent hats, Cactus Koozies, stickers and gloves. We are beyond grateful to Cactus Ropes, Cactus Gear and Cactus Saddlery for their generous continued partnership and can’t wait to see what is coming for you ladies next year in 2020.  Huge shout out to Barry Berg and Dustin Noblitt for believing in this event and helping expand this kind of roping to the West Coast for girls who love to rope on a completive level. Thank you for continuing to help California’s Richest reach its goals.
     Although we started out exclusively as a breakaway roping five years ago with an 80% payback and a 17/under incentive, 2019 was our biggest year yet in the breakaway with a total of 63 breakaway ropers. This event is continuing to grow each year. And with that we just had to see how many of the girls would be just as interested by adding the team roping, which we added in 2016.  The team toping is an open all-girl with a #8 incentive and a WPRA co-approved event. Practical fees, considering this is the busiest time of year to rope, a pick one/draw one for $150, four head, progressive after two with a 70% payback. In the 2016 team roping we drew 54 teams. In 2017 we had 104 teams, 2018 a whopping 122 and this year our teams grew by 20% which lead to my goal with not only 146 teams, but was finally an opportunity to give these ladies an even playing field with half incentive teams and half open teams.
     To the sponsors that have been with us from day one and continue to help support this event in so many ways, we’re beyond grateful for the loyal sponsors that make these ropings possible. I would like to give a special thanks to Darrick Hoskins (My Cars Chevrolet) who was our first saddle sponsor when it all began. Darrick is well-known for his generosity and support of rodeo, not only on the West Coast but also supporting many prestigious events around the nation. Tammy and Ryan White with Best Ever Pads are also huge sponsors around the world and continue to sponsor California’s Richest every year with beautiful Best Ever Pads. S Bar J Cattle (Steve Simons) has provided a great set of steers every year since we started. Thanks to WPRA for sponsoring the Wrangler Sidepot. Ropers Sports News promotes our roping and Lee Legasey with the Perfect Timing System, is the best in the business, always making sure the roping is running as smoothly as possible – I couldn’t or wouldn’t want to do it without him.
     Our local sponsors are truly the best – huge thank you to Jennifer Porteur with Advantage Truss Co.; Coastal Cooling, Brent Redmond; Trans Java Express Coffee; Dr. Charles M Rita DDS; 19th Hole  Restaurant; Mark and Glenna Porteur; RJR Recycling; Ram Property Management of Hollister; Java Express Coffee of Hollister; OPA Farms; Brennan and Stacey Porteur; OF (B & S Supply) and A.R Buckles for outdoing yourself with a set of spurs to the runner up, Ali Bilkey, in the open breakaway, Rich McAbee with McAbee Feed of Hollister; Carol Scagliotti; Charlie Hall with First Choice Repair.
     We would like to introduce our new sponsors that jumped on board for 2019, Louie Smokey Trails for being part of a sponsor team but also manning the snack shack last minute.  The food was amazing.
     We would like to give some well-deserved shout out to people behind the scenes:  Elly Leslie for being a top notch secretary and keeping things on task in the office; Dana Avilas and Corrisa King for helping with the awards; Railyn King for taking pictures all day; anyone can find her photos link on California’s Richest All Girl Breakaway & Team Roping Facebook page.
Thanks to the chute help David, Vince and Seth Nino, Tim Roberts, Lee Katich, Charlie Hall, Kelly Andrade and Jake Bourdet. Thank you for your time and effort to keep things running smoothly. Bob Branco and Rylee Bishop for running the tractor and water truck, keeping the arena in tip top shape all day; Bolado Park for the beautiful facility we roped in; Todd Utterback for flagging and making some tough decisions; David Porteur for spotting each run and jumping in wherever needed; Rikki Perezchica for your expertise to help make some decisions on making the perfect score to remain the prestigious breakaway roping California’s Richest strives to be; all those who showed up the night before to sort through steers, Wyatt and Lacy Bourdet, Marcie and John Chavez, Alison Grantham Chelsey Bushnell, Sadie Noblitt and Barry Berg and Dustin Noblitt – your time and energy was appreciated.
     Last but not least I want to thank all the women ropers who traveled from all over the nation this year, including Nevada, Arizona and Hawaii, as well as all the local women ropers here in Hollister – it’s good to see you all out here. Also to the Northern and Southern California cowgirls who have a bit of a travel but still make the trip to continue to come out and rope.
     California’s Richest will continue to grow, refine and rally to reach the goals for every girl roper out there and keep it an even playing field, giving everyone a chance at every level at high payouts and beautiful amazing prizes Cactus Saddlery and Cactus Ropes provides. We look forward to 2020, stay tuned and get connected and learn the details through California’s Richest All Girl Breakaway and Team Roping Facebook page.

Results are as follows; payouts are per roper:
Breakaway Roping
Round 1: 1. Kylie Askew, 3.56, $935. 2. Kara Moody, 3.78, $705. 3. Samantha Hand, 3.96, $470. 4. Suzanne Williams, 4.07, $230.
Round 2. 1. Ali Bilkey, 2.88, $935. 2. Rikki Perezchica, 2.93, $705. 3. Cheyanne Horner, 3.15, $470. 4. Annie Houston, 3.43, $230.
Average: 1. Kara Moody, 14.85 on 4, $3,190. 2. Ali Bilkey, 16.62, $2,650. 3. Suzanne Williams, 17.89, $2,120. 4. Annie Houston, 23.43, $1,600. 5. Cheyanne Horner, 25.38, $1,060.
All-Girl Team Roping
Round 1: 1. Fallon Avery and Lila Bell, 6.82, $362. 2. Liz Hirdes and Ali Bilkey, 7.71, $214. 3. Liz Hirdes and Rikki Perezchica, 7.91, $142.
Round 2: 1. Sierra Stadtler and Whitley Burgess, 6.96, $362. 2. Rylee George and Mariann Miller, 7.00, $214. 3. Lila Bell and Lacey Bourdet, 7.35, $142.
Average: 1. Rylee George and Aletha Lindsey Barkley, 43.74, $2,000. 2. Casey Yates and Alison Grantham, 45.55, $1,500. 3. Suzanne Williams and Chelsey Bushnell, 45.85, $1,000. 4. Lila Bell and Sophia Fowler, 46.62, $500.
#8 Incentive
Average: 1. Fallon Ruffoni and Jillian Murray, 55.46 on 4. 2. Jane Capurro and Jessica Crowfoot, 20.44 on 2.

Breakaway roping winner Kara Moody receives her championship saddle from Dustin Noblitt (l) and Barry Berg (r) of Cactus Ropes and Saddles, along with Darrick Hoskins of MY Cars and roping producer Danielle Porteur.

Hannah O’Connor (c) was the winner of the Breakaway Incentive. Whitlee Burgess won second. Presenting are Dustin Noblitt and Barry Berg representing Cactus Ropes and Saddles, along with roping producer Danielle Porteur.

Sponsor Darrick Hoskins of MY Chevrolet, with producer Danielle Porteur.

Lee Legasey was on hand with his Perfect Timing barrier system to help keep the roping running smoothly.