• Champions Crowned at 2017 WTRA Finals

    WTRA Vice-President Lisa Smith (l) and President Donna Mahoney (r), present a $1,000 Chute Help gift certificate to the high point girl roper of the day, Karen Dias. Karen was also the year-end A League champion. Click for full story...

  • WSTR Qualifier in Salinas

    Buckles were awarded to 1st through 3rd in the average of the #8 Buckle Roping at the World Series Qualifier held in Salinas. Click photo for full story...

  • Mia Prichard is Tops at ACBRA Finals

    Mia Prichard, winner of the Open and 5D, on Lenas Lil Prize (Fotochaser/Fernando Sam-Sin). Click photo for full story.

  • Senior Gold Card Team Roping Finals

    Open champs at the Senior Gold Card team roping finals were Virgil Williams and Ron Darnell; Incentive champs Danny Costa and Sonny Cowden. Click photo for full story...

Steve Maddalena Memorial Roping third high money winner James Clark (left), with his headstall; second high money winner Kody Keeling with his breast collar and custom barnwood frame donated by Bob Vaum; high money winner Ty Morrill with saddle; presenter Lacey Maddalena with Hazel Tipton; and high money girl Annie Tipton with Chesley Tipton.

By Lacey Maddalena
Special To Ropers Sports News

SIERRAVILLE, CA – The 10th Annual Steve Maddalena Memorial Team Roping took place on August 5th and 6th. As always, a good time was had by all. Trucks and trailers started rolling in on Friday afternoon and as the ropers pulled in, you could tell right away, this roping would be one for the record books. The weather was picture perfect and everyone that showed up, showed up with a smile.


We kicked things off early this year with my musician friends from Texas, Billy Hartman, Buck Fuffalo, and Zach Pack, who pulled out their guitars and stand-up bass and serenaded us until the sun came up right there in the campground.  If you haven’t heard these boys play, you are missing out. They provided hours of entertainment for all who felt like listening.

Spirits were high and the parking lot was full on Saturday morning. We literally could not have asked for more perfect weather. The #10 Steve Maddalena Roping went off without a hitch and I was proud to present the Steve Maddalena memorial buckles to the winners, Rosco Rhodes and James Clark. Huge thank you to Larry Williams for donating the buckles again. 

The beer flowed freely down in the Coors Light Corner and everyone was having a great time. The cattle were great (thank you to Brew Dog, and everyone else that brought cattle over to fill the herd) and there were a lot of teams this year. Every year, it seems things keep getting better and better. This is definitely a roping that I know my dad would be so proud of.

Saturday night found everyone down in the arena where the boys from Texas put on one heck of a show. Huge thanks to Billy, Buck and Zach for setting up the stage, decorating, and playing for hours on end.  You guys are so special and we can’t wait to give you a big, Northern California welcome again next year.

Sunday was personally a very special day for me. As many of you know, we started giving away Elliot Dow Memorial buckles last year. As a great friend to both myself and my dad, I felt that my dad would have been so proud to share his roping with Elliot. The roping was tough and I was very surprised to hear my name, along with my partner, Kody Keeling, being called as high call.  Elliot was such a dear friend to me and it was such an honor to go out there, rope good, and win a buckle with his name on it.  Huge thank you to Kody Keeling for keeping things clean on the heel end. That is one win that I will always treasure.  

Towards the end of the day, we were blessed with a cool rain. Perhaps it was Dad playing one of his never-ending tricks on us, just like he does every year (everyone remember the flying tent?), by letting us know that he is still here with us, watching over us and loving us through the blood, sweat, laughter, tears, and thousands of beers.  

I can’t thank everyone enough who makes this roping possible every year. Brew Dog, SVRC, Loyalton FFA, Chandra Awbrey and her help, Denise VonTour, Larry Williams, Bob Vaum, those who brought cattle, those who buy all the beers, Buck, Billy, and Zach, and all of the ropers and spectators who come every year…you are all so special to me!  If I missed anyone, I apologize.  And, congratulations to all of the winners: Ty Morrill (high money saddle), Kody Keeling (second place breast collar, picture frame, and the Elliot Dow heeling buckle), James Clark (third place headstall, Steve Maddalena Memorial buckle winner), Annie Maddalena (high money lady’s RTIC custom cooler), and Rosco Rhodes (Steve Maddalena Memorial buckle winner). You all roped awesome. Thank you for coming! If you were unable to make it this year, be sure that you mark it on your calendar for next year. Remember, it’s the first weekend in August – you don’t want to miss it.


#10 HDCP. STEVE MADDALENA MEMORIAL: 4 for $50, 85 teams; payoffs per man:

1st go: 1. Ryan Parker and Pistol Bray, 6.46, $167. 2.  Shane Bohach and Matt Hussman, 7.03, $111.

Average: 1. James Clark and Rosco Rhodes, 28.50, $875. 2. Shane Bohach and Justin Geney, 30.13, $676. 3. James Clark and Cody Parker, 30.75, $475. 4. Kenny Rhodes and Cody Castodio, 31.70, $300. 5. Shane Bohach and Matt Hussman, 34.48, $175. 

Draw, Even at 8: 3 for $25, 157 teams

1st go: 1. Ryan Parker and Einen Grandi, 7.58, $120. 2. Ty Rogers and Pete Brown, 7.66, $72. 3. Ted Pardick and Dan Holland, 7.86, $48. 

Average: 1. Ryan Parker and Logan Anseth, 20.27, $561. 2. Quentin Anseth and Shane Bohach, 20.33, $475. 3. James Clark and Kody Keeling, 21.85, $367. 4. Ty Rogers and Nick Pinochi, 24.71, $302. 5. Quentin Anseth and Pistol Bray, 24.98, $216. 6/7: Renee Funk and Justin Geney; Robert Tilton and Gaby Bertagnolli, 26.51, $118. 

#5.5: 3 for $25, 161 teams

1st go: 1. Colton Daniel and Jesse Clark, 6.22, $123. 2. Jerry Corriea Jr. and Kody Keeling, 7.30, $74. 3. Drew Tilton and Cody Stewart, 7.31, $49. 

Average: 1. Blaine Pinochi and Nick Pinochi, 23.38, $577. 2. Blake Van Stavern and Ty Morrill, 28.58, $488. 3. Annie Tipton and Ty Morrill, 29.82, $377. 4. Larry Williams and Doug Young, 32.25, $311. 5. Kenny Rhodes and Joe Morris, 32.48, $222. 6. Blaine Pinochi and Shane Bohach, 33.50, $155. 7. Drew Tilton and Kody Keeling, 34.61, $89. 

SUN.,  AUGUST 6   

Pick & Draw, Even at 8: 3 for $25, 149 teams

Elliot Dow Memorial buckles awarded to first place winners Lacey Maddalena and Kody Keeling. Thank you to buckle sponsors, the Dow family and Megan Huber.

1st go: 1. Ryan Parker and Justin Geney, 6.09, $137. 2. Ryan Parker and Russell Funk, 6.32, $90. 

Average: 1. Lacey Maddalena and Kody Keeling, 21.31, $530. 2. Aaron Bean and Hank Curry, 21.45, $450. 3. Travis Thom and Justin Geney, 21.86, $345. 4. Jani Brewer and Derek Menezes, 21.95, $285. 5. Cleve Anseth and Ty Morrill, 22.55, $200. 6. Jerry Brewer and Ryan Fowler, 22.95, $140. 7. Craig Harrison and Derek Menezes, 23.03, $80. 

#4: 3 for $25, 129 teams

1st go: 1. James Clark and Carson Williams, 7.17, $117. 2. James Clark and JoAnn Capurro, 8.77, $78. 

Average: 1. Mike Dulgar and Derek Menezes, 27.08, $508. 2. James Clark and Carson Williams, 29.22, $420. 3. Colton Daniel and Carson Williams, 30.70, $333. 4. Annie Tipton and Larry Williams, 31.66, $245. 5. Brock Grashuis and JoAnn Capurro, 36.89, $158. 6. Blake Van Stavern and Joe Morris, 37.34, $88. 

Draw, Even at 8:

3 for $25, 101 teams

1st go: 1. Craig Harrison and Jack Curry, 5.74, $89. 2. Craig Harrison and Pete Brown, 6.47, $60. 

Average: 1. Tyler Gibbs and Denise VonTour, 20.04, $468. 2. Mike Dulgar and Waco VonTour, 22.28, $362. 3. Jack Bassett and Hank Curry, 23.92, $255. 4. Annie Tipton and Russell Funk, 24.26, $161. 5. Jack Bassett and Dusty Bravos, 26.90, $94. 

Steve Maddalena Memorial champion heeler Rosco Rhodes (left), presenter Lacey Maddalena, champion header James Clark, and buckle sponsor Larry Williams.

Elliot Dow Memorial champion header Lacey Maddalena; Elliot Dow Memorial champion heeler Kody Keeling; and buckle sponsors Susan Dow, Megan Huber and Willis Dow.