• CHSRA State Finals in Bishop

    All-Around cowboy Caden Grisedale, District 6, and All-Around cowgirl Payton Scalzo, D8, with CHSRA queen Karly Camozzi, D4. (Photo by Weasel Loader) Click photo for full story...

  • Smith & Clover Win Kelly Clausen Memorial Saddles

    Bruce Clausen (c) congratulates the high point saddle winners at this year's Kelly Clausen Memorial Roping. Tanner Smith was the high point #3 and over and "Lucky" Larry Clover, the high point #3.5 and under. Click photo for full story...

  • Lowman Wins BFI All-Girl Challenge

    Corky Ullman (left) and Wende Heinin with Gist (right), present Gist buckles to the All-Girl Challenge winners Debbie Robbins and Danielle Lowman. (Photo by Olie’s Images)  Click photo for full story.

  • Madonna Inn Hosts WSTR Ropings

    Cathie Twisselman presents awards to Open winners Cody Mora and John Chaves at the World Series Roping hosted by Flying T Cattle Company at the Madonna Inn Arena. Click photo for full story...

  • NTR Cowboy Christmas in Arizona

    Jarin Davis and Dylan Davis were the winners of the NTR #7 Bonus in Mormon Lake, Arizona, and won $3,400 and saddles. Click photo for full story...

Sheanna DeForest presents awards to the Doyle Hoskins Memorial high money #3.5 and under ropers. Champion was Darrick Hoskins and runner-ups were Juan Ramirez and Colby Smith.

By Tammy Hoskins
Special To Ropers Sports News

SALINAS, CALIF. – The 15th Annual Doyle W. Hoskins Memorial Team Roping and 13th Annual Barrel Race were held July 13th & 14th at the Monterey County Sheriff Posse Grounds in Salinas. It’s hard to believe we have been putting on this Memorial for 15 years. This year was a little extra special as Darrick won one of the saddles. We love being able to celebrate the life of his dad who was so passionate about roping, riding, family, friends, and life. We sure do enjoy having new people come every year and appreciate the continued support from the ol’ faithfuls who have supported us from day one.

This event would not be possible without our generous sponsors Chris Nielsen Tractor Sales, Geary Lyons Hay Co., Howard and Laurie Nichols, Johnson and Associates, Steer Gear, Luther Construction, Serv Aero Engineering, Dent Pro of Santa Cruz and Salinas Valley, My Automotive Group, Sunlite Auto Glass, Total Equine-Butch and Lori Pope, Kolor King, Scott Thomas Saddlery, Cal Auto Tire, Janet Gudgel w/ KION, and Jodi Reese Designs. We want to give a special thank you to the Monterey County Sheriff Posse for allowing us to use their arena.
The roping on Saturday ran amazing thanks to our efficient office crew. Thank you so much to Toni Machado, Cory Couch and Lee Ann Hansen for doing such a wonderful job. Thank you Sabby Pemberton, Michael Curto, Gary Escobar, and Rose Escobar for bringing up cattle all day. Special thanks to Monroe Hoskins, Andy Holcomb, CJ DeForest, Frankie Eubanks, Kevin Wilkinson and the rest of our chute help for keeping things moving along. Thank you to Billy Butler for flagging all day, you guys did a fantastic job. We would like to say a special thank you to Steve Simons for providing all the great cattle that he brings every year. It is such a great feeling to have so many people who come to our roping year after year; we cannot thank you all enough for your support.
The ground for the barrel race Sunday was fantastic.Thank you Michelle Silva for ripping it for us on Saturday night. Thank you Clayton Clark for driving the tractor for us during the race. Thank you Chris Nielsen for your continued support and supplying us with two awesome tractors. A special shout out to Sharon Hoskins, Patti Silva, and Sheanna DeForest for all your help with announcing, taking entries, running the office, doing the draws, and making sure everything ran smoothly for the race. We would also like to thank everyone that opened a gate, picked up a hat or set up a barrel, you all helped make our barrel race run smoothly.
A total of 630 teams competed for the prestigious awards.Winners of the #7 Handicap Pick & Draw received Skyline knives dedicated to Colin Coady, winners of the Open Draw Pot received halters dedicated to Jim Rodriguez Sr. The Junior/Senior, Mixed, Century winners received HyO Silver buckles dedicated to Pat Deaton. The #9 Handicap Pick & Draw winners received a Skyline back cinch with buckles.
High money winners Frank Perez #3.5 & over and Darrick Hoskins #3 & under received fully tooled Scott Thomas saddles. Second high money winners CJ DeForest #3.5 & over and Juan Ramirez #3 & under received HyO Silver Buckles. Third high money winners Jake Raine #3.5 & over and Colby Smith #3 & under won Scott Thomas breast collars.  Highest placing girl Sheanna DeForest, highest placing junior Gavin Cardoza and highest placing senior Gary Ford won Best Ever pads.
 The barrel race held on July 14th had $750 in added money. Each 4D division winner received a HyO Silver buckle, second place received a Hustle and Home beaded headstall, third place received a Jody Reese picture frame (dedicated to Ruth Haislip), and fourth place received Steer Gear gift certificates. The junior and senior division winners received Hustle and Home beaded whips. In addition to our Open and Junior 4D barrel race, we had a Pee Wee barrel race with the fastest leadline and the fastest peewee receiving a HyO Silver buckle.
#7 Handicap Pick & Draw (Dedicated to Colin Coady): 3 for $30, 262 teams.
1st go: 1. Jake Raine and Cody Hall 6.29, $240. 2. Tanner Smith and Jordan Wright 6.84, $140. 3. David Porteur and Will Cowden 7.04, $100.
Average: 1. Jake Raine and Cody Hall 23.01, $1,285. 2. Juan Ramirez and Frank Perez 26.62, $985. 3. David Motes and Frank Perez 29.16, $730. 4. Walt Hoyt and Will Cowden 29.36, $470; 5. David Porteur and Jimmy L. Smith 29.98, $34. 6. Jared Nielsen and Justin Johnson 30.30, $255. 7. Willy Redfeairn and JW Brewen 31.34, $215.
Open Draw Pot (Dedicated to Jim Rodriguez Sr): 3 for $30, 134 teams.
1st go: 1. Steve Smith and Joe Robinson 6.40, $16. 2. BJ Kelley and Wes Goodrich 6.93, $105.
Average: 1. Colby Smith and Cayden Cox 22.48, $810. 2. Roy Branco and Andy Holcomb 24.61, $595. 3. BJ Kelley and Wes Goodrich 25.34, $475. 4. Fallon Avery and Cody Hall 25.58, $360. 5. Sheanna DeForest and Tristan Luther 26.61, $145.
Jr./Sr., Mixed, Century #6 Handicap (Dedicated to Pat Deaton): 3 for $30, 123 teams.
1st go: 1. David Motes and Frank Perez 7.68, $150. 2. Josh Alexander and Gavin Cardoza 7.71, $100.
Average: 1. CJ DeForest and Gary Ford 25.67, $775. 2nd Josh Alexander and Gavin Cardoza 27.15, $555. 3. Hank Brown and Gary Ford 27.68, $420. 4. Darrick Hoskins and Wes Goodrich 28.01, $310. 5. Nick Paboojian and Steve Simons 28.20, $155.
#9 Handicap Pick & Draw: 3 for $30, 111 teams.
1st go: 1. Kenneth Ellison and Tristan Luther 6.74, $130. 2. Darrick Hoskins and CJ DeForest 7.11, $85.
Average: 1. Darrick Hoskins and CJ DeForest 21.75, $675. 2. Dominic Patino Jr and Will Cowden 22.57, $480. 3. Kenneth Ellison and Tristan Luther 23.28, $365. 4. Darrick Hoskins and Tristan Luther 23.45, $270. 5. Roy Branco and Justin Sorenson 24.91, $135.

Pee Wee Barrel Racing:
Lead Line: 11 entries. 1st. Leighton Luther - buckle.
Pee Wee: 8 entries. 1st. Lilly Matthews - buckle.
Junior Barrel Racing: 28 entries.
1D: 1. Savannah Parrott on Finale, 17.577, $87. 2. Brianna Stephenson on Smart Move Make, 17.898, $66. 3. Brittany Moore on Kidd, 18.006, $44.
2D: 1. Cali Clark on OSR Hickory Mia, 18.115, $79. 2. Madison Camozzi on Goodwins Reflect, 18.126, $61. 3. Stevie Mae Smith on Groucho, 18.183, $44.
3D: 1. Sage Burke on Micro Mac, 18.676, $69. 2. Savannah Parrott on Big Sur, 18.678, $53. 3. Emilee Hitchcock on Royal Star Bug, 18.772, $38.
4D: 1. Quinnley Robinson on Mottly, 20.171, $61. 2. Hailey Guevini on Cheyenne 20.938, $47. 3. Cyenna Grijalva on Outlaw, 21.465, $34.

Open Barrel Racing: 155 entries.
1D: 1. Katie McCaslan on Lipstick, 17.349, $494. 2. Sherrie Jones on Beretta, 17.537, $415. 3. Katie McCaslan on Bookie, 17.572, $356. 4. Savannah Parrott on Finale, 17.577, $277. 5. Michelle Silva on Samson, 17.578, $198. 6. Katie Pascoe on Cadet, 17.633, $138. 7. Alea Cunningham on Little Bit, 17.647, $99.
2D: 1. Shelby Sullivan on Chasin n Chex, 17.880, $450. 2. Brianna Stephenson on Smart Move Maker, 17.898, $378. 3. Betty Grohl on Dash Ta Tiger Fame, 17.903, $324. 4. Kristy Monschein on Perk Mia Firewater, 17.929, $252. 5. Jennifer Burke on Rarest Jewel, 17.944, $180. 6. Jene Mathis on Button Down Cash, 17.952, $126. 7. Jesslyn Blank on JM Dun It Twice, 17.955, $90.
3D: 1. Miley Bunting on Bay Max 18.365, $390. 2. Tammy Hoskins on Peppy Dox Poco Lena, 18.367, $329. 3. Kendra Blundell on Goose, 18.382, $281. 4. Lindsey Stornetta on A Dare Spark, 18.389, $218. 5. Carrie Kevie on Jewel Bug, 18.390, $156. 6. Tammy Hoskins on Frosty Orphan Bear, 18.412, $109. 7. Sydney Perry on Danny, 18.432, $78.
4D: 1. Mandy Leffew on Zara, 19.403, $345. 2. Sherry Zacher on Roosters Cutting Edge, 19.405, $290. 3. Patti Davis on Clyde, 19.406, $249. 4. Jessy James on Dixie, 19.523, $193. 5. Jaime Donato on Maverick, 19.529, $138. 6. Jennifer Burke on Hollywood Fire n Fame, 19.556, $97. 7. Lindsey LeNeave Brown on Tags Triple Remedy, 19.558, $69.

Senior Side Pot Barrel Race: 13 entries.
1D: 1. Sherrie Jones on Beretta, 17.537, $82. 2D: 1. Paty Raine on Peanut, 18.293, $74. 3D: 1. Betty Grohl on Jr Hay Jamie Chick, 18.935, $63. 4D: 1. Gina Aubrey on Tarzan, 20.526, $55.
This year we were able to keep the tradition going and give away three $750 scholarships. Congratulations to this year’s CHSRA District 4 recipients: Joseph Nino, McKenna Wood, and Sierra Stelling. We have given away over $30,000 in scholarship money over the years and hope to be able to continue the tradition. See you all next year!

Frank Perez was named the high money #3.5 over roper at the Doyle Hoskins Memorial. Pictured left to right are Jake Raine, Darrick Hoskins presenting, Frank and CJ DeForest.

High money junior roper at the Doyle Hoskins Memorial was Gavin Cardoza. Gary Ford was the high money senior and Sheanna DeForest, the high money girl. Darrick Hoskins presenting.

Winners of the Doyle Hoskins Memorial #7 Handicap Roping were Jake Raine and Cody Hall. Tammy Hoskins presenting.

Winners of the Doyle Hoskins Memorial Open Roping were Colby Smith and Cayden Cox. Sheanna DeForest presenting.

Shiloh DeForest presents awards to the winners of the Doyle Hoskins Memorial #9 Handicap to her grandpa, Darrick Hoskins and dad, CJ DeForest.

More photos in the August 2019 issue of Ropers Sports News.