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Luke Brown and Jade Corkill bested a field of more than 100 teams at the 7th Annual Broc Cresta Memorial Roping held April 16th at the Four Star Ranch in Cottonwood, Calif. They won a record payoff for this roping of $40,000.
– Dustin J. Davis Olson Photo

By Brody Gill
Special To Ropers Sports News

   COTTONWOOD, CA – “Just waiting for some sunshine for this grass to grow,” has been the talk of the town in Northern California in recent months. Shasta County has gotten more than 40 inches of rain this season. With some luck, this could be the best grass year in California history. Less than three weeks before the 7th Annual Broc Cresta Memorial Roping, it seemed that number seven was not going to be so lucky. Snow covered the Four Star Ranch and eventually flooded the arena past the second row of sucker rod of the arena fence.

   The Davis family began to question if there was any way they could have the famous Pro-Am and Open, as well as the newly minted Junior World Qualifier, at the Ranch. For anyone that has been to the roping at the Ranch, they know there is something in the air the makes the day extraordinary. Some of the same people that always support the roping stepped up to the plate again to create some luck for the roping. With just a few days of sunshine before the roping, the whole Broc Cresta Memorial family came together to get the Four Star Arena ready for the roping.
   With a little luck, and a lot of hard work, everything seemed to fall together at the last minute. However, with last minute rain hitting on Monday, the Junior World was moved to Bunting’s Arena in Red Bluff. Junior World hopefuls came from as far as Oklahoma and Canada to compete in the Junior World and Pro-Am to try their luck.
    The Pro-Am and Open seemed destined to be at the Ranch. All the preparation in the weeks before the roping paid huge dividends in creating enough luck for the famous Tuesday roping. The rain the day prior watered the arena so perfectly that it was as if Broc did it himself. The clouds dispersed and the sun quickly began to warm all the competitors as they drew their professional partners before the roping.
    The roping has always been known for its exceptional stock, purse, set up, and awards. However, there was one big change this year with the awards. Coats Saddlery and Skyline Silversmiths donated their amazing products to the roping for everyone to compete for. From the voices of all the competitors, it was obvious that this year’s awards were loved by everyone.
    The Pro-Am roping had returned to its same format as the first five years of its existence with every amateur getting to rope two full rounds with their professional partners. This format was able to happen again this year because of all of the professional team ropers who were willing to show up and offer their help unlike any year before.
    The Pro-Am roping began with the amateur heelers and their two full rounds, followed by the amateur headers and their first two steers. The short-go for the Am-Header immediately followed where Bryor Minton and Russell Cardoza were lucky enough to narrowly beat TC Hammack and Jake Minor to take home the title. This is the fourth time that Russell Cardoza has won the Pro-Am in the seven years of the roping. Russell, when asked about what this roping means to him, said, “This is the best Pro-Am we go to all year. And yet, this roping is pretty special to me. Broc was one of my very best friends. It is absolutely my favorite roping of the year.”
    The short go for the Am-Heelers came next where Brock Hanson and Jake Bourdet took home the title by nearly a full second on the competition.
    An amazing live auction occurred directly after the Pro-Am finished up. Highlighting the auction was a BC Priefert Roping Chute, BC Smarty Steer, Wrangler Box Pads signed by all of the Professionals, along with a couple of hunts and other fun items all donated by the incredible supporters of Broc and his legacy.
Justin Davis, one of Broc’s rodeo brothers, had a tear-jerking surprise for everyone before the Open got underway. Prior to Broc’s passing in 2012, Wrangler shot a commercial at the Ranch surrounding Broc’s life growing up in the rodeo world. Justin played the commercial over the speakers for everyone to listen to one more time. “It had been a long time since we have heard Broc’s voice and it brought tears to everyone that remembers him,” Mandy Staley, Broc’s rodeo “sister” quoted. “I remember the day that Broc shot that commercial in this very arena that we are roping in today. I keep thinking I will see him walk into the arena and rope another steer any minute.”
The likes of Jade Corkill, Cody Cowden, Russell Cardoza along with all of his family surrounding the announcer’s stand walked away with tears in their eyes. “It was good for everyone to hear his voice. To remember the reason why we are all gathered here today,” Justin Davis said wiping tears from his face.
    After everyone got their bearings from the commercial, the largest Open Roping in the history of the Broc Cresta Memorial got underway. With 101 high caliber teams and freshly broke-in steers, the Open Roping brought everyone to the fence for a great roping paying $40,000 to the team lucky enough to come out on top.
    Luke Brown and Jade Corkill would eventually take the Coats Saddles, Skyline Buckles, and the huge payout home with a time of 36.62 on five head. They beat Jeff Flenniken and Russell Cardoza, who won second and $22,000, by over two full seconds.
    The lucky 7th annual Broc Cresta Memorial Roping was the biggest and best roping to date. Overall, the ropings paid out over $125,000 to professionals and amateurs alike on a more than perfect Tuesday in April. On behalf of the Broc Cresta Memorial family, thank you to all of the supporters and everyone that traveled far and wide for allowing Broc’s legacy to live on — forever and always.
    Results of the ropings follow; payoffs are per man:
Open 5 Steer:
1st. go: 1. Rhen Richard and Cody Doescher, 6.69, $1,000. 2. Jeff Flenniken and Tyler Worley, 6.79, $500.
Short go: 1. Cody Snow and Hunter Koch, 5.43, $1,000.
Average: 1. Luke Brown and Jade Corkill, 36.62, $20,000. 2. Jeff Flenniken and Russell Cardoza, 38.67, $11,000. 3. Marcus Theriot and Coleby Payne, 39.84, $7,000. 4. Cody Snow and Hunter Koch, 39.92, $5,000. 5. Andrew Ward and Kollin VonAhn, 40.20, $2,400. 6. Cory Kidd V and Logan Medlin, 40.95, $1,500. 7. Garrett Tonozzi and Dustin Davis, 44.51, $1,000.

Bryor Minton (l) was the winner of the heading division of the Pro-Am with partner Russell Cardoza. – Dustin J. Davis Olson Photo

Pro Am (headers):
1st. go: 1. Bryor Minton and Russell Cardoza, 6.01, $500 ea. 2. Landon Marty and Jade Corkill, 6.61, $350 ea.
2nd go: 1. Chase Helton and Jeremy Buhler, 5.50, $500 ea. 2. Zane George and Cole Davison, 6.09, $350 ea.
Short go: 1. Callie Anthony andCody Cowden, 6.29, $350 ea.
Average: 1. 21.06, Bryor Minton, $5,060, and Russell Cardoza,$3,373. 2. 21.13, TC Hammack, $4,187, and Jake Minor, $2,791. 3. 21.62, Justin Weber, $3,315, and Walt Woodard, $2,210. 4. 22.19, Callie Anthony, $2,442 and Cody Cowden, $1,628. 5. 24.64, Mike Potts, $1,570, and Buddy Hawkins, $1,046. 6. 25.19, Raphael Calderon, $874 and Justin Davis, $584.

Jake Bourdet (r) heeled for Brock Hanson (l) to win the heeling portion of the Pro-Am. – Dustin J. Davis Olson Photo

Pro Am (heelers):
1st. go: 1. Spencer Mitchell and Gene Curtis, 5.10, $500 ea. 2. Matt Sherwood and Clayton Moore, 5.93, $350 ea.
2nd go: 1. Levi Simpson and Kyle Stewart, 4.92, $500 ea. 2. Spencer Mitchell and Michael Keeling, 5.02, $350 ea..
Short go: 1. Brock Hanson, and Jake Bourdet, 6.36, $350 ea..
Average: 1. 21.32, Brock Hanson, $2,983, and Jake Bourdet, $4,475. 2. 22.20, Kolton Schmidt, $2,470, and Trent Wagner, $3,700. 3. 23.23, Kaleb Driggers, $1,955, and Justin Bruecker, $2,932. 4. 24.16, Levi Simpson, $1,440, and Mark Milne, $2,160. 5. 25.12, Coleman Proctor, $925, and Paden Prior, $1,390. 6. 25.79, Spencer Mitchell, $515, and Gene Curtis, $775.

Jr World Qualifier
#10.5 Qualifier
Average: 1. Rance Winters and Spud Denmark, 32.32, $3,430. 2. Cael Stratton and Brayden Schmidt, 34.07, $2,450. 3. Logan Darst and Clayton Moore, 38.54, $1,860. 4. Ryan Bettencourt and Brayden Schmidt, 41.18, $1,370. 5. Logan Darst and Paden Prior, 43.38, $680.
Average: 1. Layton Oswald and Jace Helton, 33.33, $2,860. 2. Pierce Wold and Spud Denmark, 33.69, $2,140. 3. Jett Stewart and Sterlin English, 35.69, $1,430. 4. Houston Hull and Stoney Boy Joseph, 46.41, $710.

Jordyn Staley presents a buckle to the winner of 10-12 age group, Colton Hein. Winner of the 5 & under was Roper Ayres and Spencer Barney won the 6-9 group. – Dustin J. Davis Olson Photo