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Buster Berna (l) and Steve Simons were the winners of the #13.5 WSTR in Salinas. Singer Cash Black provided entertainment at the ropers appreciation barbecue.

By Julie Mankin
Special To Ropers Sports News

With 100-degree temperatures soaring throughout California, the cool weather in Salinas added an incentive for ropers to spend the weekend there during the World Series of Team Roping action July 17-18. But an even bigger incentive was that $160,000 cash payout.
The big winner of the weekend was Eric Isaacson, who won the #8.5 roping with Jonny Bohlman for a cool $11,820 per team, then Eric turned around and won the #8.5 Yeti Add-On roping with Danny Cardoza to pocket another $2,000 per team plus the Yeti coolers.

The average temperature was 70 degrees and ropers camped out at the beautiful Rodeo California fairgrounds were treated by California Shootouts, along with Ariat’s first-ever outlet store in Gilroy, to a team roper appreciation BBQ on Saturday evening. Live entertainment was provided by musician and actor Cash Black. There was plenty of dining and dancing to Black’s amazing voice, and the Gilroy store offered a pop-up tent where ropers could buy official World Series merchandise. Check out Black’s song, “I Like to Rope” on Spotify, and be sure to visit the Ariat outlet store in Gilroy for great prices on amazing products.
Steve Simons won the #13.5 roping with his partner Buster Berna by over 2.5 seconds to earn $2,460 per man, while Berna placed again in the #12.5 for a weekend take of $4,045 cash.
“It paid good and the team counts were up in the higher-numbered ropings,” said Simons. “Buster and I had been on a dry spell for quite a while, so it was nice to jump out and scratch. It was really nice weather, too, and they put on a really nice dinner the night before, so it was a lot of fun. It felt like a family event – everybody was invited.”
Kent Hirdes also had a great weekend in Salinas, placing in the #11.5 and #12.5 ropings to go home with $5,425 cash. And Stan Silva entered his very first World Series event. Stan placed twice in the #8.5 roping to punch his ticket to the Finale in Las Vegas.
“It takes a lot of work to put on great ropings,” added Simons. “I’m usually there on Friday afternoon before the roping, and a lot of people don’t see roping producer Daren Peterson out there covered in sweat and working so hard. He does so much behind the scenes before those events to make sure the setup is right.”
Results follow; payoffs are per roper:
#10.5 WSTR
Average: 1. Sean McRoberts and Bob O’Brien, 40.11, $8,150. 2. Austin Paddock and Frank VanArtsdalen, 46.62, $5,820. 3. Greg Jones and Rick Rush, 46.84, $4,420.
4. Jack Taylor and Willie Worley, 49.12, $3,260. 5. Nick Paboojian and Bob O’Brien, 49.57, $1,630.
#9.5 WSTR
Short go fast time: Larry T. McGrady and John Redeagle, 16.36, $1,000.
Average: 1. Jack Batey and Brandon Pettitt, 38.9, $10,790. 2. Wendall Carpenter and Jim Shawnego, 46.0, $7,550. 3. Austin Paddock and Frank VanArtsdalen, 51.32, $5,750. 4. Jamie Anthony and Alex Vigil, 51.47, $4,310. 5. Steve Freed and RD Karney, 53.47, $3,240. 6. Pam Wilken and Chris Nielsen, 57.23, $2,520. 7. Doug Pacatte and Jim Bennett, 58.71, $1,800.
#8.5 WSTR
Short go fast time: Stan Silva and Shawnee Muncy, 9.92, $1,000.
Average: 1. Jonny Bohlman and Eric Isaacson, 46.56, $11,820. 2. Stan Silva and Ryan Culver, 47.57, $8,020. 3. Les Wideman and Filipe Furtado, 48.21, $6,330. 4. Angel Gonzalez and Raul Zambrano, 48.57, $4,640. 5. Walt Scott and Callie Anthony, 50.65, $3,800. 6. Judy Parker and Aaron Bean, 55.14, $3,380. 7. Brittany Nielsen and Bill Overton, 57.3, $2,520. 8. Stan Silva and Danny Cardoza, 57.45, $1,690.
#8.5 Yeti Roping
Average: 1. Danny Cardoza and Eric Isaacson, 40.67, $1,970. 2. Thelma Nelson and Danny Cardoza, 41.94, $1,190. 3. Leah Parker and Judy Parker, 46.33, $790.
#11.5 Yeti Roping
Average: 1. Will Centoni and Brinan Varian, 30.35, $1,920. 2. Tanner James and Justin Sorenson, 30.8, $1,280.
#11.5 WSTR
Average: 1. Wyatt Bourdet and Kent Hirdes, 37.83, $7,680. 2. Barrie Molina and JC Niesen, 38.41, $5,760. 3. Brian Sharp and Jeff Sparrowk, 39.23, $3,840. 4. Tappy D. Anthony and Tyler Friday, 39.43, $1,920.
#12.5 WSTR
Average: 1. Jose Pantoja and Jason Boegle, 35.18, $6,340. 2. Chris Perry and Joe Robinson, 40.09, $4,750. 3. Buster Berna and Kent Hirdes, 43.26, $3,170. 4. Judy Parker and Cody Parker, 44.12, $1,580.
#13.5 WSTR
Average: 1. Buster Berna and Steve Simons, 32.11, $4,920. 2. Fallon Avery and Andy Holcomb, 34.94, $2,950. 3. Jose Pantoja and Josh Gonzales, 35.23, $1,970.
#14.5 WSTR
Average: 1. Wyatt Bourdet and Craig Fehlman, 24.73, $1,920.

Wyatt Bourdet and Craig Fehlman, #14.5 WSTR.

Jose Pantoja and Jason Boegle, #12.5 WSTR.

Wyatt Bourdet and Kent Hirdes, #11.5 WSTR.

Will Centoni and Brinan Varian, #11.5 Yeti roping.

Sean McRoberts and Bob O'Brien, #10.5 WSTR.

Jack Batey and Brandon Pettitt, #9.5 WSTR.

Jonny Bohlman and Eric Isaacson, #8.5 WSTR.

Danny Cardoza and Eric Isaacson, #8.5 Yeti roping.