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Blake Hughes and Cesar de la Cruz bested a field of more than 100 teams at the 6th Annual Broc Cresta Memorial Roping held April 17th at the Four Star Ranch in Cottonwood, Calif. The team roped their five steers in a time of 33.82 and won $30,000, saddles, buckles and more. – Blind Eye Photography/Jaime Gill

By Brody Gill 
Special To Ropers Sports News

COTTONWOOD, CA – The 6th Annual Broc Cresta Memorial Roping was, to put it simply, the biggest and best roping yet. Last year, the roping added an Open pre-roping the day before. This year, the roping also added two Jr. NFR qualifier ropings to go with the Open pre-roping. These were the largest Jr. NFR qualifiers in the world to date. These new ropings brought ropers from all around the country to rope in Broc’s name. 

Although Broc was shy and quiet, he always had a soft spot for kids. He loved seeing kids win and was more than willing to help them in any way he could. I know that Broc would have loved to see how the roping has grown in the last two years.

Due to poor weather leading up to the big day, the Jr. NFR and the open pre-roping were held at the Bunting’s family ranch in Red Bluff. Their beautiful indoor arena and great hospitality made the ropings leading up to the big day even more special. As stated above, the Jr. NFR qualifier ropings were the largest qualifiers ever to date. With 65 teams in the #10 handicap and more than 20 teams in the open, it made for high stakes and great ropings. 

Moving on to the big day, the Pro-Am and the Open roping. This year, the ropings were held back at their original destination, Four Star Rodeo’s arena in Cottonwood, Calif. However, with the weather leading up to the event being wet and cold, the roping couldn’t have been held at Broc’s former home without the help of Allen Gill Construction and Outback Construction. Allen and his crew hauled and leveled almost 100 loads of new soil into the arena, and Outback compacted and finished the arena to prepare for the rain. Once the weather broke, both crews were also there to prepare the arena for the big day.

You would have never known that there had been such poor weather leading up to the event. The day of the event, Tuesday April 17th, the weather couldn’t have been more perfect. There was a chilled nip in the air while all the amateurs were picking their professional partners. But, by the time that the last burn steer was run, the sun was warming everyone up and made for a picture perfect day. 

A change had to be made to the format of the Pro-Am this year, instead of being progressive after two head, this year’s roping was progressive after one head. This change was a decision of Broc’s closest family and friends who put on the roping because of the incredible number of amateurs entered. There were 140 amateur headers and nearly 100 amateur heelers! These numbers were much higher than any year prior. 

However, with the new format change, the Pro-Am was still an amazing roping. The morning started with the Am-heelers roping their first two steers. Then, the Am-headers received their first two steers, immediately followed by their short-go where Braden Schmidt and Russell Cardoza roped three steers in 20.65 seconds to win the roping. Braden took home over $5,200 and Russell received almost $3,500.

After that, they went back to the Am-heelers for their final steer and all the money and prizes. This is where Brock Hanson and Myron Duarte roped three steers in 24.72 seconds and won $2,165 and $3,245 respectively. (See below for full results)

The notorious live auction proceeded after the Pro-Am was complete. With a couple of hunts, custom bar chairs, box pads, a Smarty Extreme and a new Priefert roping chute, among other items at the silent auction, there was a lot of money to be raised for the Broc Cresta Memorial Scholarship. A total of more than $23,000 was gathered! More than ever before. 

Then it was time for everyone to find their seat close to the fence to watch the Open. With fresh, hard running steers, a huge arena and a long score, made for an extremely tough but spectacular roping. Over 100 teams had to bring their best to have a chance at the large payout and prizes. After four go rounds came the short go round and Bob Feist took over the microphone. High call Blake Hughes and Cesar DeLaCruz were 5.88 seconds to clinch the roping and take home $30,000 as a team. 

There was no better way to celebrate Broc’s legacy than with two jammed packed days of team roping. I don’t know how it will be topped, but I am sure that next year will be even better than before. Thank you to all of the sponsors, family and friends that make this great event possible every year.

This roping would be not be possible without the support of our great sponsors. Thank you to the gollowing: Westec Tank & Equipment Company, Joe Belli; Lithia Auto Stores, Eureka; Bill Cresta; Silveira GMC, Scott Silveira; Brent and Jenny Cresta; T C Castle Construction, Inc.; California Circuit Finals Showdown Rodeo; Steve and Linda Ziegler; wranger, Robet Lever; Best Ever Pads; MY Chevrolet; Hoeey, Joey Austin; Motherwell Lodge, Adams Famile; Ropers Sports News; Allen and Tracy Gill; Cecil and Carol Nichol; Heart S Ranch, Dan and Christy Steadman; Salon Services; Bar Ale Feeds; Outlaw Saddles; Jim and Terri Wheatley and family; Kathy Woolley Originals; Classic Ropes; Kelline and August Balisteri; Cody and Heather Jones; Randy Brown; Smarty The Steer Roping Dummy; Triple C Ranch Camozzi family; Danny Cresta; Pendleton Round-Up; bob and Kelli Nichol; T/- Ranch, Bill Freed and Larry Hammons and Staley Equine.

We would also like to thank our auction supporters: Brandon Webb; Pistol Bray; Dylan and Kylee McFann; Norm and Debbie Witt; Jon Sutfin, Red Bluff Beterinary Clinic; Doug and Becky Roenspie; Larry and Cindy Mason and Walt and Wendy Stein.

Results of the ropings follow; payoffs are per man:

Open Pre-Roping

Junior NFR Open: 

Average: 1. Houston Hull and Robert Murphy, 31.7, $1,400. 2. Braden Schmidt and Robert Murphy, 33.9, $840. 3. Layton Oswald and Jace Helton, 35.13, $560.

Junior NFR #10: 

Average: 1. Layton Oswald and Caleb Carpenter, 31.08, $2,232. 2. Cole Bunting and Jake Bourdet, 31.34, $1,555. 3. Rylee George and Tanner Darst, 36.33, $1,150. 4. Jett Stewart and Braden Schmidt, 39.82, $810. 5. Jace Blake and Logan Anseth, 44.24, $610. 6. Logan Darst and Paden Prior, $405.

Open 5 Steer: 

1st. go: 1. Blake Hughes and Cesar de la Cruz, 6.01, $1,000. 2. Tate Kirchenschlager and Tyler Worley, 6.54, $600.

Short go: 1/2.  Luke Brown and Junior Nogueria, Blake Hughes and Cesar de la Cruz, 5.88, $600 each. 

Average: 1. Blake Hughes and Cesar de la Cruz, 33.82, $15,000. 2. Coleman Proctor and Jake Long, 35.93, $10,000. 3. Brenton Hall and Chase Tryan, 36.22, $7,000. 4. Chad Masters and Joseph Harrison, 36.9, $5,000. 5. Corey Kidd and Brady Norman, 38.32, $2,500. 6.  Kolton Schmidt and Jeremy Buhler, 39.68, $1,500. 7. Clay Tryan and Wesley Thorpe, 40.39, $1,000.

Pro Am header: 

1st. go: 1. Colt Cowden and Brady Minor, 6.13, $500. 2. Aaron Bressod and Jake Minor, 6.28, $300.

Short go: 1. Braden Schmidt and Russell Cardoza, 5.57, $500.2. Drew Tilton and Travis Graves, 5.78, $300.

Average: 1. 20.65 Braden Schmidt, $5,201 and Russell Cardoza, $3,470. 2. 21.35, Drew Tilton, $4,310 and Travis Graves, $2,875. 3. 21.84, Myrar Minton, $3,410 and Cody Cowden, $2,275. 4. 22.18, Pierce Wold, $2,515 and Junior Nogueria, $1,675. 5. 22.18, Caty Stanko, $1,615 and Monty Joe Petska, $1,075. 6. 22.77, Colt Cowden, $895 and Brady Minor, $595.

Pro Am heelers: 

1st. go: 1. Coleman Proctor and John Phillips, 605, $500. 2. Riley Minor and Rylie Amarant, 6.29, $300.

Short go: 1. Clay Tryan and Sterlin English, 6.6, $500. 2. Charley Crawford and Pistol Bray, 7.6, $300.

Average: 1. 24.72, Brock Hanson, $2,165 and Myron Duarte, $3,245. 2. 25.02, Clay Tryan, $1,790 and Sterlin English, $2,685. 3. 27.8, Charly Crawford, $1,415 and Pistol Bray, $2,125. 4. 29.21, Spencer Mitchell, $1,045 and Joe Robinson, $1,565. 5. 29.53, Cody Snow, $670 and Casey Moore, $1,005. 6. 31.82, Levi Simpson, $370 and Pete Williams, $560.

Dummy Roping

5 & under: 1. Roper Ayres, buckle, 2. Denton Miller, Best Ever pad. 3. Kanton Wagner, BC jacket.

Age 6-8: 1. Max Cohan, buckle, 2. Levi Andrews, Best Ever pad. 3. Colt Bray, BC jacket.

Age 9-12: 1. Wyatt Bullivant, buckle, 2. Zane George, Best Ever pad. 3. Wyatt Stokes, BC jacket. 


$1,500: Carson Estrada and McKenzie Moore. $1,000: Drew Tilton and Karson Mebane. $750: Emily Machado and Madison Deardorf.

The family of Broc Cresta, his brother Brent (l), his dad Danny and mom, Kelline Balistreri, wanted to acknowledge Joe Belli and his company West Tec. Joe was not only Broc’s sponsor when he was going down the road and rodeoing, he has continued to support him and his family by adding $10,000 to the Open Roping portion of the Memorial. That is $60,000 that he has donated since the beginning. The Cresta family and friends wanted Joe to know what an amazing man he is and thank him for all he does. They presented him with an Outlaw saddle that was designed with BC conchos. – Dustin J. Davis Olson Photo

Multiple-time NFR bull riding competitor, Myron Duarte (r), teamed up with Brock Hanson to win the Broc Cresta Memorial Pro-Am Heeling competition. They both received buckles and Myron was awarded a saddle. Roping producer Mandy Staley and her daughter Jordyn present the awards. – Dustin J. Davis Olson Photo

A whopping $5,201 was won by the header, Braden Schmidt in the Broc Cresta Memorial Pro-Am Roping. Braden won it with Russell Cardoza (r). Presenting the awards is one of the roping producers, Mandy Staley, and her daughter Jordyn. – Dustin J. Davis Olson Photo

It was a great turnout for the 5 & Under Dummy Roping with the eventual winner, Roper Ayres, awarded a buckle. Denton Miller won the Best Ever pad and Kanton Wagner won the BC jacket. Kanton’s big sis, Kamish, presents the awards.

Kamish Wagner presents awards to the winners of the 6-8 Year Old Dummy Roping that included the buckle winner, Max Cohan, Levi Anderson with the Best Ever pad and Colt Bray, BC jacket.

Mandy Staley presents awards to the winners of the 9-12 Dummy Roping, including the champion and buckle winner, Wyatt Bullivant. Reserve was Zane George, winning the Best Ever pad and third, Wyatt Stokes, received a BC jacket.