Walt Hoyt (l) was the #3 & Under and CJ DeForest the #3 & Over high money roper at the Doyle Hoskins Memorial Roping. Roping producer Darrick Hoskins makes the saddle presentation. – Deb Mann Photo 

By Tammy Hoskins
Special To Ropers Sports News

SALINAS, CA – The 13th Annual Doyle W. Hoskins Memorial Team Roping and 11th Annual Barrel Race were held July 15th & 16th at the Monterey County Sheriff Posse Grounds in Salinas. 

 We decided to change things up a little bit this year and run the barrel race on Sunday instead of Friday night and we think it was a great choice. We had a lot of positive feedback and it allowed some people to come that had not been able to come before. It’s such a great feeling to have the continued support from the ol’ faithfuls who have supported us from day one. It is such a perfect way to celebrate the life of a man who meant so much to so many people. 

This event would not be possible without our generous sponsors Chris Nielsen Tractor Sales, Chidlaw Marketing, Lyons Hay Co., Comcast, Howard and Laurie Nichols, Johnson and Associates, Best Ever Pads, Steer Gear, Luther Construction, Serv Aero Engineering, My Automotive Group, Sunlite Auto Glass, Kolor King, KS Cash N Fame, King Linings, Scott Thomas Saddlery, Alpha Auto Body Parts, Central Coast Collision Center, Cal Auto Tire, Classic Soft Trim, Krystie Hinkle and Jodi Reese Designs. We want to give a special thank you to the Monterey County Sheriff Posse for allowing us to use their arena. 

The roping on Saturday ran phenomenal thanks to our great office crew. Thank you so much to Toni Machado, Cory Couch, and Lee Ann Hansen for doing such a wonderful job. Thank you to Sabby Pemberton, Gary, Rena and Rose Escobar for bringing up cattle all day. Our chute help did a great job keeping things moving along. Thank you to Billy Butler and Blaine Lockett for flagging all day, you guys did a great job! We would like to say a special thank you to Steve Simons for providing all the great cattle that he brings every year. It is such a great feeling to have so many people that come to our roping year after year; we cannot thank you enough for all your support. The ground for the barrel race Sunday could not have been better! Thank you Michelle Silva for ripping it for us on Saturday night. Thank you to Chris Nielsen of Chris Nielsen Tractor Sales for not only the donation of your tractors, but the time you spent preparing the ground and dragging for us during the race and keeping the ground worked during the roping. Also a special thanks to Carl Donley for driving the second tractor for us, you guys did an amazing job. Thank you to Sharon Hoskins, Patti Silva, Sheanna DeForest and Cammy Schneider for all your help with announcing, taking entries, running the office, doing the draws, and making sure everything ran smoothly for the race. We would also like to thank everyone that opened a gate, picked up a hat or set up a barrel, you guys helped make our barrel race run smoothly.

A total of 749 teams competed for the prestigious awards at the Doyle W. Hoskins Memorial Roping. Winners of the #7 Handicap Pick & Draw dedicated to Colin Coady, received Skyline knives, winners of the Open Draw Pot dedicated to Jim Rodriguez Sr. received halters. The Jr/Sr, Mixed, Century (dedicated to Pat Deaton) winners received Hy O Silver buckles. The #9 Handicap Pick & Draw winners received a Skyline back cinch with buckles. 

High money winners CJ DeForest #3.5 & over and Walt Hoyt #3 & under received fully tooled Scott Thomas saddles. Second high money winners Keith Coleman #3.5 & over and Jenna McCarthy #3 & under received Hy O Silver buckles. Third high money winners DJ Parker #3.5 & over and Mike Nizzoli #3 & under won Scott Thomas breast collars. Highest placing girl Sheanna DeForest, highest placing junior Michael Dinkins and highest placing senior Gary Ford won Best Ever Pads. 

The barrel race had $500 in added money. Each 4D Division Winner received a Hy O Silver buckle, second. place received a beautiful beaded over and under, third place received a Jody Reese picture frame (dedicated to Ruth Haislip), and fourth place received a Krystie Hinkle frame certificate. The junior division winners received beaded over and unders, and second in each junior division won Steer Gear certificates. In addition to our Open and Junior 4D Barrel Race we had a Pee Wee Barrel Race with the fastest 4 & under and fastest 5-8 year-olds receiving a Hy O Silver buckle.

#7 Hdcp. Pick & Draw (dedicated to Colin Coady): 3 for $30, 324 teams.

1st go: 1. Justin Wood and Gary Ford 5.33, $335; 2. David Motes and Tristen Luther 6.15, $250; 3. John T. Callahan and Jeremy Simonich 6.37, $165; 4. Glenn Gray and Tim Ruddick 7.02, $85

Average: 1. Jenna McCarthy and Keith Coleman 23.32, $1,320; 2. Caden Farquer and Colton Farquer 24.04, $895; 3. Walt Hoyt and Walt Rodman 24.87, $710; 4. Mike Nizzoli and Seth Sanders 25.43, $520; 5th Nathan Douglas and Tanner Smith 26.07, $425; 6th Michael Dinkins and Kevin Wilkinson 26.33, $380; 7th Dakota Haarsager and Gene Rabbiosi 26.71, $285; Tanner Meigs and Mark Scobie Jr. 26.74, $190.

Open Draw Pot (dedicated to Jim Rodriguez Sr): 3 for $30, 158 teams.

1st go: 1. Spencer Mitchell and Joe Robinson 5.61, $200; 2. Walt Hoyt and Todd Hampton 6.10, $120; 3. DJ Parker and Britt Bockius 6.13, $90

Average: 1. DJ Parker and Brett Bockius 20.79, $820; 2. Chant DeForest and Frank Perez 21.57, $585; 3. Mike Nizzoli and Dean Bell 23.76, $445; 4. Jake Raine and CJ DeForest 23.89, $325; 5. Kevin Wilkinson and Paul Mullins 24.87, $165

JR/SR, Mixed, Century #6 Hdcp (dedicated to Pat Deaton): 3 for $30, 138 teams.

1st go: 1. Spencer Mitchell and Gavin Cardoza 6.62, $200; 2. David Motes and Brett Buckess 6.92, $120; 3. Frank Perez and Todd Hampton 7.44, $80

Average: 1. Sheanna DeForest and CJ DeForest 29.54, $790; 2. Jessica Cardoza and Wyatt Adams 30.21, $565; 3. Darrick Hoskins and Gary Ford 30.37, $430; 4/5. Billy Armendariz and Lance Gozzelino 32.23, $240; 4/5. Brayden Israel and Blane Strohn 32.23, $240

#9 Hdcp. Pick & Draw: 3 for $30, 129 teams.

1st go: 1. Spencer Mitchell and Cody Cowden 4.60, $200; 2. Chant DeForest and Joe Robinson 5.31, $135

Average: 1. Walt Hoyt and Will Cowden 19.35, $760; 2. Travis Kent and CJ DeForest 20.69, $570; 3/4. David Motes and Andy Holcomb 21.22, $285; 3/4. Cutter Machado and Dean Bell 21.22, $285.

Pee Wee Barrel Racing: 

4 & Under: 5 entries: 1. Colton Buck 34.438 (buckle), 2. Jaxon Fontes 34.586, 3. Shiloh DeForest 35.529

5-8 Yrs: 13 entries: 1. Rye Grantham 20.661 (buckle), 2. Brooklynn Anderson 21.629, 3. Maci Cohn 25.011 

Junior Barrel Racing

1D: 1. Casey Mathis on Button Down Cash 18.027, $94; 2. Regan Blair on Leetas Lucky Charm 18.169, $62; 2D: 1. Makiley Loveless on Slingshot 18.532, $84; 2. Gwen McCormick on Land Mark 18.735, $56; 3D: 1. Matie Cardoza on CC 19.066, $72; 2. Gracie Ellis on Dainty Rai Lena 19.312, $48; 4D 1. Rose Escobar on Little Girl 21.076, $62: 2. Haylee Hall on Cowboy 21.158, $42

Open Barrel Racing: 173 entries.

1D: 1. Sami Jo Morisoli on MS Smart Starlight 17.400, $452; 2. Michelle Silva on Dalila 17.427, $374; 3. Kathy Petska on Bugsy 17.522, $334; 4. Syd Wheeler on Hickorys Smart Holly 17.569, $275; 5. Mia Prichard on Lenas Lil Prize 17.652, $216; 6. Shannon Jones on Tuff 17.667, $138; 7. Sami Jo Morisoli on Nics Chexy Cowgirl 17.721, $98; 8. Michelle Silva on Samson 7.751, $79

2D: 1. Sherrie Jones on Jr Finally Famous 17.913, $407; 2. Cheyenne Horner on Mouse 17.963, $336; 3. Jene Mathis on SH Stylish & Sly 17.993, $301; 4. Kaci Shaffer on Vidalia 18.001, $248; 5. Casey Mathis on Button Down Cash 18.027, $195; 6. Alia Lauthrup on Cash 18.068, $124; 7. Deanna Horner on Mike 18.075, $88; 8. Alyssa Ferguson on Oh Bar Sonora 18.089, $71

3D: 1st Miley Bunting on Precious 18.401, $347; 2. Melissa Perry-Fleming on Dually 18.407, 286; 3. Sabina Andreini on Jack 18.413, $256; 4. Becca Fullenwider on Shanes Fire Striker 18.470, $211; 5. Cynthia Fancher on Lenas Sugar Gal 18.494, $166; 6. Amanda Glenn on Faith 18.504, $106; 7. Rylee Henry on Leah 18.510, $75; 8. Karly Camozzi on KM Dazzle a Frenchman 18.513, $60

4D: 1. Krystal Angel on Jewels 19.400, $302; 2. Jakklyn Jefferson on Whitey 19.407, $249; 3. Fallon Avery on Spice 19.427, $223; 4. Kyla Lambert on Scarlett 19.463, $184; 5. Katy Varian on Calico Czech 19.469, $144: 6. Krystie Hinkle on Bays Bonnie Blue 19.479, $92; 7. Katy Varian on Cowboys Ridin Dirty 19.526, $66; 8. Michelle Silva on Romeo 19.554, $52

Normally we give away $1,500 in scholarship, but because of all the support we have gotten throughout the years we were able to give away $5,250 this year. Congratulations to this year’s CHSRA District 4 recipients Taylor Vollin, Hailey Kennedy, Jason Andersen, Jarrett Strickland, Blake Fuentes, Clint Fuentes, Riley Bishop, Haylie Stelling, and Caleb Johnson. We have given away over $23,000 in scholarship money over the years and hope to be able to continue the tradition. See you all next year!

Husband and wife team of Sheanna and CJ DeForest were the winners of the Jr.-Sr. Mixed Century Roping dedicated to the memory of Pat Deaton. – Deb Mann Photo

Sami Jo Morisoli riding MS Smart Starlight made the winning run at the Doyle Hoskins Memorial Barrel Race. Each of the 4D winners took home a buckle and many other prizes were awarded. – Deb Mann Photo

Roping producer Darrick Hoskins congratulates second high money winners at the Doyle Hoskins Memorial, Keith Coleman and Jenna McCarthy. – Deb Mann Photo

Roping producer Darrick Hoskins congratulates Larry Nizzoli and DJ Parker, third high money winners at the Doyle Hoskins Memorial. – Deb Mann Photo