• Bear Pascoe & Steve Simons Win Reno Million

    Roping producers Corky Ullman (l) and Daren Peterson (r) congratulate the winners of the Reno Million roping, Bear Pascoe (second from right) and Steve Simons (Photo by Olie’s Images).  Click photo for full story...

  • Northwest Ropers Win $60K In High Desert Showdown

    Molly Hepper and Marlow Eldridge put together four good runs to win the High Desert Showdown and $60K. (Photo by Olie’s Images). Click photo for full story...

  • Nick Dashnaw Memorial Roping

    High point roper of the day JT Prather receives a saddle donated by Cactus Saddlery from Tracy Dashnaw (l), Danielle Shumate, and Jeff Dashnaw (r).  Click photo for full story.

  • Howard Williams/Al Sanders Memorial

    Larry Williams presents awards to Andy Holcomb and Willie Worley, winners of the #10 Hdcp. roping.  Click photo for full story...

  • Just Breathe & Run Barrel Race for CF

    1D Average winners were: 1. Audrey Antonowich. 2. Jordan Ernst. 3. Cathey Vallerga. 4. Brynn Cassidy. Presenting is Danika Davis. (Full Gallop Photography) Click photo for story...


TRES PINOS, CA – This was the third year for the California’s Richest All Girl Breakaway and Team Roping. What a great event put on by D & J Productions (Jackie Crawford and Danielle Craig). Jackie wasn’t able to make the event this year and sure missed being able to compete, so Danielle Craig stepped up to the plate and put on an awesome event. New this year was that the breakaway fees were lowered and the payoff upped to 80%. The event was moved to the beautiful facilities at Bolado Park just south of Tres Pinos.

The morning started with the Breakaway and 41 contestants from all over the map ready to compete. They got to rope a fine set of calves provided by Jim Warren (101 Livestock Market).  After three rounds, the top 15 were brought back for the short go.  After all the excitement settled, the breakaway average was won by a very young and talented roper named Taylor Vollin. Taylor had an amazing day as she also won the beautiful A & R Buckle, for winning the breakaway and as high money for the day won her the awesome saddle, sponsored by Cactus Saddlery. Second place in the average was Danielle Craig and she won the spectacular Best Ever pad sponsored by Tammy White.

Winning the WPRA side pot was Abigail Hampton. Besides her check she took home Classic splint boots and feed bag. 

Winning the 16 & Under Incentive was local talent from Hollister, Beth Hitchcock. She took home a beautiful buckle from A & R Buckles. 

The top 15 were given Classic hats. All the contestants received a custom tee shirt sponsored by D Bar M from Reno. Also key chains sponsored by Allflex, plus the top five in the average received Forco Pellets thanks to Ashley Hagens. 

Next event starting at 1 p.m. was the All Girl team roping. This year the roping was a pick and draw with #8 incentive. What a great roping with 104 teams. A great pen of steers were provided by Steve Simons.  The good team of Suzanne Williams and Chelsey Bushnell put together a great average of 34.23 on 4 steers. 

That win won them beautiful Cactus Saddlery tooled leather rope bags.  

It takes a village to put on this type of production. What a great event for all you lady ropers. It can only keep getting better with all the help that has helped keep this event going. Thank you and much appreciation to all the girls for coming from all over the map to support this event. 

A big thank you goes out to Lee Legasey for his timing expertise and keeping us running smoothly, to David Porteur for being wherever he was needed, to Jeff Brazil for flagging all day, and to Mr. Dias for helping run the chutes, plus all the cattle crew. Thanks to Chris Blake, Jake Bourdet, Emily Hitchcock and Jody Amaral for keeping the cattle brought up; to Manuel, who helped pull ropes; as well as Casie Cowden, Kara Moody and Rikki Perezchica for filling in where needed, and Mandy Brazil for helping with the awards. A big thank you goes out to Tony Branquino for announcing. He kept everyone lined out and the event running smoothly. Thank you to the office help of Wendy Sans, Colleen Lock and Vickie Sabin. We would also like to thank the management. and help at Bolado Park for providing us a place that could handle this awesome event. 

Wouldn’t be able to have this event without great cattle.Thank you Jim Warren for the good calves and Steve Simons for a great set of steers. 

A special big thank you to all the great sponsors for this event. Local sponsors: Darrick Hoskins from My Cars, Marcus Building Systems, Brent Redmond Transportation, Blackburn Farms, Marc Stelling Ranch Cattle & Hay, Shaws Appliance, B & S Supplies, Mark and Glenna Porteur, Coastal Cooling, Tres Pinos Ranch Supply, Advantage Truss, 19th Hole, Dr. Charles Arita, Rain Property Mgt., OPA Farms, Java Express, KO Kooper Real Estate, Hilltop Reality, RJK Recycling. Overall sponsors: Cactus Saddlery, Cactus Ropes, WPRA, Classic Ropes, Ariat, Best Ever Pads, D Bar M, Ropers Sports News, Perfect Timing Systems, Rattler Ropes, Forco, and Allflex.

Results are as follows; payouts are rounded down to nearest dollar amount:

Danielle Porteur was second in the average in the Breakaway, winning a Best Ever pad.

Breakaway: 4 for $275, 41 entries

Round 1: 1. Liz Cupples, 2.90, $488. 2. Taylor Vollin, 3.45, $375. 3. Kylie Askew, 3.96, $273.

Round 2: 1. Cassidy Barnes, 2.93, $488. 2. Lacy Lowry, 3.64, $375. 3. Chelsey Bushnell, 3.69, $273.

Round 3: 1. Marla Zuber, 3.02, $488. 2. Cheyanne Horner, 3.13, $375. 3. Taylor Vollin, 3.18, $273.

Short Go: 1. Abigail Hampton, 3.32, $300. 2. Taylor Vollin, 3.69, $200.

Average: 1. Taylor Vollin, 18.47, $1,833. 2. Danielle Craig, 23.89, $1528. 3. Beth Hitchcock, 25.28, $1,222. 4. Cersten Branquinho, 26.08, $916. 5. Taylor Unke, 35.38, $611.

WPRA Incentive: 1. Abigail Hampton, 11.42 on 3, $233. 2. Noel Hannon, 19.82 on 2, $174. 3. Cassidy Barnes, 2.93 on 1, $116. 4. Suzanne Williams, 4.17 on 1, $58.

Beth Hitchcock won the 16 & Under Incentive. Presenting her buckle is Danielle Craig.

16 & Under Incentive: 1. Beth Hitchcock, 20.85 on 4, $210. 2. Kylie Askew, 17.16 on 2, $140.

Team roping champions Chelsey Bushnell and Suzanne Williams with their Cactus Saddlery rope bags. Danielle Craig, producer, presenting.

Team Roping: 4 for $75, 104 teams (payout per team)

1st go: 1. Brittany Dias and Ricky Perezchica, 7.94, $895. 2. Suzanne Williams and Chelsey Bushnell, 7.97, $687. 3. Karen Dias and Ashley Martinqus, 8.61, $499.

Average: 1. Suzanne Williams and Chelsey Bushnell, 34.23, $2,185. 2. Suzanne Williams and Tammy White, 48.96, $1,821. 3. Bailey Bidwell and Allie Bilkey, 52.76, $1,457. 4. Danielle Craig and Alison Grantham, 62.19, $1,093. 5. Casey Cowden and Jody Gunderman, 67.93, $728.

Incentive Average: 1. Keely Kirkman and Bailey Rianda, 52.2, $624. 2. Blair Taliaferro and Lacey Bourdet, 20.79 on 2, $416.