• Ropers Remember Kelley Clausen

    Saddle winners were #3 & above, Joey Acevedo (second from left); and Vince Silva, #2.5 & below. Vince was tied with John Vogel and won in the coin toss. Gina Aubrey (l) and Bruce Clausen (r) presenting. Click photo for full story...

  • Smith & Johnson Win Hooey Jr. BFI

    Hooey Junior BFI winners were Britt Smith and Carson Johnson. They were awarded saddles and $15,000 cash by the roping producers, Corky Ullman and Daren Petersen, and Pro Equine COO Dustin Noblitt. Photo by Olie’s Images. Click photo for full story...

  • NTR Cowboy Christmas

    Chas Ophus, Watford, N.D. was the winner of NTR #9 Dodge Truck Roping that was held in Rapid City, S.D. Photo by Olie’s Images. Click photo for full story.

  • 3-Day WSTR Qualifier in Reno

    Justin Franks and Jade Corkill won the #15 WSTR in Reno, Nevada. Click photo for full story...

  • Guy Wins $25,500 At All-Girl Challenge

    Breakaway champion Taylor Munsell receives her check from roping producers Corky Ullman (left) and Daren Peterson. Photo by Olie’s Images. Click photo for story...


CAVE CREEK, AZ – Dynamite Arena was the host for the Western Horseman Sunshine Classic. The day was kicked off with a #8 Legends roping over 50 where the prize line included Cactus Saddles, Tres Rios Silver buckles, custom Western Horseman knives by Tres Rios, Cactus Saddlery breast collars and Yeti products.

The winners not only took home the beautiful Cactus saddles but also pocketed $5,400 with a time of 27.76 on three. Your winners were Mark Broughton and Jim McGuire.  Ten monies deep were paid and a prize line of equal went to the winners with low fees.

The #10 Legacy Roping was a five steer and it got tough. But the high call of Cory Wiese and Tato Savedra were clean on their last steer to take home over $8,000. These average winners also took home the Cricket golf carts by Great West Trailer & Trucks that are valued at $3,800.  And did we mention the prize line did not come out of the ropers’ pot?! That’s right, 75% payback in cash and prizes that also included Martin Saddles, Gist Silversmiths buckles, Professional’s Choice saddle pads and Yeti coolers.

The highest placing #8 team within this roping took home Tres Rios spurs and that went to Tyrone Ashman and Jerry Stutts. The same prize of spurs for the highest placing #9 team went to Wade Woodbury and Robert Nielson.

Western Horseman magazine is founded on amazing stock horses and the award of the Top Head Horse went to Chantz Prewitt, who rode a bay gelding, and heel horse award to Chris Rich for his bay gelding. They both took home a Western Horseman art piece and Resistol 20X hat.

Bill’s Beer and Bait Truck was on hand so everyone enjoyed margaritas and beer while listening to Calvin Buffalo and Mark Coffey pick guitars and sign after the awards program.

Make sure to visit GreatWestTrailers.com for your trailer needs. The Western Horseman Sunshine Classic is a must attend event for any roper!

Roping results follow:

#8 Legends Roping

1st go: 1. Karl Stressman and Larry Wehling, 7.68, $600. 2. Steve Ralston and Brad Erickson, 8.08, $400.

Short go FT: Billy Irvine and Darren Calhoun, 13.05, $600.

Average: 1. Mark Broughton and Jim McGuire, 27.76, $5,460 + saddles. 2. Marvin Kleinbert and Jim McGuire, 28.4, $3,865. 3. Chris Navarro and Dave Mathis, 28.58, $2,955. 4. John England and John Philips, 29.65, $2,500. 5. Karl Stressman and Larry Wehling, 30.64, $2,045. 6. Jim Rose and Gene Surber, 33.61, $1,820. 7. Joe McClinton and Herb Smith, 35.18, $1,139. 9. Joe McClinton and Daryl Medeiros, 36.25, $910. 10. Jerry Turk and Dave Mathis, 36.96, $680.

#10 Legacy Roping

1st go: 1. Cory Wiese and Tato Savedra, 7.44, $800. 2. Chantz Prewitt and Richard Lightcap, 7.68, $400.

2nd go: 1. Nancy Peterson and Joey Martin, 6.15, $800. 2. Shayne Ohotto and Frank Whitecalf, 6.17, $400.

Short go FT: George Heath and Robert Nielsen, 13.33, $800.

Highest placing #8 team: 1. Tyron Ashman and Jerry Stutts. 2. Arthur Craft and Chris Rich.

Highest placing #9 team: 1. Wade Woodbury and Robert Nielsen. 2. Jarrett Baker and Darryl Medeiros.

Average: 1. Cory Wiese and Tato Savedra, 43.48, $8,120 + golf carts. 2. Chantz Prewitt and Richard Lightcap, 47.89, $5,800 + saddles. 3. Tyron Ashman and Jerry Stutts, 48.05, $4,410 + saddles. 4. Billy Pipes and John Hendrick, 51.55, $3,250. 5. Wallace Townsend and Lory Merritt, 51.86, $1,625. 6. Beef Carlson and Rick Steed, 51.96, $600. 7. Arthur Craft and Chris Rich, 55.08, $600. 8. Shayne Ohotto and Mark Scheller, 58.4, $600. 9. John Tiegen and Coby Littlesoldier, 59.72, $600. 10. Bryan Beaver and Ed Uhrig, 60.35, $600.