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By Kathy Branco
Special To Ropers Sports News

CHOWCHILLA, CA – The 61st Chowchilla Western Stampede barrel race (March 17th-18th) is in the books with 259 open entries and a one day payout of $29,412 along with another $15,000 payout to Future Fortunes stallions eligible contestants, for a grand total of $44,412.

The Stampede was kicked off with an opening honoring our two yearly memorial honorees. Dan Branco (Dan Branco Memorial Open 4D) one of the original founders of the Chowchilla Stampede and Dean Flenniken (Dean Flenniken Memorial Futurity & Derby) who was the first woman to have futurities in California along with our co-Grand Marshals, Tom and Manda Martin. Tom was one of our Chowchilla Stampede committee men who we lost this past year due to a brain tumor. Tom will be dearly missed.

The Dan Branco Memorial Open 4D Barrel Race was a huge success with 259 entries competing for the $5,000 added purse where Vicky Cook of Willows, Calif. aboard Man Of Fame ran a 17.242 to win both the Dan Branco Memorial Open 4D and the Dean Flenniken Memorial Derby for a total of $1,657. The 2D Open champion was Lisa Busick on Rocking Hayday, winning $953. The 3D Open champion was Allie Jordan on DT Bug, winning $843. The 4D Open champion was Kerriann Gillis on Dun N Did It, winning $769.

The Dean Flenniken Memorial 2D Futurity Barrel Race side pot had 49 runners competing for the $3,500 added 100 percent payback purse for a total pot of $8,400. The 2018 champion was Tilly Jenski on Platinumontherocks, running a 17.979 and winning $1,462. The 2D Dean Flenniken Memorial champion was Joye Mendes of Chowchilla, Calif. on Sun Frosted French, running a 19.118 and winning $974.

The Chowchilla Stampede was chosen and honored to receive $10,000 added Open Future Fortunes stallion incentive money from Future Fortunes Inc. and $5,000 added Future Fortunes money to our futurity. The Open Future Fortunes winner was Skylar Alves aboard JR Finally Famous, winning $714. The Future Fortunes eligible Futurity winner was Tilly Jenski on Platinumontherocks winning $840. The Future Fortunes is a stallion incentive program which pays the owner, breeder, and stallion owner. This program has been big in the central and eastern states but has just recently come to California and the Stampede is very privileged to be one of the chosen races.

The following day of the Stampede the WCBRA hosted a $1,000 added jackpot running 172 contestants. The winner was Darlene Alves aboard Nic N Shine, winning $615.

Our sponsors are a huge part of the Chowchilla Stampede and we cannot thank them enough for their generosity.

Many thanks to sponsors Future Fortunes Inc., Alma’s Flea Market and Charlene Jespersen, Central Coast Trailers, Harvest Supply Inc. and Denise Mott, Stacy and Todd Hampton, Lori Meneses Leather, Hall Management, Christy and Tyler Gumb, Jade and Jeff Flenniken, Janel Flook, KS Cash N Fame and Running F Quarter Horses, Ken and Linda Wood, Platinum Performance, Hansbro Sport and Jay Gustafson, Vetericyn and Gina Graham, Charleen and Nathan Ornellas and Equine Omega Gold, Kendra Williams Buckles, N and S Tractor, TBE Cowboy Supply, Branco Ranch Furniture, and The Chowchilla Stampede Committee.

The Stampede Committee would also like to thank our fabulous second-to-none crew who ran a flawless race: Bailey and Taylor Nahrgang, Krista Williams, Jeff Freitas Video and Deb Mann Photography.

Dean Flenniken Memorial Futurity

1D: 1. Tilly Jenski, Platinumontherocks, 17.979, $1,462. 2. Erin Ricotti, HG Liberty Leander, 18.056, $1,201. 3. Allie Howard, Jess Call On Me, 18.128, $958. 4. Shelley Holman, Wood B Fun, 18.176, $706. 5. Maya Guzman, Playin Under Lights, 18.220, $454. 6. Charleen Ornellas, Jus Fine N Famous, 18.244, $252.

2D: 1. Joye Mendes, Sun Frosted French, 19.18, $974. 2. Jaycie Branch, Duplicate This Flash, 19.183, $806. 3. Lisa Busick, Tweetwithafrenchguy, 19.304, $638. 4. Aubree Strapp, Miss Ruby Bridges, 19.328, $470. 5. Sheena Robbins, JC Shoot Me Twister, 19.461, $302. 6. Miranda Castro, Kiamichis Queen, 19.573, $168.

Dean Flenniken Memorial debry

1D: 1. Vicky Cook, Man Of Fame, 17.242, $558. 2. Sami Jo Morisoli, MS Smart Star­light, 17.527, $465. 3. Michelle Silva, Samson, 17.587, $372. 4. Charleen Ornellas, Streakin Summer Bugs, 17.608, $279. 5. Erin Ricotti, HG Buckshot Bill, 17.93, $186.

2D: 1. Christina Richman, JL Red Gypsy, 18.285, $372. 2. Kristi Youngblood, Rockem Dont Knockem, 18.346, $310. 3. Kristen Holt, French My Kiss, 18.346, $248. 4. Callie Whitney, LF Im Famous Too, 18.416, $186. 5. Janel Flook, JF Melitas Cash, 18.416, $124.

Saturday Open

1D: 1. Vicky Cook, Man Of Fame, 17.242, $1,099. 2. Darleen Alves, Nic N Shine, 17.298, $785. 3. Skylar Alves, JR Finally Famous, 17.341, $680. 4. Kelsey Hayden, Skippa Ice Breaker, 17.394, $576. 5. Kris Gadbois, CRCS Regaldash, 17.464, $523. 6. Michelle Silva, Nikki, 17.525, $419. 7. Sami Jo Morisoli, MS Smart Starlight, 17.527, $340. 8. Crystal Goldstein, Bailey, 17.536 $314. 9. Leah Baize, Nicks Star Player, 17.563, $288. 10. Michelle Silva, Samson, 17.587, $209.

2D: 1.  Lisa Busick, Rockin Hayday, 17.750, $953. 2. Cathey Vallerga, Bandito, 17.758, $680. 3. Cheyenne Horner, JW Trapper Mike, 17.778, $590. 4. Sis Buttrey, Amos Is Famous, 17.807, $499. 5. Kris Gadbois, Famous Goodbye Lane, 17.821, $454. 6./7.  Hailey Grant, Mega Sugar and Holly Irish on Jane, 17.826, $329 each. 7. Kelsey Collins, Shortys Catty Lynx, 17.832, $272. 9. Michelle Silva, Calila, 17.837, $248. 10. Alyssa Conklin, Jets Skippin Stick, 17.840, $181. 

3D: 1. Allie Jordan, DT Bug, 18.243, $843. 2. Charleen Ornellas, Jus Fine N Famous, 18.244, $18.244. 3. Krista Williamson, El Cachorro, 18.258, $522. 4./5./6. Casey Yates, Hollywood Hitler, Jaycee David, Sip Of Crown Royal, Alana Sing, Sentinel Rein, 18.274, $388 each. 7. Christina Richman, JL Red Gypsy, 18.285, $261. 8. Kristin-Weaver Brown, Caliente Rojo Corona, 18.289, $241. 9. Kristi Youngblood, Rockem Dont Knockem, 18.300, $221. 10. Kristin Weaver-Brown, Smart April Skunk Face, 18.308, $161.

4D: 1. Keriann Gillis, Dun D Did It, 19.251, $769. 2. Alexis Richardson, T Texas Criterion, 19.276, $550. 3. Liz Rutherford, Stay Classy, 19.291, $476. 4. Lisa Busick, Tweetwithafrenchguy, 19.304, $403. 5./6/7. Cecile Garcia, El Senor Rebelde, Aubree Stapp, Miss Ruby Bridges, Wendi Lozano, Honey, 19.328, $299 each. 8. Jamie Donato, Maverick, 19.362, $220. 9./10.  Ande Parker, This Bud’s For You, Emily Shortm Glimmer And Glamour, 19.394, $174.


1D: 1. Skylar Alves, JR Finally Famous, 17.341, $84. 2. Haleigh Grant, Mega Sugar, 17.826, $56.

2D: 1. Audrey Antonowich, KQ Hundredproof Wild, 17.893, $75. 2. Kayla Pugliese, High Sparked Cat, 18.103, $50.

3D: 1. Sadie Grant, Double Do Dare Me, 18.529, $64. 2. Haleigh Grant, Chic Buckaroo, 18.563, $43.

4D: 1. Kamrynn Bonsell, Cashthathotsanchex, 19.436, $56. 2. Logann Busick, Nifty, 19.545, $37.

Sunday Open

1D: 1. Darleen Alves, Nic N Shine, 17.059, $615. 2. Bryan Scheer, Liddle Judge, 17.115, $473. 3. Syd Wheeler, Hickorys Smart Holly, 17.291, $355. 4. Kris Gadbois, CRCS Regaldash, 17.319, $284. 5. Sami Jo Morisoli, MS Smart Starlight, 17.416, $237. 6. Kris Gadbois, Sheza Frechman Guy, 17.440, $213. 7. Kris Gadbois, Famous Goodbye Lane, 17.495, $189. 

2D: 1. Leah Baize, Nicks Star Player, 17.648, $533. 2. Crystal Goldstein, Bailey, 17.702, $410. 3. Kelsey Hayden, Renes Cartel, 17.713, $308. 4. Sabina Andreini, Jacks Folk Cash, 17.716, $246. 5. Cheyenne Hatteson, Lets Play Rodeo, 17.773, $205. 6. Allie Howard, Jess Call On Me, 17.807, $185. Alyssa Conklin, Jets Skippin Stick, 17.810, $164.

3D: 1./2. Lacey Robinson, JL Mark This Page, Bridgette Wallimann, Hot Pepper Lena, 18.064, $417 each. 3. Allie Jordan, DT Bug, 18.085, $272. 4. Danielle Gibson, Docs Red Solo Cup, 18.107, $218. 5. Kristen Holt, Remond Redacre, 18.109, $181. 6. Aimee Barragan, GL Jets Frosted Peach, 18.110, $163. 7. Amanda Thorpe, Starlights A Jet, 18.116, $145.

4D: 1. Stephanie Evetts, Frenchmans Brucey, 19.074, $431. 2. Wendi Lozano, Honey, 19.075, $331. 3. Chelsea McLaughlin, Sheza Snazzy Chick, 19.155, $248. 4. Cooper Wallis, RGR Firstdown Dallas, 19.205, $199. 5. Miss Spur, Dusty Be Dashin, 19.123, $166. 6. Leah Baize, Scarlets French Barmaid, 19.215, $149.7. Kelsey Hayden, Lilcorona N Big Town, 19.324, $133. 


1D: 1. Haleigh Grant, Mega Sugar, 17.902, $67. 2. Audrey Antowich, 18.055, $49.

3D: 1. Jenna Blake, Oklahoma Shiner, 18.987, $54. 2. Santana Thomas, Tritons Last Charge, 19.240, $40.

4D:1. Maddy Brunengraeber, Peppys Seven Bar, 20.16, $49. 2. Sage Burke, Renes Micro Mac, 20.148, $37.

Award winners from the Open Race were left to right: Kathy Branco, producer, Skylar Alves (winner of third in the average as well as winning the Future Fortunes Race), Darleen Alves, reserve champion, the race winner, Vicky Cook and Joye Mendes. – Photo by Deb Mann

Race producer Kathy Branco (l) presents awards to winners of the Dean Flenniken Memorial,  left to right: Allie Howard, Erin Ricotti, Charleen Ornellas, the 1D winner, Tilly Jenski, and winner of the 2D, Joye Mendes. – Photo by Deb Mann

Tilly Jenski riding Platinumontherocks was the winner of the 2018 Dean Flenniken Memorial Futurity produced by the Chowchilla Stampede. Kathy Branco awards Tilly her prizes as well as a check for $1,462. – Photo by Deb Mann

PeeWee contestant Blake Marie Nahrgang, encourages her dad Taylor to pick up some speed.  – Photo by Deb Mann