• Ropers Remember Kelley Clausen

    Saddle winners were #3 & above, Joey Acevedo (second from left); and Vince Silva, #2.5 & below. Vince was tied with John Vogel and won in the coin toss. Gina Aubrey (l) and Bruce Clausen (r) presenting. Click photo for full story...

  • Smith & Johnson Win Hooey Jr. BFI

    Hooey Junior BFI winners were Britt Smith and Carson Johnson. They were awarded saddles and $15,000 cash by the roping producers, Corky Ullman and Daren Petersen, and Pro Equine COO Dustin Noblitt. Photo by Olie’s Images. Click photo for full story...

  • NTR Cowboy Christmas

    Chas Ophus, Watford, N.D. was the winner of NTR #9 Dodge Truck Roping that was held in Rapid City, S.D. Photo by Olie’s Images. Click photo for full story.

  • 3-Day WSTR Qualifier in Reno

    Justin Franks and Jade Corkill won the #15 WSTR in Reno, Nevada. Click photo for full story...

  • Guy Wins $25,500 At All-Girl Challenge

    Breakaway champion Taylor Munsell receives her check from roping producers Corky Ullman (left) and Daren Peterson. Photo by Olie’s Images. Click photo for story...


WICKENBURG, AZ – The National Team Roping Tour held its Cinco De Mayo Fiesta May 5 at Rancho Rio. Results are as follows:

#9 Megabucks

Short go: Stacy McKnight and Carl Luna, 9.46, $200.

Average: 1. Monty Lira and Jeff Lira, 50.68, $2,720. 2. Stacy McKnight and Carl Luna, 53.11, $1,620. 3. John South and Sean Wright, 36.72 on 3, $1,080.

#8 Megabucks

Short go, 1st not placing in average: Monty Lira and Jeff Lira, 16.92, $200.

Average: 1. Kay Miller and Jeff Lira, 51.78, $3,320. 2. Rohn Alder and Troy A. Clark, 54.46, $1,980. 3. Gary McCurry and Roger Wilde, 57.70, $1,320.

#8 Saddle Roping

Average: 1. Kay Miller and Royce Heart, 33.09, $1,500 + saddles. 2. Trever Courvell and Sergio Garcia, 33.10, $1,000 + saddles. 3. Eric Heady and Riley Cameron, 34.70, $800 + saddles. 4. Harry Bernhardt and Don Charging, 35.09, $600 + saddles. 5. Antonio Carbajal and Don Campbell, 36.14, $300.

#6 Buckle Up

Average (1st-4th place also won buckles): 1. Abel Aispuro and Paola Flores, 28.95, $740. 2. Daniel Indas and Eleanor Ellis, 32.04, $440. 3. Jaden Edwards and Brian Edwards, 34.84, $300. 4. Abel Aispuro and Brody Freeman, 34.92, $200.