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PRUNEDALE, CA – A beautiful memorial roping tribute to Kelley Clausen, the late wife of Bruce Clausen, was held Saturday, July 7, at Clausen’s Arena. 

Two #8 Hdcp. Pick & Draw ropings were held as a warm-up on Friday night, July 6. A total of almost 900 cracks of the gate were completed. The weather couldn’t have been any better, the ground was amazing and the cattle worked hard.

The family is grateful to the best group of ropers and their families for their support and participation. Thanks were given to the Nielsen family for the generous use of their tractor for the day. The Clausens feel blessed to share their home arena with those who share a passion for horses, cattle and competition. This lifestyle epitomizes tradition, values and what’s right in our country. 

Kelley’s daughters, Stormi Barger, Krystal (Karol Mohananen), and Misty Daries Vowles ran the show along with some great help. Thanks go to Billy Armendariz, flagger, and Hank Brown, resident expert of the rules, who is always willing to jump in and help. Clausen’s Arena is fortunate to have the hardest-working chute crew every weekend, but Tanner, Moises and Miguel outdid themselves for this event. 

Results follow, payoff is per man:

July 6

#8 Pick N Draw: $20

1st go: 1. Jake Raine and Chance Machado, 6.69 $44. 2. Narciso Estrada and Tristan Luther, 9.88, $44.

Average: 1. Clay Simons and Tanner Patino, 23.83, $239. 2. Edgar Lomeli and Jake Rodriguez, 24.72, $199. 3. Judie Nielsen and Tristan Luther, 27.98, $159. 4. Jake Raine and Chance Machado, 28.95, $119. 5. Jake Raine and Tristan Luther, 29.77, $70.

#8 Pick N Draw: $20

1st go: 1. Edgar Lomeli and Jake Rodriguez, 6.51, $20.

Average: 1. Clay Simons and Tristan Luther, 18.22, $133. 2. Clay Simons and Jake Rodriguez, 22.96, $79. 3. Edgar Lomeli and Jake Rodriguez, 23.97, $53.

July 7

#8 Pick N Draw: $25

1st go: 1. Herman Delgadillo and Ty Bargar, 5.56, $187. 2. Hank Brown and Jake Rodriguez, 5.63, $124.

Average: 1. Vince Silva and Jake Rodriguez, 15.96, $814. 2. Josh Shamblin and Jake Rodriguez, 16.75, $708. 3. Vince Silva and Jason Cowden, 17.27, $602. 4. Herman Delgadillo and PK Kennedy, 17.58, $495. 5. Cutter Machado and Jake Bourdet, 17.84, $389. 6. Stanley Silva and Seth Sanders, 17.91, $283. 7. Darrick Hoskins and Joey Acevedo, 20.01, $177. 8. Nathan Douglas and Tanner Kent, 20.14, $70. 

#8 Pick N Draw: $25

1st go: 1. Tanner Kent and Joe Robinson, 5.72, $128. 2. Danny Leslie and Tristan Luther, 5.81, $85.

Average: 1. John Vogel and Ty Bargar, 18.42, $631. 2. Billy Armedariz and Joey Acevedo, 19.29, $534. 3. Darrick Hoskins and PK Kennedy, 21.26 $437. 4. Lisa Jones and Blaize Twisselman, 23.53, $340. 5. Chance Machado and Ty Bargar, 23.58, $243. 6. Hank Brown and Joe Acevedo, 25.12, $145. 7. Josh Shamblin and Scott Johnson, 25.26, $97.

#8 Pick N Draw: $25

1st go: 1. Bruce Clausen and Ty Bargar, 5.69, $44.

Average: 1. Jason Bordi and Seth Sanders, 11.56, $259. 2. Bill Porcher and Joey Acevedo, 12.92, $194. 3. John Vogel and Ty Bargar, 13.07, $129. 4. Lisa Jones and Joey Acevedo, 15.53, $64.