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CLEMENTS, CA – The Clements Buckaroos welcomed barrel racers from California and Nevada to the 2018 Wine Country Classic held October 13, presented by Les Schwab Tires and Reeve Trucking. The Clements Buckaroos are proud to offer a great facility with plenty of parking, excellent ground and a fun atmosphere for barrel racers to come and enjoy. The Wine Country Classic is the finale to the club’s monthly Tuesday night barrel races that began in May. 
The weekend kicked off Friday night with a warm-up race sponsored by the Grit & Grace Foundation. There was $2,000 added and 115 riders for a payout of $7,232. Brynn Cassidy riding This Rey Rocks was the winner with a time of 17.824 and winning $542. This great race resulted in $3,027 in proceeds going back to the Grit & Grace Foundation to support the fight against blood cancers. This foundation works with Blood Source and Be The Match to fight against this ugly disease and encourages people to donate blood or sign up for the marrow match registry.  For more information on the fight and how you can help, go to www.gritandgracefoundation.org.
Saturday morning started off with time only’s and check-in where each contestant received the infamous wine glass and bottle of wine from several of the local wineries including: Constellation Wineries, Delicato Family Vineyards, E2 Family Winery, Ironstone, McCay Cellars, Oak Ridge Winery, Renegade, Thomas Allen, and Watts Winery. Samples of T.H.E. Equine Edge calming cookies and calming powder, and Mrs. Pasture’s horse cookies were also available.
The first racers of the day were our Lil’ Buckaroos (10 & under and not entered in the race). We had seven lil’ cowboys and cowgirls running barrels, some with assistance from the grownups. Each contestant received prizes for their participation donated by Ryan DeVusser Construction and the decals from Emily Harper at Ranch Wife Designs. This was followed by an American flag presentation by the 2018 Miss Clements Jr. Stampede Kyndal Castle and Little Miss Kayli DeVusser.
The $2,500 added Open race had 156 contestants and a payout of $9,598. Jordyn Haile aboard Miss Holey Terror won the race with a time of 17.797 winning $662. Eight places were paid in each division, along with awards. The Senior race (45 & over) with $150 added money was won by CatheyVallerga riding Peponita Doc with a time of 17.864 for $77. The Youth race (16 & younger) also had $150 added and was won with a carry over time by Jordyn Haile for $111. The added money for the Senior and Youth races was sponsored by Ropers Sports News. Awards were also given out. Pictures from the barrel race can be viewed at www.dallyastarphotography.smugmug.com.
The beautiful awards presented to all the winners would not be possible without the help of these award sponsors: buckles from Dale Chavez Saddle Co., Ropers Sports News gift subscriptions, Ricotti Saddle Co. gift certificates, Vetericyn gift bags, Formula 1 Noni, MVP product gift certificates, FinishLine horse products, saddle pads, groom tote bags and back packs from Classic Equine, leg wraps and sheets by Professional’s Choice, Mrs. Pastures horse cookies, Purina feed, THE Equine Edge products, hats and gift cards from Riding Warehouse, Healthy Coat supplement, Triple Seven Barrel Racing memberships, and shirts and hats from West Coast Barrel Racing.  
A great big thank you to our returning title sponsors Reeve Trucking and Les Schwab Tires. Additional sponsors of the Wine Country Classic include: Young’s Payless Market, George Reed, Inc., Bokides-Hesseltine Ranch Realty, The Trailer Specialist, A-1 Saw & Mower, Jab Auto Parts (NAPA) in Lockeford, Coyotes Mexican Food, Clements Ridge, Robinson’s Feed, Cal-Waste Recovery Systems, Pacific Tire in Clements, Boot Barn, Pioneer Equine Hospital, Morningstar Insurance, Travel-N-Corrals, Bertoldi Construction, Sparrowk Livestock, D2 Trailer Sales, Lees Feed, Premier Equine Center, Leavitt Group, Lockeford Auto Repair, Steve Groom CPA, ACE Hardware, Donkey J’s Deli, Don and Cheryl Gatz, Ward Promotional Marketing Solutions, Lockeford Chiropractic and the Sign Center.
This event wouldn’t have been possible without the Clements Buckaroo members and volunteers: Desiree Capella, Tom Jones, Ron and Rayanne Currin, Megan and Morgan Flint, Jerry Farmer, Steve Granlees, Debbie Haskins, Cheyenne Shaffer, Janet Shaffer, Dan McGee, Sally Rivera, the Castle Family, Amanda and Kayli DeVussser, Jennifer Bonesteel, Bob and Kendra Hesseltine, Corrine Engel, Frankie Engel, Brian Davis, Syd Cutting, Jenny Sherbo and interns. A special shout out to Debbie Anderson and her crew along with some younger club members and friends who kept the cook shack open for all to enjoy throughout the year.
The Clements Buckaroos was started in 1940 as a recreational riding group and went on to produce the Clements Stampede & Horseshow. Tom Smith is this year’s president and he invites all horse enthusiasts in the area to come check out our club. Meetings and information can be found on www.clementsbuckaroos.com. After the first of the year we will have new membership information available. We hope you’ll consider joining the club next year as we are planning to add additional activities for club members and the local horse community.
Thank you to all the contestants and families that participated in this year’s Wine Country Classic. Results are as follows, with place, rider, horse, time and money rounded down to nearest dollar amount:

Jordyn Haile on Miss Holey Terror, winner of the Open and the Youth on Saturday. (Dally A Star Photography)

Cathey Vallerga on Smoken Peponita Doc, was the winner of the Senior Division. (Dally A Star Photography)

Fri., Oct. 12
Open warm-up race
1D: 1. Brynn Cassidy, This Rey Rocks, 17.824, $542. 2. Sami Jo Morisoli, Band of Fame, 17.886, $455. 3. Jordan Ernst, GWH Joe Song Doctari, 17.954, $390. 4. Renee Ryckebosch, Short Go Ta Fame, 17.984, $303. 5. Sami Jo Morisoli, Nics Chexy Cowgirl, 17.989, $216. 6. Tracy Ash, Twisted Sister, 18.036, $151. 7. Chelsea Glanz, PC Boons Sunwood, 18.059, $108.
2D: 1. Kassie McClure, Bisquit, 18.357, $488. 2. Sandra Sirizzotti, Cielo Chex Mate, 18.383, $410. 3. Alandra Coronado, HTZ Smoke n Clay, 18.409, $351. 4. Jennifer Dyer-Tomlin, Shorty, 18.482, $273. 5. Rayanne Currin, Frenchmans Cheetah, 18.500, $195. 6. Laura McClure, Sweet Widow Cash, 18.547, $136. 7. Chelsea Hale, Cosmo, 18.589, $97.
3D: 1. Debbie Haskin, Pepper’s Sugar Drift, 18.828, $415. 2. Haley Hart, Squish Squiggles N Squirm, 18.836, $349. 3. Courtney Cline, Streakin French Pistol, 18.874, $299. 4. Alexis Richardson, T Texas Criterion, 18.913, $232. 5. Sophie Deardorf, Heza Clever Chex, 18.944, $166. 6. Sami Jo Morisoli, Haydays Heartbreaker, 18.966, $116. 7. Erin Ricotti, HG Mamas Boy, 18.992, $83.
4D: 1. Lauren Amar, Texas Docs King, 19.878, $361. 2. Tammie Butler, Quixote Starlet, 19.954, $303. 3. Judy Hayes, Peppy Boone Shine, 20.011, $260. 4. Faith Davis, Chaquita Quixote, 20.156, $202. 5. Samantha Bergman, American Honey, 20.210, $144. 6. Haley Hart, Justa Flyin Oak, 20.253, $101. 7. Rachel Wilson, QTS Trashman, 20.274, $72.
Sat., Oct. 13
1D: 1. Jordyn Haile, Miss Holey Terror, 17.797, $662. 2. Chelsea Glanz, PC Boons Sunwood, 17.857, $547. 3. Cathey Vallerga, Smoken Peponita Doc, 17.864, $489. 4. Laura Ward, Dakota, 17.967, $403. 5. Susie Reese, Tony’s On His Way, 17.971, $316. 6/7. Alandra Coronado, HTZ Smoke N Clay; Jennifer Dyer-Tomlin, Shorty, 18.013, $172. 8. Rachel Dice, Tivitosatthegogobar, 18.014, $115.
2D: 1. Jeanette Emery, Chiclet, 18.305, $596. 2. Katie Angelo, Peppy’s Double Concho, 18.315, $492. 3. Sandra Sirizzotti, DSR Rachels Gottagun, 18.358, $440. 4. Laura Kenworthy, AR Boot Scootin Star, 18.392, $362. 5. Maddie Biglow, Snoop, 18.401, $285. 6. Laurie Riolo, Tangy’s Peppy Doc, 18.404, $181. 7. Susie Gunter, Circle Again, 18.412, $129. 8. Becca Fullenwider, Shawnes Fire Striker, 18.433, $103.
3D: 1. Jennifer Haile, Shaken And Baken, 18.805, $507. 2. Kolbee Souza, DL Skip To Fame, 18.830, $419. 3. Jordan Callahan, Scarlett, 18.839, $375. 4. Allison Scott, River, 18.844, $309. 5. Kassidy Bianchi, Cream Of The Hay, 18.898, $242. 6. Zane Smith, Chewy, 18.932, $154. 7. Kaitlyn Lane, So, 18.937, $110. 8. Kristina Alexander, Maestros Dry Doll, 18.949, $88.
4D: 1. Lynette Deetz, A Haypatch Chick, 19.823, $441. 2. Shannon Needham, Trixie, 19.829, $364. 3. Sarah Dee Shively, Miss Molly Browne 19.874, $326. 4. Brandy Joseph, Pistol, 19.906, $268. 5. Samantha Bergman, American Honey, 19.945, $211. 6. Judy Hayes, Peppy Boone Shine, 19.949, $134. 7. Stephanie Brazil, Rolling Blaze, 19.981, $95. 8. Hannah Wolmuth, Lucy DBL Jet Dancer, 20.012, $76.
1D: 1. Cathey Vallerga, Smoken Peponita Doc, 17.864, $76. 2. Jennifer Dyer-Tomlin, Shorty, 18.013, $67. 3. Renee Ryckebosch, Short Go Ta Fame, 18.120, $48.
2D: 1. Laurie Riolo, Tangy’s Peppy Doc, 18.404, $69. 2. Susie Gunter, Circle Again, 18.412, $60. 3. Sophie Deardorf, Heza Clever Chex, 18.568, $43.
3D: 1. Pamela Novinsky, BB Final Shiny Star, 18.964, $58. 2. Eryn Greenfield, CJS Tank, 19.136, $51. 3. Eryn Greenfield, Jamie Fraser, 19.446, $36.
4D: 1. Judy Hayes, Peppy Boone Shine, 19.949, $51. 2. Cherie Radovich, Jamisons Juice Bar, 20.021, $44. 3. Jackie Fitzgerald, Skoal Bandit Frost, 20.187, $32.
1D: 1. Jordyn Haile, Miss Holey Terror, 17.797, $111. 2. Sandra Sirizzotti, Cielo Chex Mate, 18.170, $91.
2D: 1. Sandra Sirizzotti, DSR Rachels Gottagun, 18.358, $72. 2. Maddie Biglow, Snoop, 18.401, $63. 3. Maddie Biglow, Janie, 18.457, $45.
3D: 1. Kolbee Souza, DL Skip To Fame, 18.830, $62. 2. Zane Smith, Chewy, 18.932, $54. 3. Bailey Donahoo, Lito Fox, 18.951, $38.
4D: 1. Daisy Kroll, Holly, 20.195, $54. 2. Kyndal Castle, Trigger, 20.902, $47. 3. Rachel Wilson, QTS Trashman, 21.065, $33.