• Winning the Oakdale 10 Steer

    Phil Stadtler Roping winners were Rylee George and Lane Wheeler. Members of the Stadtler family make the saddle presentation during the Oakdale 10 Steer weekend. Click photo for full story.

  • Hawaii ACTRA Finals 2019

    Kelvin Medeiros and Daniel Miranda won the #4 roping at the Hawaii ACTRA Finals (pictured with other winners in the #4). Click photo for full story...

  • High Point Roper Wins New Truck

    Uriel Murrieta with his new RAM 3500 pickup at the NTR Labor Day Celebration in Mormon Lake, Arizona.  Click photo for full story.

  • Rodman is 'Heeler of the Day'

    Walt Rodman of Galt, Calif., showed he’s still got what it takes to win the WSTR #13.5 with JT Bradley, and the WSTR #12.5, heeling for Tappy Anthony. He also placed second in the #13.5 with Bob McClelland heading. Click photo for full story...

CAVE CREEK, AZ – More than 500 teams showed up to compete at Yost Events’ “Legends at Dynamite” season closer on March 29. Jo Ann Merritt and Frank Simpson took home the biggest pot of the day, topping the #10.5 Legends roping. They split $7,140 in cash and will be sporting new trophy buckles. John South and Richard Anderson took home the fancy trophy saddles in the #8.5 Legends. Congratulations to all the winners.
The big 2019 season closer was April 6-7, and the Senior Wednesdays season closer was April 3.

Dynamite Legends Closer, March 29
#8.5 Legends
Short go FT, 1st not placing in Average: Bob Crosthwaite and Earl Merrill, 13.96, $200.
Average: 1. John South and Richard B. Anderson, 24.21, $4,600 + saddles. 2. Bob Powers and Willy Vietor, 28.72, $2,900. 3. Blake Nelson and Earl Merrill, 30.27, $2,000. 4. Bill Jorgenson and Joe Battaglia, 30.87, $1,680. 5. Danna Brodhead and Herb Smith, 32.61, $1,380. 6. Joe McClinton and Nancy Petersen, 33.43, $1,220. 7. Robyn Darvis and Herb Smith, 33.96, $920. 8. Ty Lane and Roger W. Chancellor, 36.15, $600.

#9.5 Megabucks
Short go FT, 1st not placing in Average: Flint Simpson and Stan Simpson, 8.83, $200.
Average: 1. Ray Jodie and Bob Barton, 40.68, $4,240. 2. Karen McFarlane and Levi Britton, 41.88, $3,180. 3. Bruce Pulham and Joe Grote, 42.62, $2,120. 4. Karen McFarlane and Ray Lane, 44.34, $1,060.

#10.5 Legends
Short go FT, 1st not placing in Average: Mary Vermedahl and Shane Barmby, 8.26, $250.
Average: 1. JoAnn Merritt and Frank Simpson, 36.71, $7,140 + buckles. 2. Jon Ballek and Ron Rogers, 39.02, $5,340. 3. Shayne Ohotto and Blake Nelson, 39.05, $3,560. 4. Pat Hafenstein and Buster Boyd, 40.88, $1,780.

#12.5 Slide
Short go FT, 1st not placing in Average: Luke Skocdopole and Cody Huwa, 6.32, $300.
Average: 1. Steven Daniels and Roddy NotAfraid, 31.68, $2,940. 2. Kesley Phillips and Dwight Sells, 32.15, $1,760. 3. Coby LittleSoldier and Travis Ericsson, 33.80, $1,180.