• CHSRA State Finals in Bishop

    All-Around cowboy Caden Grisedale, District 6, and All-Around cowgirl Payton Scalzo, D8, with CHSRA queen Karly Camozzi, D4. (Photo by Weasel Loader) Click photo for full story...

  • Smith & Clover Win Kelly Clausen Memorial Saddles

    Bruce Clausen (c) congratulates the high point saddle winners at this year's Kelly Clausen Memorial Roping. Tanner Smith was the high point #3 and over and "Lucky" Larry Clover, the high point #3.5 and under. Click photo for full story...

  • Lowman Wins BFI All-Girl Challenge

    Corky Ullman (left) and Wende Heinin with Gist (right), present Gist buckles to the All-Girl Challenge winners Debbie Robbins and Danielle Lowman. (Photo by Olie’s Images)  Click photo for full story.

  • Madonna Inn Hosts WSTR Ropings

    Cathie Twisselman presents awards to Open winners Cody Mora and John Chaves at the World Series Roping hosted by Flying T Cattle Company at the Madonna Inn Arena. Click photo for full story...

  • NTR Cowboy Christmas in Arizona

    Jarin Davis and Dylan Davis were the winners of the NTR #7 Bonus in Mormon Lake, Arizona, and won $3,400 and saddles. Click photo for full story...

PRUNEDALE, CA – A beautiful memorial roping tribute to Kelley Clausen, the late wife of Bruce Clausen, was held Saturday, July 6, at Clausen’s Arena.
We (the Clausen family) were so touched to see family and friends come to memoralize our mom, grandmother, wife and friend and share their western tradition, and we are very grateful that you shared this special day with us.
Huge thank you to the Hoskins family for their donations and support. Darrick led us in a wonderful prayer and such kind words about Kelley.
Thank you to those who helped make the day run so smoothly including Stormi Clausen Bargar, Krystal Clausen Monahan, Kali Bargar, Cade Bargar, Sage Bargar, Karson and Moises. Thank you to Hank Brown for flagging and to everyone else who jumped in and helped us. It truly takes a tribe to pull a roping like this off and we love our tribe.
Congratulations to our saddle winners Tanner Smith and Larry Clover.
A Warm-Up Roping was held on Friday night and buckles were awarded to Billy Armendariz and Tristan Luther.
Results follow, payoff is per man:
July 5-WARM-UP
#8 Pick N Draw: $25, 75 teams.
1st go: 1. Bart Bonfantini and Rick Fausone, 6.22, $68. 2. Lisa Jones and Rick Fausone, 9.68, $68.
Average: 1. Billy Armendariz and Eddie Basso, 18.74, $297. 2. Dan Snyder and Tristan Luther, 19.45, $248. 3. Billy Armendariz and Joey Acevedo, 21.10, $198. 4. Jared Nielsen and Kurt Pesutich, 24.82, $148. 5. Jared Nielsen and Joey Acevedo, 25.19, $99
#8 Pick N Draw: $25, 33 teams.
1st. go: 1. Tanner Smith and Tristan Luther, 6.36, $25.
Average: 1st. Tanner Smith and Tristan Luther, 23.30, $251. 2. Jake Rodriguez and Paul J. Smith, 27.29, $150. 3. Jake Raine and Jake Bourdet, 31.56, $100.
July 6
#8 Pick N Draw: $25, 155 teams.
1st go: 1. Danny Cardoza and Rick Fausone, 6.24, $111. 2. Darrick Hoskins and PK Kennedy, 10.10, $111.
Average: 1. Dan Snyder and John Deaton, 12.97, $598. 2. Nathan Roth and Paul J. Smith, 18.77, $498. 3. Stanley Silva III and John Robertson, 20.75, $398. 4. Sheanna DeForest and Larry Clover, 21.14, $299. 5. Josh Shamblin and John Deaton, 22.93, $199.  
#8 Draw: $25, 61 teams.
1st go: 1. Tanner Smith and Ty Shintaku, 4.69, $25.
Average: 1. Bart Bonfantini and Larry Clover, 10.22, $332. 2. Hank Brown and Tristan Luther, 11.07, $249. 3. Tanner Smith and Ty Shintaku, 11.91, $165. 4. PK Kennedy and Jon Robertson, 11.93, $83.
#8 Pick N Draw: $25, 182 teams.
1st go: 1. Colt Cowden and Carl Wilken, 6.09, $131. 2. Justin Burgess and Kurt Pesutich, 10.00, $131.
Average: 1. Lisa Jones and Tanner Smith, 15.05, $853. 2. Macey Cox and Craig Slibsager, 19.39, $521. 3. Juan Ramirez and Jake Bourdet, 22.50, $379. 4. Forrest Mallory and Joey Acevedo, 25.05, $284. 5. Justin Burgess and Chris Burgess, 25.95, $189. 6. David Motes and PK Kennedy, 26.11, $142.

Bruce Clausen (r) presents buckles to high point header of the Warm-Up Roping, Billy Armendariz and high point heeler, Tristan Luther.