• Steve Maddalena Memorial Roping

    Steve Maddalena Memorial champion heeler Roscoe Rhodes, Lacey Parsons presenting (with Stevie Parsons), and champion header Matt Goings. Click on photo for full story...

  • Mora & Chaves Win Wounded Heroes Open

    High money senior and junior at the Wounded Heroes Roping: Mitch Jacobs (left), Ryan Eaton Jr. presenting, Gavin Cardoza, and Jerry Johnson presenting. Click photo for full story...

  • Gold Medals Awarded At Days Of '47

    Team Ropers Ty Blasingame and Kyle Lockett (c) were the gold medal winners at the Days of ’47 Cowboy Games & Rodeo. Second and third were Tanner Tomlinson and Will Woodfin, and Cory Clark and Douglas Rich. (Days of '47 Cowboy Games & Rodeo photo by Ric Andersen)  Click photo for full story.

  • ProRodeo Hall Of Fame Welcomes 2019 Class

    The ProRodeo Hall of Fame enshrined 12 members at the Hall in Colorado Springs, Colo. The Class of 2019 included Allen Bach, Commotion (bareback horse), Elra Beutler and Jiggs Beutler (stock contractor), Dean Gorsuch (steer wrestler), Doug Brown (bull rider), Jerome Robinson (notable), Cody Stampede Rodeo (committee), Tommy Lucia (contract personnel), Jimmie Gibbs Munroe (barrel racer), Sammy Thurman Brackenbury (barrel racer) and Florence Youree (notable). (PRCA ProRodeo photo by Steve Gray) Click photo for full story...

TEHACHAPI, CA – The Wounded Heroes Roping has been held in conjunction with the Tehachapi Rodeo since its inception. This year the format changed to hold the open on Friday afternoon, August 16,  with the #8 handicap and #5.5 handicap still held on Saturday, August 17. We enjoyed great weather for a great day of roping at the D Bar M Arena. The steers were nice and even and everyone had a good time.
The roping started with 34 teams in the Open on Friday afternoon, then Saturday morning had 210 teams in the #8 Hdcp. and 140 teams in the #5.5 Hdcp. Down.
Brand new Traeger smokers were awarded to the Open average winners. Beautiful buckles and tripping collars were awarded in the #8 and #5.5 averages and round. Best Ever Pads went to the High Money Junior, Gavin Cardoza, and Senior, Mitch Jacobs, as well as a $200 Ropes Galore gift certificate to the High Money Girl, Kelsey Mauro. The Eaton family donates all the net proceeds to the Wounded Heroes of Kern County and this year, that total donation will be $5,200.
The Eaton family would like to thank their sponsors: Darren and Karen Bowe for donating the beautiful D Bar M arena, World Wind, Mountain Safety and Industrial, Best Ever Pads, K Bar Sam buckles were donated in honor of Craig Johnson, a 20-year Navy veteran who was wounded in action, Resistol Hats, Jimmy Pfeffer and Ropes Galore, Steve and Kim New, Heidi and Erik Haarsarger, Warren Ag Service, Bob Ewing, Tehachapi Tractor Supply, Hemme Hay, Jim Eaton, Ryan Eaton and Jerry Johnson.
OPEN – 80% payout, 4 for $125
Round: Blake Hirdes and Kyle Lockett, 5.40, $1,200.
Average: 1. Cody Mora and John Chaves (26.78) $2,400. 2. Blaine Linaweaver and Jace Helton, 28.37, $1,800. 3. Cody Mora and Jason Johe, 29.12, $1,260.
#8 HDCP: 4 for $50
Round: 1. Tanner James and Wyatt Cox, 4.60, $1,000. 2. Lane Lowry and Danny Leslie, 4.78, $600. 3. Kenny Ellison and Josh Reed, 5.15, $400.
Average: 1. Lane Lowry and Danny Leslie, 29.10, $2,440. 2. DJ Parker and Andy Holcomb, 30.62, $2,100. 3. Dominic Patino Jr. and Kyle Lockett, 30.72, $1,800. 4. Tanner James and Dar Perez, 32.56, $1,480. 5.  Danny Reese and Steve Couto, 33.28, $1,160. 6. Mike Boyle and Paul Mullins, 34.26, $840. 7. CJ DeForest and Andy Holcomb, 35.40, $520. 8. Dalton Curley and Pat O’Brien, 36.22, $220.
#5.5  HDCP DOWN: 3 for $40
Round: 1. Jessica Cardoza and Gavin Cardoza, 6.38, $500. 2. Deston Dishion and Levi Luis, 7.42, $300. 3. Casey Yates and Levi Luis, 7.83, $200.
Average: 1. Mitch Jacobs and Dominic Patino Sr., 24.90, $1,980. 2. Levi Luis and Maurice Howard, 27.29, $1,520. 3.  Kelsey Mauro and Ryder White, 29.12, $1,080. 4. Casey Yates and Quentin Hall, 33.43, $680. 5. Ken Maler Sr. and Cody Travis Sr., 38.15, $400.

Open winners Cody Mora (left) and John Chaves (right), with Ryan Eaton Sr. and Jim Eaton presenting.

High Money lady roper Kelsey Mauro, with Mark Lowry (left) and Ryan Eaton Jr. presenting her with a $200 Ropes Galore gift certificate.

Winners of the #5.5 roping were Mitch Jacobs (left) and Dominic Patino Sr., with Ryan Eaton Jr. (right) presenting.