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LINCOLN, CA – The 2017 Howard Williams and Al Sanders Roping was one to remember.  It was held May 13th and 14th at the Lincoln District 3 High School Rodeo Arena.  They would be glad to know that the children’s charities of Shriner’s Hospital and Ronald McDonald House along with CHSRA District 3 are benefiting from the Memorial Ropings. These organizations have been very important in the family lives of Howard and Al. All of the cattle money from the ropings and the money earned with the silent auction has been donated. In all the years we have been having these Memorial Ropings, approximately $50,600 has been sent to these three organizations. 

We have many people who have come together to make this possible. Sincere thanks to the Williams and Sanders families, Gus and Stephanie Anderson, Oakridge Winery, Denise VonTour, Ropers Sports News, Pete Williams, Karen McFarland, Steve Smull of Superior Livestock, Steve Morgan, Ray Miller, Gary Gist, Steer Gear, Mr. and Mrs. Pat Hudson and Cody Kingston for their contributions.  We also want to thank the ropers who contributed and to all of the others we may have missed.

There were many prizes awarded. The high point header and heeler over the two days won beautiful Corriente saddles. The saddle winners were Sondra Williams (header) and Ty Morrill (heeler). Gist buckles were won for first in the #5 1/2 (Denise VonTour and Kody Keeling) and in the Century (Sondra Williams and Ted Williams). Denise VonTour rope bags went to first in the #10 and these went to Larry Williams and Pete Brown. Karen McFarlane coat racks were won by Larry Williams, Ty Morrill, Tanner Kent, and Willie Worley for first in the draw pots. The winners of the Jr./Sr. Jackpot (Colton Michilizzi and Willie Worley) won Denise VonTour breast collars.  First fast time in all jackpots received hats or visors and these were won by Craig Harrison, Joseph McCurley, Kyle Millington, Matthew Mayfield, Tanner Kent, Ty Morrill, Kadie Salazar, Mairlyn Brown, Carson Williams, Dan Williams Sr, and Willie Worley. Second or third in all jackpots except the All Girl roping received Ropers Sports News subscriptions.  The winners of the subscriptions were Kyle Millington, Joe Morris, J. T. Bradley, John Freeman, Sondra Williams, George Becker, Ty Morrill, Willie Worley, Tanner Kent, and Cody Parker. Second in the #5 1/2 on Saturday and in the  Pick and Draw on Saturday and Sunday were given Steer Gear gift certificates. The winners of these gift certificates were Mike Potts, Earl Robbins, Tanner Kent, Ty Morrill, Carson Williams and Pete Brown.

The women in the All Girl Jackpot provided awards to four places.  First received Skyline Silversmith bracelets (Michelle Wolfe and Kelley Pile), second received Denise VonTour saddle bags (Sondra Williams and Denise VonTour), third received haybags (Adele Brown and Mairlyn Brown), and fourth received bootjacks (Leah Parker and Judy Parker). 

We hope everyone who contributed or attended this Memorial Roping will feel good that they have remembered Howard Williams and Alfred Sanders and that they have contributed to such good causes.

Results are as follows:

Hdcp. Pick/Draw: $20

1st go: 1. Tanner Kent and Ty Morrill, 5.76, $66. 2. Tanner Kent and Willie Worley, 6.40, $39. 3. Craig Harrison and Cody D. Parker, 6.43, $26.

Average: 1. Tanner Kent and Willie Worley, 21.08, $342. 2. Tanner Kent and Ty Morrill, 21.38, $283. 3. Michael V. Keeling and Kody Keeling, 22.19, $224. 4/5. Craig Harrison and Willie Worley; Gary Byde and Josh Alexander, 22.71, $135. 6. Doug Parker and Ty Morrill, 22.92, $61.

#10 Hdcp. Pick: $50

1st go: 1. Craig Harrison and Joseph McCurley, 5.37, $86. 2. Tanner Kent and Joseph McCurley, 5.65, $58.

Average: 1. Larry Williams and Pete Brown, 21.48, $389. 2. Tanner Kent and Cody D. Parker, 26.71, $324. 3. JT Bradley and John Freeman, 28.21, $259. 4. Don Boydston and John Freeman, 29.77, $194. 5. Sondra Williams and Ty Morrill, 31.47, $130.

#5.5 Pick: $20

1st go: 1. Kyle Millington and Matthew (Scott) Mayfield, 6.27, $53. 2. Denise VonTour and Kody Keeling, 6.33, $32. 3. Davis Mardesich and Riley Jackson, 6.47, $21.

Average: 1. Denise VonTour and Kody Keeling, 21.38, $277. 2. Mike Potts and Earl Robbins, 26.16, $229. 3. Kyle Millington and Joe Morris, 28.50, $182. 4. Ray Miller and Larry Williams, 29.20, $134. 5. George Becker and Ryan Phun, 29.74, $86. 6. Ryan Fowler and Joe Morris, 30.96, $48.

Hdcp. Pick/Draw: $20

1st go: 1. Carson Williams and Dan Williams Sr, 6.39, $46. 2. Cody Kingston and Carson Williams, 6.66, $30.

Average: 1. Larry Williams and Ty Morrill, 31.55, $206. 2. Carson Williams and Pete Brown, 34.87, $172. 3. Sondra Williams and Willie Worley, 35.79, $137. 4. Sondra Williams and Kelley Pile, 14.92 on 2, $103. 5. Cody Kingston and Broc Wolfe, 16.78 on 2, $68.

All Girl PICK/DRAW: $20

1st go: 1. Kadie Salazar and Mairlyn Brown, 9.80.

Average: 1. Michelle Wolfe and Kelley Pile, 51.17, $156. 2. Sondra Williams and Denise VonTour, 19.07 on 2, $117. 3. Adele Brown and Mairlyn Brown, 20.84 on 2, $78. 4. Leah Parker and Judy Parker, 30.91 on 2, $38.

Jr/Sr Pick: $20

1st go: 1. Carson Williams and Dan Williams Sr, 5.87, $42.

Average: 1. Colton Michilizzi and Willie Worley, 22.24, $153. 2. George Becker and Ty Morrill, 24.14, $115. 3. George Becker and Ted Williams, 25.94, $77. 4. George Becker and Pete Brown, 33.26, $38.

Century Hdcp. pick: $50

1st go: 1. Willie Worley and Ty Morrill, 7.89, $38.

Average: 1. Sondra Williams and Ted Williams, 71.93, $208. 2. Willie Worley and Ty Morrill, 22.24 on 3, $138.

Denise VonTour and Kody Keeling won Gist buckles for winning the #5.5 Roping. Marilyn Williams presents the buckles.

Pete Brown (l) and Larry Williams (r) were the winners of #10 Roping and won Denise VonTour rope bags. Marilyn Williams presenting.

Teddy Williams and his sister Sondra won the Century Roping. Presenting their beautiful Gist buckles is their mother, Marilyn.

Larry Williams (r) headed for Ty Morrill to win the Handicap Draw Pot on Sunday.

Willie Worley (l) heeled for Colton Michilizzi to win the Jr./Sr. Roping. Larry Williams presents.

Willie Worley (l) was the winner of the Saturday Handicap Draw heeling for Tanner Kent. Pictured left to right: Willie, Paige Littrell, Marilyn Williams and Larry Williams (standing in for Tanner).