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By Deb Mann
Special To Ropers Sports News

PORTERVILLE, CA – Deven Warren had an idea many months ago. He wanted to see what would happen if he put on a Futurity and Derby here in the Porterville area. Would sponsors be into it and would Futurity and Derby riders support it? The answer was a resounding YES! So many great folks stepping up to sponsor nine saddles, nine buckles, and a huge array of equine based goodies that delighted all who won them. When it was all said and done, $46,400 was paid in prizes and cash. 

Preparations started immediately and the hard work, hours and dedication of the whole DWPH crew shined when everyone started showing up the Thursday before this three day event, May 5-7. The Warm Up race had almost 100, pretty darn good for a non-holiday Friday race that started at 4 o’clock. Ground was great, food was appropriately festive and delicious and plenty of vendors on the lawn in vendor village! Then after the race, all were treated to a Cinco de Mayo costume contest complete with Caballos Pequeños (Pony Races). We died laughing, and Rachel Dice and Harley Allen tied, so they both were awarded a $50 prize.

Saturday morning dawned cool but comfy and the Futurity got under way. Amazing and talented teams just kept coming until finally we had quite a winning line up of the next generation of barrel horses. 

First day’s Futurity superstar was DH Zipper Girl, owned and ridden by Taylor Rogers. The two turned in a smooth 16.533 to take the first day of Futurity competition. Sunday’s Futurity belonged to Vicky Cook and Carmel Macchiato with a 16.535.

The Derby was wiped out both days by our Kathy Petska and Bet On This Lion with a 16.323 on Saturday and a smoking 16.216 on Sunday. Needless to say, that also took the open average (carryover) and I can’t think of a nicer person to have that much talent and luck.

Fast time of the weekend honors went to Leah Baize and Nick’s Star Player (Roman) in the Open on Saturday. 16.112 is a new arena record on this new arena layout – it was indeed a sight to behold. Roman flatly astounds everyone when he is in the zone.

Each day of the weekend boasted 250 Open entries. Sunday was won by Sami Jo Morisoli and CM Legacy, 16.243. Thirty-eight Derby and 41 Futurity entries also competed each day, but we were still done before dark. DWPH crew as well as absolutely countless volunteers, from tractor driving (go Robert Bird and Randy Baldwin) to barrel setters, gate guards, extra office help, parking and stall custodians, the list goes on and on but please know each and every one of you was profoundly appreciated.

We added a Pee Wee Race on Sunday morning; that was won by an adorable little Logan Busick, but they were all winners from what I saw in fun toys heaped on the prize table. 

I also know, in keeping with the Cinco theme, that we had a pin the tail on the donkey and a piñata that didn’t get broken. What a weekend! 

This exciting endeavor would never have gotten off the ground without our generous-to-a-fault sponsors. Please give them a shout-out either by snail mail or at least a media post. You just don’t accomplish what happened at the First Annual (Yes, Deven is already planning for next year May 4-6, 2018) Fiesta Futurity without many, many souls willing to pour their support into what was an unforgettable experience for all.

For complete results go to: www.dwperformancehorses.com


1D: 1. Leah Baize, Nicks Star Player, 16.385, $385. 2. Michelle, Samson, 16.407, $288. 3. Kali Coleck, Quadrant Cash, 16.554, $192. 4. Harley Allen, Snickers, 16.580, $96.

2D: 1. Kennada Muniorzuren, Little Sun Peppy Boy, 16.898, $320. 2. Breanna Bailey, Smokeum Dry, 16.909, $240. 3. Corene Baldwin, Bold Kiss Skipper W, 16.993, $160. 4. Trew Mitchell, R First French Kiss, 17.114, $80.

3D: 1. Michelle Battista, Brand O Lena Chex, 17.413, $256. 2. Kristen Spence, Cowgirl, 17.417, $192. 3. Miranda Castro, Cats First Class Crome, 17.454, $128. 4. Sandra Holmes, Fergies Famous, 17.503, $64.

4D: 1. Cheri Graves, Shandon Lake, 17.899, $192. 2. Amy Winchester, Great Hen, 17.911, $144. 3. Carissa Miller, JTS Streak Of Fling, 17.954, $96. 4. Kathy Langston, Mark The Paige, 18.005, $48 


SATURDAY: 1D: 1. Leah Baize, Nicks Star Player, 16.112, $827. 2. Kathy Petska, Bet On This Lion, 16.323., $620. 3. Michelle Silva, Samson, 16.355, $5380. 4. Sami Jo Morisoli, CM Legacy, 16.382, $455. 5. Katie Pasco, JR Famous Player, 16.386, $413.

2D: 1. Kali Coleck, Quadrant Cash, 16.633, $689. 2. Cheri Graves, Too Smart To Shine, 16.658, $517. 3. Kristin Stephens, Call Me Captain Jax, 16.689, $448. 4. Taylor Rogers, California Coolranger, 16.691, $379. 5. Harley Allen, Snickers, 16.701, $345.

3D: 1. Aimee Barragan, GI Jets Frosted Peach, 17.124, $551. 2. Casey Mathis, Buffon Down Cash, 17.134, $413. 3. Emily Short, Wonder, 17.135, $358. 4. Kaitlyn Lane, Renes Cartel, 17.153, $303. 5. Kelsey Mauro, Fire Water Fantasy, 17.161, $276.

4D: 1. Shelley Chico, Chicos Montana Jhett, 17.627, $413. 2. Sheri Matteroli, Hippy Nic, 17.628, $310. 3. Bonnie Christian, BLJ Shawnee Creek, 17.632, $269. 4. Kiley Amaral, Streak Of Salt, 17.624, $227. 5. Emma Osburn, Rippin Cat, 17.648, $207.

5D: 1. April Hudson, French Mi Way, 18.149, $241. 2. Betty Valencia, Abigail Morning Star, 18.149, $241. 3. Shealynn Day, Frost This Gal, 18.170, $179. 4. Melissa Perez, Maybe Ima Be Bigtime, 18.185, $152. 5. Michelle Bautista, Brand O Lena Chex, 18.194, $138.


SUNDAY: 1D: 1. Kathy Petska, Bet On This Lion, 16.216, $815. 2. Sami Jo Morisoli, CM Legacy, 16.243, $611. 3. Cheri Graves, Too Smart To Shine, 16.279, $529. 4. Kelly Strohmenger, KA Peppered N Fame, 16.347, $448. 5. Taylor Arakelian, Sharp Shootin Pistol, 16.379, $407.

2D: 1. Kaiden Ayres, Bueno Lena RB, 16.725, $679. 2. Shelby Sullivan, Beats My Fancy, 16.728, $509. 3. Sarah Collins, Talkin Fast, 16.738, $441. 4. Harley Allen, Ollie, 16.744, $373, 5./6. (tie) Emily Jones, Zappato and Jene Mathis, SH Stylish And Sly, 16.745, $305.

3D: 1. Kate McCaslan, KM Im Stoppin Traffic, 17.220, $543. 2. Emily Short, Glimmer N Glamour, 17.224, $407. 3. Ellie Bonilla, Go Rene Jet, 17.234, $353. 4. Stephanie Evetts, Johnny, 17.250, $299. 5. Linda Vick, Streakin FourWhiskey, 17.255, $272.

4D: 1. Ann Richardson, Marshalls Socks, 17.742, $407. 2. Anneke Dobbe, Smarty C Starlight, 17.746, $305. 3. Miranda Warren, MT Dont Question Me, 17.753, $265. 4. Melissa Perez, Ez Bay Boy, 17.755, $224. 5. Jaycie Branch, Flashem N The Bar, 17.768, $204.

5D: 1. Leslie Ippoliti, Sienna, 18.297, $272. 2. Carolyn Reves, Page, 18.299, $204. 3. Autumn Bauersfeld, This Freckle Cat, 18.301, $176. 4. Kate Dennish, Marty Lena Bar, 18.3902, $149. 5. Brianne Glick, Im No Buckle Bunny, 18.352, $136.


1D: Kathy Petska, Bet On This Lion, 32.539, $236 (plus saddle). 2D: Sarah Collins, Talkin Fast, 33.557, $196 (plus saddle). 3D: Randele Perez, Tiny, 34.543, $157 (plus saddle), 4D: Deven Warren, Qays And Layla, 35.561, $118 (Plus saddle). 5D: Sandra Holmes, Fergies Famous, 36.663, $79 (plus saddle).


SATURDAY: 1D: 1. Kathy Petska, Bet On This Lion, 16.323, $508. 2. Michelle Silva, Samson, 16.355, $391. 3. Maile Morehart, She Got The Guy, 16.390, $293. 4. Sami Jo Morisoli, Ms Smart Starlight, 16.428, $235. 5. Emily Hannaford, Chasin My Youth, 16.941, $195.

2D: 1. Cooper Willis, Dragons Main Event, 17.362, $339. 2. Ariane Kuhnert, AOK Tattooed Hero, 17.422, $261. 3. Kathy Branco, Just N The Nick Of Time, 17.486, $195. 4. Shelley Holman, Red Hot N Burnin, 17.499, $156. 5. Kristin Weaver-Brown, ICU 4 Socks, 17.604, $130.

SUNDAY: 1D: 1. Kathy Petska, Bet On This Lion, 16.216, $516. 2. Kelly Strogmenger, KA Peppered In Fame, 16.347, $397. 3. Shannon Jones, Frenchmans Royal Guy, 16.473, $298. 4. Sami Jo Morisoli, She Got The Guy, 16.627, $199.

2D: 1. Melissa Perez, Maybe Ima Be Bigtime, 17.288, $344. 2. Courtney Cline, I’ll Be YourSpark, 17.298, $265. 3. Shelley Chico, Chicos Montana Jhett, 17.300, $199. 4. Kaitlyn Lane, Renes Cartel, 17.314, $159. 5. Emily Hannaford, Chasin My Youth, 17.340, $132.


SATURDAY: 1D: 1. Taylor Rogers, DH Zipper Girl, 16.553, $503. 2. Bethany Unruh, DSR Shameless, 16.814, $395. 3. Vicky Cook, Man Of Fame, 16.866, $323. 4. Jody Reese, Six French Moons, 16.900, $252. 5. Rena Elkins, Ikes First Lady Biankus, 15.939, $180.

2D: 1. Sheena Robbins, My Best Chickie, 17.597, $335. 2. Jamie Anderson, Fiestas Got Rhythm, 17.773, $264. 3. Shelley Holman, Disco In The Sky 37, 17.792, $216. 4. Noel Cosca, Cashy Dash Down, 17.830, $166. 5. Deven Warren, Quays And Layla, 17,904, $120.

DWPH Fiesta Futurity host Deven Warren was the winner of the 3D in the Open category. He was riding Quays And Layla. (Deb Mann Photo)

Leah Baize and Nick’s Star Player “Roman” won both the Warm-Up Race as well as the first round of the Open at the DWPH Futurity and Derby. (Deb Mann Photo)