Bach Roping

with Allen Bach

I don’t know if any of you older guys might relate to this, but I have to tell you I’m painfully competitive. I resist negativity, especially in the sense of “I’m getting too old to do this.” My deal has always been to think, “What advantages do I have at my age?” And, “What do I need to do to get back to where I’m as sharp as any guy out there?” 

By Guest Columnist Clay Tryan

Allen Bach first showed me his sled, Smarty, when it came out and I just really liked it. This month he asked if I wanted to step in and do the Bach Roping column.

Just after the Finals last year, there was a lot of talk about where the NFR should be held, what it should pay and how fans factor in.

I’m a fan, too.

At the professional level, headers have a perfect spot where they prefer their steers to run. If heelers aren’t paying enough attention to haze consistently, headers constantly have to guess where to break their head horse and where to aim the tip of their rope.

Remember when Speedy Williams had those match ropings? My wife Peggy and I were in one together and it came down to one of the last matches. We literally had to be 5 to beat the other team, and she was laughing, saying, “I’ve never been 5 in my life.”