Bach Roping

with Allen Bach

Watching the USTRC Finals recently, I figured out that it’s always in one of three areas that people have trouble at a roping. It’s either their horsemanship or mechanics or mental game. And that last one is a big deal. I just don’t think enough people know how to practice it.

Why do so many heelers get too tight in the corner? It causes all kinds of problems, and yet it happens to them again and again. I think it’s because everyone tries to come in there and ride perfect position so early. You probably have no idea you’re doing it, but you just subconsciously try to be in position to rope on the first jump.

Developing a great swing is one of the first things that can improve your catch ratio. Obviously, your swing should look different depending on whether you’re roping horns or heels, but as you’ve probably noticed, every guy’s swing looks a little different.

It wouldn’t be that hard with four world championships to decide I rope good enough. But lately I’m actually opening myself up to those little things I could be doing that I just never worked on. We all have those.

To be honest, I’ve always admired guys like Clay Cooper or Jade Corkill who are able to rope with their hips down in the saddle. I was taught to stand up in my stirrups. As a kid, I would stand up, lean way out and rope and then sit back down and get to the horn. I was athletic enough to pull that off. But I want to become more efficient with my posture.