Bach Roping

with Allen Bach

Have you ever attended a clinic or gotten a lesson and then gone home and missed more steers than you did before getting help? 

It’s not that you received faulty instruction – it’s just that you became a little too mechanical. You started to concentrate more than usual on different aspects of your roping and forgot to put a priority on your actual delivery. 

Junior Nogueira is one of the most talked-about heelers in the country right now. 

I did a couple of schools in Brazil, and he was at both of them. Obviously, as an instructor, you want your students to work on horsemanship and to rope from the same position every time. I used to talk to Junior about Jade [Corkill] and Patrick [Smith] and how their position is exact every time and their shot is easy every time. 

Back in early September, I was telling some guys about how great Jim Cooper was roping on Jackyl, a horse I won the world on when I rode him all 10 steers at the 2006 NFR.

I’ve always said that you can work really hard on your roping and elevate yourself as high as possible – but then the last hurdle is sometimes your partner or your horse. Basically, it’s easy to get complacent with either of those two factors.