Bach Roping

with Allen Bach

I was talking to a couple of top headers the other day who told me they’re struggling a little with hazes. They’re hesitant to say anything to their partners, but they don’t know from one run to the next if their steer will step left or fade right.

Why is the haze so important? Because when your header doesn’t have to worry about the steer stepping away from him, he can break his horse down the middle of the box and focus on speed during those first three strides.

I would bet that at some point in your roping career, you’ve picked up some tips on riding position from Patrick Smith or Allen Bach or whomever you might have been around. But did you stop and think about whether that guy’s delivery style matches your own?

Yes, I said delivery. Because the way I ride my position has everything to do with my personal style of delivery – and my philosophy on catching two feet.