Bach Roping

with Allen Bach

Over the Fourth of July, Joel and I won Livingston with a 4.0 and we earned $13,000 total to move to 17th in the world. Now we’re only about $5,000 out of 10th, so if we keep roping good we should be able to make the Finals. 

I had a lot of people respond to what I wrote last month regarding age, and was surprised by how many guys were inspired. I guess I’m realistic, so if something affects me, I always wonder how many more people it affects. If I’m doing something wrong, maybe thousands of other people are doing it wrong.

It’s the time of year when people tend to buy new horses, and I bought one recently myself. I think the main thing when you go to buy a new horse is to keep in mind your own strengths and weaknesses as a roper – including your personality and energy level.

Mean ItEver since recovering from shoulder surgery six months ago, I’ve been focused on tweaking my game so I can rope faster – and that means changes to my horsemanship, my swing, body posture – everything. 

But as I try to change, I don’t want to lose probably the best thing about my roping. I’ve been complimented by partners who have told me, “Hey, if I’m the high teamer and just need two feet, I want Big Al.”