Breaking It Down

Speed Williams

Low numbered ropers often ask me whether someone can actually improve their roping using a mechanical dummy. The answer is absolutely – if you’re willing to work at it. What prohibits most people from reaching their potential is they want to have fun in the practice pen roping live steers and expect to improve while doing so.

I know more than a few guys who fit this profile. They’ve roped more than ten years, they practice twice a week, enter jackpots several times a month and have never improved. You will not improve if you’re unwilling to break it down and understand your weaknesses. You should work on your weakest link, whether it’s not being able to catch close, problems scoring, your horse won’t pull, etc.

Everyone who ropes at the USTRC Finals has dreams of winning big. The simple fact is that very few win, leaving the rest with a long drive home. For those who didn’t win, I have a few questions for you. Do you know what happened? Do you know what caused it to happen?

Many of you will be heading to Oklahoma City later this month for the USTRC Finals. Between the cost of fuel, entry fees, stalls, and other various expenses, this is not a cheap trip for most people. Therefore it’s important to be prepared in order to have the best possible chance of winning. After all, that is the whole reason for going.

Recently I taught a private school for a pretty handy 12-year-old girl who ropes and rides very well. She runs barrels, ropes breakaway and is starting to team rope. One of the first things I do when teaching kids is to cut their rope off. Safety always comes first, especially with kids.