By Grace Swift

Greetings Rodeo Fans!

In February, our inter-district rodeo or Red Bluff Shoot Out as it is called, packed a powerful punch! Over 160 High School Rodeo members from Districts 1, 2 and 3 came together for a weekend of intense competition. District 1 dominated in most events except for the rough stock. Our own Adam Kammerer won the Bull Riding. Clayton Brum topped the Saddle Bronc Riding and Clayton Biglow won the Bareback Riding. District 1’s Colton Campbell won the All-Around Cowboy and District 2’s Gianna Cianfichi won the All-Around Cowgirl. Way to go Districts 1 and 2!

Last weekend our own District 3 held their March rodeo in Lincoln. Alexis Lincoln won the Sr. Girls breakaway average with a great time of 6.72 on two head! On Friday night, we had a fundraiser Breakaway Roping Jackpot. I think the calves had power packs on because they seemed to jet propel themselves to the end of the arena! We had a great time and raised some funds for our district.  

This month’s April rodeo will be the last rodeo for our Jr. High Division. They will receive their awards at the end of the Sunday rodeo. Dates for that are April 5-6. Thank you to all the sponsors who support District 3. We couldn’t do it without you! God bless and never give up.

District 3 Rodeo Winners March 15-16

March 15

Junior Events

Barrel Racing: 1st. Payton Schoeppach. 2nd. Corley Raper. 3rd. Savanna Morgan. 4th. Fallon McDonald. 5th. Riley Holloway.

Pole Bending: 1st. Savanna Morgan. 2nd. Ashley Cooper. 3rd. Hunter Morgan. 4th. Keegan Lunke. 5th. Alleigh Warnke.

Girls Goat Tying: 1st. Payton Schoeppach. 2nd. Hailey Wilbur. 3rd. Corley Raper. 4th. Riley Holloway. 5th. Morgan Jeter.

Girls Breakaway: 1st. Hailey Wilbur. 2nd. Callie Bisby. 3rd. Hunter Morgan.

Boys Breakaway: 1st. Davis Mardesich. 2nd. Krun Conway. 3rd. Logan Answeth.

Boys Goat Tying: 1st.Davis Mardesich. 2nd. Colby Green. 3rd. Logan Anseth. 4th. Jake Franceschi. 5th. Kyle Mahon.

Chute Dogging: 1st. Davis Mardesich. 

Ribbon Roping: 1st. Kruz Conway and Riley Hollway. 2nd. Kyle Mahon and Alleigh Warnke. 3rd. Colby Green and Payton Schoeppach. 4th. Jake Franceschi and Keegan Linke.

Tie Down: 1st. Kyle Mahon.

March 16

Junior Events

Barrel Racing: 1st. Hailey Wilbur. 2nd. Corley Raper. 3rd. Riley Holloway. 4th. Alleigh Warnke. 5th. Hunter Morgan.

Pole Bending: 1st. Savanna Morgan. 2nd. Hunter Morgan. 3rd. Payton Schoeppach. 4th.Keegan Linke. 5th. Corley Raper.

Girls Goat Tying: 1st. Corley Raper. 2nd. Hailey Wilbur. 3rd. Payton Schoeppach. 4th. Hunter Morgan. 5th. Fallon McDonald.

Girls Breakaway: 1st. Malin Marino. 2nd. Alleigh Warnke. 3rd. Payton Schoeppach. 4th. Fallon McDonald. 5th. Payson McGill.

Boys Breakaway: 1st. Kruz Conway. 2nd. Logan Anseth. 3rd. Davis Mardesich.

Boys Tie Down: 1st.  Kyle Mahon.

Boys Goat Tying: 1st. Davis Mardesich. 2nd. Logan Anseth. 3rd. George Becker. 4th. Kruz Conway. 5th. Kyle Mahon.

Chute Doging: 1st. Davis Mardesich. 2nd. Kyle Mahon. 3rd. Jake Franceschi.

Team Roping: 1st. Davis Mardesich and Kyle Mahon.

Ribbon Roping: 1st. Kyle Mahon and Alleigh Warnke. 2nd. Kruz Conway and Riley Holloway. 3rd. George Gecker and Fallon McDonald. 4th. Colby Green and Payton Schoeppach. 5th. Jake Franceschi and Keegan Linke.

Senior Events 2-Day Average results

Girls Cutting: 1st. Madison Horton. 2nd. Jodie Mactagone. 3rd. Abigail Pfister. 4th. Samatha McCarley. 5th. Breann Justice.

Boys Cutting: 1st. Colton Applegarth. 2nd. Trevor Granlee. 3rd. Clayton Biglow. 4th. Brandon Green. 5th. Jace McClure.

Pole Bending: 1st. Joslyne Saco. 2nd. Kayla Allen. 3rd. Cierra McClure. 4th. Allison Geyer. 5th. Morgan Lyman. 

Goat Tying: 1st. Molly Sparrowk. 2nd. Breann Justice. 3rd. Corinne Linke. 4th. Shelby Bates. 5th. Emma Swift.

Saddle Bronc: 1st. Clayton Brum. 2nd. Cameron Messier.

Bareback Bronc: 1st. Clayton Biglow. 2nd./3rd/ tie Colton Onyett and Adam Kammerer.

Bull Riding: 1st. Clayton Brum. 2nd. Adam Kammerer.

Steer Wrestling: 1st. Mason Mardesich. 2nd. Luke Pfister. 3rd. Jesse Clark. 4th. Drew Madden. 

Tie Down: 1st. Seth Niederhauser. 2nd. Quentin Anseth. 3rd. Mason Mardesich. 4th. Tyler Gibbs. 5th. Clayton Brum.

Team Roping: 1st. Clayton Biglow and Clayton Brum. 2nd. Mason Mardeisch and Luke Pfister. 3rd. Tyler Gibbs and Jesse Clark. 4th. Seth Adams and Wyatt Adams. 5th. Carson Williams and Bryar Byrne.

 Senior Breakaway: 1st. Alexis Lincoln. 2nd. Cierra McClure. 3rd. Tess Fanini. 4th. Carlie Bisby. 5th. Brooke Niederhauser.

Barrel Racing: 1st. Danyelle Ceresola. 2nd. Breann Justice. 3rd. Cierra McClure. 4th. Naomi Pierucci. 5th. Brooke Niederhauser.

Multi-District Rodeo at Red Bluff, Calif.

Feb. 14-15

All Around Cowboy: Colton Campbell, D1.

All-Around Cowgirl: Gianna Cianfichi, D2.

Girls — Barrel Racing: Caitlyn Wood, D2. Pole Bending: Leandra Millard, D1. Breakaway Roping: Cara Hendratt, D1. Cutting: Gianna Cianfichi, D2. Goat Tying: Gianna Cianfichi, D2.

Boys — Steer Wrestling: Jacob Barios, D5. Cutting: Colton Campbell, D1 andTrevor Granlees, D3 tied. Saddle Bronc: Clayton Brum, D3. Bareback: Clayton Biglow, D3. Team Roping: Chelsey Bushnell and Brody Gill, D1. Bull Riding: Adam Kammerer, D3. Tie Down Roping: Colton Campbell, D1.

Steer wrestler Jesse Clark, 11th grader at Placer High School in Auburn, Calif. (Photo by Kathy Prendergast)

Kayla Carpenter is a 9th grader at Esparto, Calif. High School (Photo by Kathy Prendergast)

Carlie Bisby is a 10th grader at Sutter, Calif., High School (Photo by Kathy Prendergast)

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