By Grace Swift

Well, rodeo fans, it’s official to say that Spring is here! We welcomed the warm weather at our March rodeo, with a sunny weekend in the high 70’s. A few of our average winners were: Danyelle Ceresola with a 12.87 on two in the Breakaway, Enrique Sanchez won the Bull Riding with a score of 80, and Colton Applegarth put together a total score of 143 in the Boys Cutting.

But the action didn’t stop there. The following weekend, (March 20-22) our qualifying seniors battled it out at Challenge of Champions. Taking the top three contestants in each event, there was never a dull moment. Despite the pleasant Spring weather, thunder rolled when our District 3 qualifiers each claimed their prize over the course of three days. Corley Raper, Rookie All Around, 6th in Barrel Racing, and 3rd in Goat Tying; Seth Niederhauser and Wyatt Adams, 2nd in Team Roping; Hailey Wilbur, 5th in Goat Tying; Jonathan Siller, 2nd in Bareback Riding; Jesse Clark, 1st in Tie Down; Luke Pfister, 5th in Tie Down; Kayla Allen, 4th in Pole Bending; Trevor Granlees, 2nd in Boys Cutting; Colton Applegarth; 5th in Boys Cutting; Joselyn Saco, 2nd in Girls Cutting; and Abigail Pfister, 6th in Girls Cutting.

Held in Plymouth at the Amador County Fairgrounds, it was a one-go rodeo. Overall, there were two performances, the first took place on Friday evening, with the second one on Saturday afternoon. Finally, it all came down to the short go on Sunday morning, but nevertheless, our District 3 qualifiers never fail to make us proud. To sum it all up, it was a great month of rodeo for March, as well as for our Challenge competitors. See Challenge results on page 31 of this issue.

April 11-12 was the last rodeo for the Junior Division, with an awards ceremony following. May 2-3 is the last rodeo for our High School contestants, with their awards ceremony on Sunday as well. Although our season is winding down, the competition will continue to bring the heat, as our contestants fight for a qualifying spot in the top five for state finals. Until next time, District 3 fans! Practice hard and never quit!



Junior Events

Jr. Barrel Racing: 1. Payton Schoeppach. 2. Aby Black. Team Roping: 1. Alleigh Warnker and George Becker. 2. Payson McGill and Denver McGill. Girls Breakaway: 1. Payton Schoeppach. 2. Denver McGill. Boys Breakaway: 1. Logan Anseth. Ribbon Roping: 1. George Becker and Hayden Reinthaler. 2. Davis Mardesich and Ally Mardesich. Girls Goat Tying:  1. Payson McGill. 2. Alleigh Warnke. Boys Goat Tying: 1. Davis Mardesich. 2/3. George Becker. Cole Vineyard.  Pole bending: 1. Aby Black. 2. Riley Holloway. Chute Dogging: 1. Blane Martin. Jr. Bull Riding: 1. Blane Martin.  Bareback Bronc Steer Riding: 1. Davis Mardesich. 2. Justin Banister.

Senior Division

Barrel Racing: 1. Savanna Morgan. Team Roping: 1. Brandon Clark and Jesse Clark. Breakaway: 1. Taylor Jacobson.  Bull riding: 1. Enrique Sanchez. Saddle Bronc: 1. Mason Mardesich. Steer Wrestling: 1. Jesse Clark. Tie Down Roping: 1. Wyatt Adams. Goat Tying: 1. Shelby Bates. Pole Bending: 1. Ellie Baggett. Boys Cutting: 1. Colton Applegarth. Girls Cutting: 1. Breann  Justice.


Junior Events

Jr Barrel Racing: 1. Maddie Biglow. 2. Payton Schoeppach. Team Roping: 1. Blane Martin and Colby Green. Girls Breakaway: Keegan Linke. 2. Malin Marino. Boys Breakaway: 1. Kruz Conway. 2. Logan Anseth. Tie Down Roping: 1. Kyle Mahon. 2. George Backer. Ribbon Roping: 1. Kruz Conway and Riley Holloway. 2. Davis Mardesich and Ally Mardesich.  Girls Goat Tying: 1. Alleigh Warnke. 2. Payson McGill. Boys Goat Tying: 1. Pierce Wold. 2. Kruz Conway.  Pole Bending: 1. Aby Black. 2. Keegan Linke. Chute Dogging: 1. Geroge Becker. 2. Cole Veinyard.  Jr. Bull Riding: 1. Davis Mardesich. Bareback Bronc Steer Riding: 1. Davis Mardesich. 2. Justin Banister. Saddle Bronc Steer Riding: 1. Davis Mardesich.

 Senior Division

Barrel Racing: 1. Corley Raper. Team Roping: 1. Logan Gulden and Taylor Jacobson. Breakaway: 1. Shelby Stone. Bull Riding: 1. Logan Gulden. Tie Down Roping: 1. Jesse Clark. Goat Tying: 1. Emma Swift. Pole Bending: 1. Savanah Wirth. Boys Cutting: 1. Trevor Granless. Girls Cutting: 1. Hunter Morgan.

Logun Gulden, 10th grader, and Taylor Jacobson is an 11th grader. Both go to Lincoln High School and both are from Lincoln, Calif. Photo by Kathy Prendergast

Pierce Wold is a 6th grader at Bradshaw Christian School and lives in Wilton, Calif. Photo by Kathy Prendergast

Zachary Harrison is an 11th grader at Sutter Union High School and lives in Live Oak, Calif. Photo by Kathy Prendergast

Aby Black is a 6th grader at Ruhkala Elementary School and lives in Rocklin, Calif. Photo by Kathy Prendergast


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