Down The Line

with Stran Smith

Words are powerful. They can be life shaping. We can use them for good or bad, to build or destroy, to point people in the right direction or send them down a path of regret.

We live in a day and time where it seems like everybody is offended about something OR we live in fear of offending someone. But this actually has been happening for a long time. In Psalms 139, David rants for an entire chapter about his enemies.  Then, all of a sudden it hits him, or I should say the Holy Spirit speaks to him.  He starts to focus on what he should really do… Pray for himself. Fix himself first. He prayed that God would change his own heart.

It is such a busy time of year. Parents are getting their kids back to school, sending them off to college; football’s starting, and summer rodeo season is winding down. Last week, we had a list a mile long of little things that needed to be done.

And then, time stopped for our family. Jennifer called me to tell me to stop what I was doing and come home. My nephew, Sawyer’s 3-month-old baby had passed away. Suddenly that list disappeared. Nothing else mattered.

One of my dad’s heroes was Toots Mansfield. For you young guys, Google him. You need to know. Dad reflects a lot about conversations with Toots, and one of his favorite quotes from him is, “The best thing you can take to the next rodeo is to be winning the one you have just left.”