Down The Line

with Stran Smith

I never claim to be the greatest cowboy that ever lived, but I dang sure have been in the same pasture as a few of ‘em. My granddad, my dad, and my brother are three of the greatest cowboys I know.

When I was a little boy my most favorite thing to do was sit and listen to my granddad tell stories about doctoring screw worms, or catching maverick bulls, or hunting coyotes with a pack of greyhounds horseback. The best thing about those stories is my granddad did not exaggerate. He told it like it was and how it happened.

Veteran’s Day was just here and if you stop and think about what this really means, you will probably gain perspective.

The nature of competing for a living can be all consuming. Besides the rodeo lifestyle is not what I’d call normal. You often find yourself in a very small circle of people, most of whom you are trying to beat on a daily basis. 

The way we communicate today is far different than even just ten years ago. Today we rely heavily on social media for news about world events as well as friends and family. With Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. there are so many options available. 

Some time ago Clif and Tuf invited me to go to Brazil to help them with some clinics. I really didn’t want to, but an opportunity to spend some time with them was worth the trip. Consequently, I absolutely fell in love with Brazil.