Down The Line

with Stran Smith

We will all be faced with many obstacles in our lifetime. When it happens, there is a definitive choice to be made. You can either let the obstacle defeat you, or you can do something different, maybe something outside your comfort zone, and ultimately overcome the obstacle. In this situation you can be a pessimist, throw up your hands and admit defeat; or be an optimist who uses this as an opportunity to stretch and grow.

You can only squeeze so much water out of a sponge before you have to soak it again. In this day and time most of us are busy and have ourselves overbooked. It’s important to stop and recharge from time to time. This became evident to me when I started speaking a lot. Now and then, rather than speak, I need to stop, listen, and recharge.

The other day Jennifer posted a photo on our STS Ranch Wear Facebook of Stone holding a calf’s legs while we were branding. On the photo was this saying: “Don’t handicap your kids by making their life easy.” That one post was viewed over 100,000 times and shared 25,000 times. 

The other day I was listening to ESPN radio and they were talking about high profile athletes and the effect they have on their teams. As the year progresses some teams seem to gel while others seem to disintegrate. This appears to directly relate to the attitude of the stars of the teams. If the star, or stars, are unselfish and have a good attitude, their team performed much better than those with stars who are self-centered with bad attitudes.