Christopher "Rudy" Clark

Courtesy Arizona Jackpot

Son, brother, uncle, cousin and friend were a few of the titles that referred to Rudy but the two titles that he cherished the most were dad and grandpa. Rudy was a hardworking man that had a mile long list of accomplishments, from being in the Cowboy Hall of Fame to being one of Arizona’s most prized and appreciated team roping producers. 

Rudy was the youngest of 7 and was raised by his mother and father on their family ranch in Mammoth, Arizona. Where he was surrounded with love and was raised the cowboy way alongside his siblings. He grew up competing in rodeo events, believe it or not that he could ride a bull at one point. Competing alongside his family and friends who admired his talent that appeared to be God sent. As an adolescent, Rudy always wanted to be in the arena, eat, sleep, rope, and repeat. He went on to accomplish several world titles, including National High School Rodeo Association World Champion Header to winning at the George Strait Team Roping Classic. He never turned down a good jackpot that he could spend his time having drinks and roping a few steers with friends. 

Rudy always had a passion for helping others be the best that they could be at whatever they were trying to be or do in life. Rudy never judged anyone for anything but instead would show you where the the food and beer was and made anyone and everyone feel at home. No matter who the person was he always greeted them with opening gestures and would drop anything to help someone out. He might joke with you and tell you to “quit your lyin” but he would give you the shirt off his back or the boots off his feet if needed. 

With a twinkle in his eye and his contagious smile Rudy can be described as an all around good time. Even if he had a few too many drinks and didn’t seem to stay on his horse at the ropin, you best believe that you were in for a great time no matter what. He brought so many people together due to his popularity and love for his friends, creating a team roping family wherever he went.

Rudy’s pride and joy was his son Christopher Rudy Clark Jr. who he raised alongside Rudy’s mother Sonia. He raised Rudy Jr to continue the family tradition of being a champion cowboy, team roping producer and later to be an amazing father like himself to Big Rudy’s one and only granddaughter Skylar Marie Clark who he nicknamed Mommas. Rudy Sr left behind two look a likes for us to remember him by. 

There are so many ways to describe the impact that Big Rudy had in this life and on the people who loved him. He was and will continue to be a huge piece of our lives. And may he be with you watching over all of us during the good times and the bad, but especially when you back in the box and nod your head.