Lane Santos-Karney • 20, Creston, Calif.

July 26, 2011

Well friends, as I sit down to write this blog, I am finally home. Today marks about the fifth day I’ve been home since we left for the CHSRA State Finals on June 12th. I’ve been having such a blast and am so blessed to have the support and friendships I have.

I heard a quote the other day that rang so true to me. “Life is a ticket to the greatest show on earth.” We as Americans have the ability and freedom to enjoy life to the fullest, especially in the western industry. My mom and I drove back to Gillette, Wyoming for the National High School Finals Rodeo that took place this last week, and I couldn’t have had much more fun. Momma is the best! I met great people and made a lot of memories that will last me a lifetime.


Well, all the fun in Bishop and Reno is now in the books. We got to come home for a few days, but are now fixing to head back out again. It’s a fun and exciting journey.

Early in the week in Bishop I was a little down, because I missed our first steer in the team roping. I felt more sick for doing that to Taylor than anything, but he’s the best partner and brother I could have. He rode out, patted me on the back and told me that he couldn’t remember the last time that happened and not to worry about it. When the first run at state goes like that it’s easy to just want to throw your rope and walk with your head down, but I remembered something John W. Jones Jr. told me once from when he was rodeoing. He told me he and his traveling partners had a five-minute rule. You could be upset for five minutes, but then you had to let it go and move on. You can’t let something that’s in the past bring down events yet to come.

June 15, 2011

As I sit down to write this blog, I am relaxing in the motorhome and watching a 2004 NFR DVD (after just finishing the 2005 BFI DVD) in beautiful Bishop, Calif. The California High School Rodeo Association State Finals is underway, and I’m tickled to be here! For those of you who have never been to Bishop, it’s an oasis of fun every year this week in June. While temperatures are supposed to reach 100 degrees tomorrow, we’re surrounded by snow-covered mountain ranges. It’s an awesome sight to see the sun rise up over the mountains and set behind another mountain range. It’s special to me that this rodeo is held in the Mike Boothe Memorial Arena. Mike was an NFR team roper who died at 25 after a wreck on the grass at Pendleton in 1995. He’s gone, but never forgotten by his family, friends and anyone who ever watched him rope.

May 9, 2011

Hi, I’m Lane Santos-Karney. Thank you for taking the time to check  out my blog here on I would like to personally  thank Stephanie Anderson for all her support and time spent, not  only on my behalf, but for the entire industry in her work for  Ropers Sports News and the Bob Feist Invitational Team Roping  Classic over the years. It is my goal to make my journey your  experience for those of you who follow my blog. Thank you for your  support.

I’m so truly blessed to have the people and support I have in my  life. During the final weekend in March, my younger brother, Taylor,  and I competed at the Challenge of Champions in Plymouth California.  It’s where the top three in each event from each of the nine  California High School Rodeo Association districts throughout the  state compete. I was fortunate enough to win the steer wrestling and  all-around titles. I bring this rodeo up because of all the great  people, and great times high school rodeo has supplied Taylor and I.  A big thank you to Candy Luce and Claudia Adams for their endless  work in the office to keep the rodeo rolling! Also, Steve Goedert  and Chad Nicholson again called the action, and made it feel like a  real rodeo.