More Winning Ways by Lyndee Stairs

by: Lyndee Stairs, December 2012

     Barrel racing sounds easy... right?
Just three barrels and the object is to get around them quickly. Should be easy. But, not always so.
They call your name and suddenly, not so easy.
You can just get so nervous that you forget what to do. Or, all the best barrel racers are there and you don’t feel like you stand a chance. Or, it seems like you just keep making the same mistakes. Frustration takes over.

by: Lyndee Stairs, October 2012

   What do you do when your horse shoulders, slices, fades, steps in, dives or otherwise cuts off your pocket?

Some barrel horses are just born wanting to turn the barrel, almost to much. But, remember horses don’t hit barrels on purpose, it is something we have trained them to do.

by: Lyndee Stairs, November 2012

     Does your barrel horse swing his hindquarters away from the turn, losing precious time?
     Let me tell you, you will shave precious seconds off your time by running straight to the side of each barrel. Don’t ever forget, straighter is shorter and a shorter distance is always faster. Straighter will allow for your horse to use his rear end more and have a quicker, snappier turn.

by: Lyndee Stairs, September 2012

     In any sport it is the same: A winning athlete wants or needs, to perform at their best over an extended period of time. A horse is not a machine and may not understand your gold buckle dreams. So what do you do? How do we prevent our horse from encountering burnout? Think about it.
      Many of us barrel racers attend up to 100 barrrel races in a year. Many hours away from home with little recovery time.