• CHSRA State Finals in Bishop

    All-Around cowboy Caden Grisedale, District 6, and All-Around cowgirl Payton Scalzo, D8, with CHSRA queen Karly Camozzi, D4. (Photo by Weasel Loader) Click photo for full story...

  • Smith & Clover Win Kelly Clausen Memorial Saddles

    Bruce Clausen (c) congratulates the high point saddle winners at this year's Kelly Clausen Memorial Roping. Tanner Smith was the high point #3 and over and "Lucky" Larry Clover, the high point #3.5 and under. Click photo for full story...

  • Lowman Wins BFI All-Girl Challenge

    Corky Ullman (left) and Wende Heinin with Gist (right), present Gist buckles to the All-Girl Challenge winners Debbie Robbins and Danielle Lowman. (Photo by Olie’s Images)  Click photo for full story.

  • Madonna Inn Hosts WSTR Ropings

    Cathie Twisselman presents awards to Open winners Cody Mora and John Chaves at the World Series Roping hosted by Flying T Cattle Company at the Madonna Inn Arena. Click photo for full story...

  • NTR Cowboy Christmas in Arizona

    Jarin Davis and Dylan Davis were the winners of the NTR #7 Bonus in Mormon Lake, Arizona, and won $3,400 and saddles. Click photo for full story...


ODESSA, TX – The 27th Annual Sandhills Invitational Team and Match Roping took place on Tuesday, January 8, at the Ector County Coliseum. This roping has turned into one of the favorites for professional cowboys hoping to start the new year with some extra cash in their jeans.
The main event is the Open Roping that is a five head for $600/team. Cody Snow and Wesley Thorp, fresh off a great showing at the 2018 NFR, put together five great runs in a time of 32.01 seconds to split the first place payoff of $15,000.
Also held was a Pro-Am Header and Pro-Am Heeler jackpot with saddles to the winning Am in each pot. Daniel Alvarado with Ryan Motes at the pipes won the headers saddle and JC Lucero heeled for Dustin Egusquiza to win the heeler’s saddle.
An American Qualifier and Match Roping was also held.
Complete results follow, payoff is per team.
open roping:
1st. go: 1. Trevor Brazile and Patrick Smith, 6.59, $2,400.
Short go: 1. Clay Tryan and Travis Graves, 5.13, $1,200.
Average: 1. Cody Snow and Wesley Thorp, 32.01, $15,000. 2. Kolton Schmidt and Hunter Koch, 32.76, $12,550. 3. Lane Ivy and Ryan Motes, 34.68, $9,500. 4. Trevor Brazile and Bille Jack Seabens, 36.00, $6,300. 5. Andrew Ward and Kollin VonAhn, 36.26, $5,250. 6. Trey Blackmore and Wyatt Hansen, 37.83, $3,700.
The american qualifier
The top 10 teams qualified.
Average: 1. Lane Ivy and Ryan Motes, 27.58, $3,260. 2. Trevor Brazile and Billie Jack Sabeans, 30.4, $2,540. 3. Clay Tryan and Jade Corkill, 30.4, $1,450. 4. Coleman Proctor and Ryan Motes, 31.32. 5. Garrett Chick and Ross Ashford, 31.36. 6. Clay Tryan and Travis Graves, 33.15. 7. Colby Lovell and Travis Graves, 33.58. 8. Tyler Bach and Trey Johnson, 33.59. 9. Jake Cooper and Caleb Anderson, 39.32. 10. Matt Sherwood and Tyler Worley, 40.76.
 Pro-Am Headers
 1st. go: 1. Cayden McFadden and Walt Woodard, 7.01, $850.
Short go: 1. Oscar Duran and Travis Graves, 6.4, $850.
Average: 1. Daniel Alvarado and Ryan Motes, 26.06, $4,725. 2. Oscar Lares and Travis Woodard, 27.48, $2,830. 3. Oscar Duran and Travis Graves, 37.59, $1,895.
pro-am heelers
 1st. go: 1. Dustin Egusquiza and JC Lucero, 6.58, $850.
Short go: 1. Clay Smith and Cory Lloyd, 6.11, $850.
Average: 1. Dustin Egusquiza and JC Lucero, 25.97, $4,320. 2. Luke Brown and Marcos A. Bustamonte, 26.52, $2,130.
A Match Roping was also held and the winners were Kaleb Driggers and Junior Nogueira.

Cody Snow (center) and Wesley Thorp (second from right) roped their five steers in 32.01 seconds to win the Sandhills Invitational Open Roping and $15,000. – Dudley Barker Photo