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  • Layton & Les Oswald Win Oakdale 10 Steer

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  • Cody Stewart & Jake Young, Jr. Are High Money Winners

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Todd Hampton, #3.5 & over high money winner, receives his saddle from roping producer Darrick Hoskins.

By Tammy Hoskins
Special To Ropers Sports News

SALINAS, CALIF. – The 18th Annual Doyle W. Hoskins Memorial Team Roping and 16th Annual Barrel Race were held July 16th & 17th at the Monterey County Sheriff Posse Grounds in Salinas.

 After putting on the Doyle W. Hoskins Memorial for 18 years, you would think it would be easy and simple, but we are usually completely exhausted by the end. Don’t get me wrong, we are happy to do it in memory of a great man. We love being able to celebrate Doyle’s life this way. He was so passionate about roping, riding, family, friends, and life.
 The roping on Saturday ran amazingly thanks to our efficient office crew of Elly Leslie, Chelsea James, Heather Kennedy and Sheanna DeForest. Thank you to Todd Utterback for flagging all day. The roping takes a lot of manpower to keep it going, a special thanks to Carlos Guajardo for running the chute all day – we couldn’t have done it without him. Monroe Hoskins, CJ DeForest, Frankie Eubanks, Sabby Pemberton, Dwain Pemberton, Macias family, Escobar family, and Twister Hurley, thanks for stepping in and helping out. Thanks Eric Cozzitorto for bringing us great cattle this year. Thank you Geary Lyons for providing hay for the cattle.
 The ground for the barrel race Sunday was fantastic! Thank you Darrick Hoskins for preparing the ground for us, it was superb. Also thanks to Jesse Brown for bringing in your tractor to make sure the drags were faster and more efficient. Thanks to Greg Fleming for driving our tractor during the race. A special shout-out to Sheanna DeForest and Patti Silva for all your help with announcing, taking entries, running the office, doing the draws, and making sure everything ran smoothly for the race. We would also like to thank McKenna Wood, Sherry Morris, Bert Ferrasci, Auline Harris, Gina Aubrey, and Miley Bunting for working the gate. Thanks to Lisa French and Kelsee French for setting barrels, you made our barrel race run smoothly.
 This event would not be possible without our generous sponsors: Serv Aero Engineering, Central Coast P & S, Kolor King, Johnson Associates, Sunlite Auto Glass, Best Ever Pads, Cal Auto Tire, Rhino Lining of Salinas, My Automotive Group, Monterey County Sheriff Posse, and Scott Thomas Saddlery.
 A total of 780 teams competed for the prestigious awards. Winners of the #7 Handicap Pick & Draw received Skyline knives dedicated to Colin Coady, winners of the Open Draw Pot received halters dedicated to Jim Rodriguez Sr. The Junior-Senior-Mixed Century winners received Skyline Vaquero buckles dedicated to Pat Deaton. The #9 Handicap Pick & Draw winners received a Skyline Vaquero back cinch with buckles.
 Our high money winners Todd Hampton, #3.5 & over, and Michael Dinkins, #3 & under, received fully tooled Scott Thomas saddles. Our second high money winners Jake Bourdet #3.5 & over and Bart Bonfantini #3 & under received Skyline Vaquero buckles. Third high money winners Lane Karney #3.5 & over and McKenna Wood #3 & under won Scott Thomas breast collars. Our Best Ever Saddle Pad winners were Gary Ford, McKenna Wood, Kelvin Medeiros and Branston Joseph.
 The barrel race had $1,000 in added money. Each 4D Division winner received a Skyline Vaquero buckle, second place received a Jody Reese halter, and third place received a Jody Reese picture frame (dedicated to Ruth Haislip). The junior division winners and the senior division winners received Jody Reese halters. In addition to our Open and Junior 4D Barrel Race we had a Pee Wee Barrel Race with the fastest in the leadline and the fastest in the peewee receiving a Skyline Vaquero buckle.
Dummy Roping Results:
Ages 6 to 9, 10 entries: 1. Waylon Fanning, Vaquero buckle
5 & Under, 11 entries: 1. Axel Cozzitorto, Vaquero buckle.
#7 Handicap Pick & Draw (Dedicated to Colin Coady): 3 for $40, 325 teams
1st go: 1. Clay Ruiz and Layton Oswald, 5.21, $660. 2. Clay Ruiz and CJ DeForest, 6.14, $498. 3. Adrian Macias Sr and Tanner Patino, 6.33, $332. 4. Rylee George and Myles Keeney, 6.77, $166.
Average: 1. Michael Dinkins and Corey Walker, 23.11, $1,510; 2. Bart Bonfantini and Todd Hampton, 24.45, $1,208; 3. Blake Fortuno and Jake Bourdet, 24.54, $906; 4. Beth Hitchcock and Brandon Pettitt, 25.26, $725; 5. Jake Raine and Justin Farr, 25.29, $604; 6. Parker Jones and Tucker Donlon, 26.14, $483; 7. Christopher Browning and Tanner Brown, 26.34, $362; 8. Mike Bettencourt and Tyler Kala’e Masada, 26.72, $302.
Open Draw Pot (Dedicated to Jim Rodriguez Sr): 3 for $40, 166 teams.
1st go: 1. Ty Shintaku and Nathan Scott, 5.63, $481; 2. Larry Shandy and Jake Bourdet, 6.26, $321.
Average: 1. Adrian Macias Sr. and Todd Hampton, 20.19, $964; 2. Seth Mielke and Layton Oswald, 21.07, $803; 3. Billy Butler and Will Cowden, 21.88, $642; 4. Cody Cowden and Craig Fehlman 21.93, $482; 5.  Derek Hee and Jake Bourdet 22.09, $321.
Jr/Sr, Mixed, Century #6 Handicap (Dedicated to Pat Deaton): 3 for $40, 177 teams.
1st go: 1. Hank Brown and Justin Farr, 6.15, $350; 2. Kelvin Medeiros and Wes Good­rich 6.28, $210; 3. Andy Holcomb and Gary Ford, 6.48, $140.
Average: 1. McKenna Wood and Gavin Cardoza, 23.49, $1,147; 2. CJ DeForest and Gary Ford, 25.72, $950; 3. Rylee George and Todd Hampton 25.91, $750; 4. Jane Karney and Lane Karney, 26.54, $550; 5. Jessica Cardoza and Tucker Donlon, 26.73, $355; 6. Peter Chiang and Tanner Brown, 27.17, $195.
#9 Handicap Pick & Draw:  3 for $40, 110 teams.
1st go: 1. Clay Ruiz and Jake Bourdet, 6.60, $185; 2. Kelvin Medeiros and Jake Bourdet,6.70, $145; 3. Lane Karney and Jake Bourdet 7.45, $105.
Average: 1. Lane Karney and Tanner Patino, 23.67, $970; 2. Lane Lowry and Tucker Alexander, 24.49, $730; 3. Stoney Boy Joseph and Justin Farr ,24.84, $485; 4. Parker Jones and Gary Ford, 24.96, $245.
Pee Wee Barrel Racing
Lead Line:  7 entries
1. Jacob Jefferson, Vaquero buckle.
Pee Wee: 7 entries
1. Cheyenne Phillips, Vaquero buckle
Junior Barrel Racing: 31 entries
1D: 1. Sydney Perry on Howdy, 18.234, $118; 2. Sydney Perry on Danny, 18.269, $91; 3. Cali Clark on Nikki, 18.401, $66; 2D: 1. Braydee Bourdet on Sis, 18.800, $104; 2. McKenna Destefanis on Stoli By Design, 18.801, $80; 3. Elsa Flynn on Mister Im Pretty, 18.961, $58; 3D: 1. Kylee Kurkeyerian on IBA Red Hot Dream, 19.634, $81; 2. Carlie Johnson on Smart Werenita, 19.774, $62, 3. Holly Gates on Detonator Sparks, 19.798, $45; 4D: 1st Lola Mellon on CD, 20.258, $67: 2. Lillian Stone on Village Fuel, 20.338, $51; 3. Lola Mellon on Little Miss, 21.941, $37.

Open Barrel Racing:  165 entries
1D: 1. Mary Jo Camera on Fairlea Lucky Gun, 17.752, $711; 2. Brittany Moore on Easy Offset Jet, 17.908, $609; 3. Deeana Horner on Strait Cash Homie, 17.912, $482; 4/5. Miley Bunting on Click;  Jennifer Burke on Rarest Jewel, 17.930, $292; 6. Michelle Silva on Canelo, 17.945, $152.
2D: 1. Sydney Perry on Danny, 18.269, $622; 2. Jessica Krambeer on Swiss Merlot, 18.276, $533; 3. Marie Borgman on Rocket Fire Ta Fame, 18.359, $422; 4. Stacy Hampton on PaulasASlickDesigner,  18.384, $311; 5. Allie Howard on RGR Roxey, 18.385, $200; 6. Tammy Hoskins on JW Trapper Mike, 18.400, $133.
3D: 1. Jessica Davis on Rockn A Threefifty7, 18.762, $489; 2. Alea Cunningham on Im Walkin On Checks, 18.764, $419; 3. Tree Mitchell on R First French Kiss, 18.773, $332; 4. Braydee Bourdet on Sis, 18.800, $244; 5. McKenna Destefanis on Stoli By Design, 18.801, $157; 6. Rose Escobar on Identity Check, 18.824, $105.
4D: 1. Shannon Casci on Whistlin Fast Cash, 19.767, $400; 2/3. Carlie Johnson on Smart Werenita; Liz Frank on Chasin Array, 19.774, $307; 4. Madeline Cardoza on Beer Run 19.775, $200; 5. Holly Gates on Detonator Sparks, 19.798, $128; 6. McKenna Destefanis on Brooklyn, 19.893, $86.
Senior Side Pot:  22 entries
1D: 1. Mary Jo Camera on Fairlea Lucky Gun, 17.752, $103; 2. Denise Madsen on Six By Design, 18.000, $69; 2D: 1. Tammy Hoskins on JW Trapper Mike, 18.400, $151; 3D: 1. Pam Ross on Fantasys Conquest, 18.945, $71; 2. Cindy King on Hesa Smart Nic, 19.091, $48; 4D: 1. Sherry Morris on Maverick, 20.032, $58; 2. Susan Pieterouski on Flash, 20.784, $39.

 This year we were able to keep the tradition going and were able to give away $4,500 in scholarships. Congratulations to this year’s CHSRA District 4 recipients: Trista Reid, Seth Nino, Vincent Nino, and Shadow Good­rich. Through the years we have given away over $45,000 in scholarship money and we hope to be able to continue the tradition. See you all next year!