Winners from the 17th Annual Doyle Hoskins Memorial Roping are left to right: Adrian Macias, Bronc Boehnlein, Blair Brown, Hank Brown, Stoney Boy Joseph, Darrick Hoskins presenting, Josh Mendonsa, Dan Engler and Katelyn Browder. – Deb Mann Photo

By Tammy Hoskins
Special To Ropers Sports News

KING CITY, CALIF. – The 17th Annual Doyle W. Hoskins Memorial Team Roping and 15th Annual Barrel Race were held July 10th & 11th at the Salinas Valley Fairgrounds.
After putting on the Doyle W. Hoskins Memorial for 17 years you would think it would be easy and simple, but we are usually completely exhausted by the end. Don’t get me wrong, we are happy to do it in memory of a great man. We love being able to celebrate Doyle’s life this way. He was so passionate about roping, riding, family, friends, and life.

4D Open Barrel Race: (top row, left to right): Jackie Healy, Sherry Jones, Tammy Hoskins presenting, Michelle Silva and Sheanna DeForest presenting. Bottom row: Faith McCraken, Jesslyn Blank, Payton Schoeppach and Mackenzie Clark.

The roping on Saturday ran amazingly thanks to our efficient office crew! Toni Machado, Cory Couch, and Jennifer Cardoza you are amazing. Thank you to Larry Branco and Buck Cardoza for flagging all day, you guys did a fantastic job. The roping takes a lot of manpower to keep it going, a special thanks to Dustin Thompson aka Weeman, Jessica Jolley, CJ DeForest, Bronc Boehnlein, Frankie Eubanks, Sabby Pemberton, Jamie Gomes, Macias family, Berryessa family, Vince Nino, Clayton Clark, and Rose Escobar. Thanks, Steve Simons for bringing us great cattle year after year.
Thank you Geary Lyons for providing hay for the cattle and thank you Earl Escobar for everything you do for us.
The ground for the barrel race Sunday was fantastic! Thank you Darrick Hoskins for driving the tractor for us, making the ground superb. A special shout out to Sheanna DeForest and Patti Silva for all your help with announcing, taking entries, running the office, doing the draws, and making sure everything ran smoothly for the race. We would also like to thank McKenna Wood, Sherry Morris, Bert Ferrasci, Auline Harris, Doyle Hoskins, Allie Hoskins, Rose Escobar, Tanner Smith, and Jaime Quinn for setting barrels, you made our barrel race run smoothly.
This event would not be possible without our generous sponsors Serv Aero Engineering, Cal Auto Tire, Tan Oak Canyon Ranch, Johnson Associates, Janet Gudgel w/ KION, Chidlaw Marketing, Best Ever Pads, My Automotive Group, Salinas Valley Fairgrounds, and Scott Thomas Saddlery.
A total of 760 teams competed for the prestigious awards. Winners of the #7 Handicap Pick & Draw received Skyline knives dedicated to Colin Coady, winners of the Open Draw Pot received halters dedicated to Jim Rodriguez Sr. The Junior/Senior, Mixed, Century winners received Skyline Vaquero buckles dedicated to Pat Deaton. The #9 Handicap Pick & Draw winners received a Skyline Vaquero back cinch with buckles.
High money winners Stoney Boy Joseph #3.5 & over and Josh Mendonsa #3 & under received fully tooled Scott Thomas saddles. Second high money winners Dan Engler #3.5 & over and Adrian Macias Sr #3 & under received Skyline Vaquero Buckles. Third high money winners Bronc Boehnlein #3.5 & over and Katelyn Browder #3 & under won Scott Thomas breast collars. Our Best Ever saddle pad winners were Hank Brown winning the 60 and over dedicated to Jim Martins, Blaire Brown won the high money girl pad, and Chase Helton won the 16 and under pad.
The barrel race had $1,000 in added money. Each 4D division winner received a Skyline Vaquero buckle, second place received Jody Reese halters, and third place received a Jody Reese picture frame (dedicated to Ruth Haislip). The junior division winners received Jody Reese halters, and the senior division winners also received Jody Reese halters. In addition to our Open and Junior 4D barrel race we had a Pee Wee barrel race with the fastest in the lead line and the fastest in the Pee Wee receiving a Skyline Vaquero buckle.

Dummy Roping:
Ages 6 to 9, 9 entries: 1.  Anival Guerrero, Vaquero buckle
5 & Under, 6 entries: 1. Colter DeForest, Vaquero buckle
#7 Handicap Pick & Draw (Dedicated to Colin Coady). 3 for $30, 324 teams
1st go: 1. Adrian Macias Sr and Bronc Boehnlein 6.29, $230; 2. Hank Brown and Danny Leslie 6.66, $175; 3. Kyle Easterly and Ty Bargar 7.25, $115; 4. Josh Mendonsa and Dan Engler 7.48, $60.
Average: 1. Josh Mendonsa and Dan Engler 23.56, $1,450; 2. Adrian Macias Sr and Bronc Boehnlein 24.43, $985; 3. Francisco Cruz and Stoney Boy Joseph 27.60, $780; 4. Blair Brown and Corey Walker 27.67, $570; 5. Vincent Nino and Wes Goodrich 28.14, $465; 6. Joseph Pedota and Chase Helton 29.49, $415; 7. Blake VanStavern and Mark Scobie Jr 29.61, $310; 8. Aubree Scobie and Mark Scobie Jr 30.12, $205.
Open Draw Pot (Dedicated to Jim Rodriguez Sr): 3 for $30, 170 Teams.
1st go. 1. Chase Helton and Will Cowden 5.99, $140; 2. Josh Mendonsa and Steve Simons 6.08, $85; 3. CJ DeForest and Brent Lockett 6.17, $55.
Average: 1. Jake Raine and Danny Leslie 22.21, $890; 2. Ty Bargar and Gary Ford 22.85, $635; 3. Dean Sherbo and Will Cowden 24.47, $485; 4. Kent Sheldon and Jake Bourdet 24.57, $355; 5. Doyle Hoskins and Leland King 24.81, $180.
JR/SR, Mixed, Century #6 Handicap (Dedicated to Pat Deaton). 3 for $30, 153 teams
1st go: 1. Cutter Machado and Chase Helton 6.18, $155; 2. Danny Leslie and Trey White 6.50, $90; 3. Kenzie Machado and Edgar Machado 6.77, $60.
Average: 1. Katelyn Browder and Franky Martinez 28.55, $965; 2. Peter Chiang and Wes Goodrich 29.04, $690; 3. Hank Brown and Dugan Kelly 29.13, $525; 4. Cheyenne Rey and Ty Bargar 29.74, $385; 5. Kristen Ceglia and Jake Raine 29.75, $195.
#9 Handicap Pick & Draw. 3 for $30, 113 teams
1st go: 1. Cutter Machado and Jake Bourdet 5.56, $130; 2. Lane Lowry and Stoney Boy Joseph 5.62, $85.
Average: 1. Lane Lowry and Stoney Boy Joseph 19.47, $785; 2. Chance Machado and Peter Rincon 20.61, $590; 3. Kylie Carter and Cameren Boyce 22.18, $395; 4. Bronc Boehnlein and Peter Rincon 23.53, $195.

Pee Wee Barrel Racing
Lead Line, 3 entries: 1. Elcy Emetrio, Vaquero buckle
Pee Wee, 8 entries: 1. Finley Wilson, Vaquero buckle
Junior Barrel Racing: 37 entries
1D: 1. Addison Escobar on Royal Ramblin Rose 16.534, $128; 2. Brooklyn Andersen on Roanie 16.824, $98, 3. Delaney Fowler on Danity Rai Lena 16.860, $71; 2D: 1. Cali Clark on Nikki 17.087, $116; 2. Lillian Mendonsa on Pepto Smoke 17.185, $89; 3. Halee Harrison on RDJ Wild Blue Yonder 17.351, $65; 3D: 1. Lucy Perricone on Sheza Royal Star 17.834, $100; 2. Sage Burke on Bedazzling Cayucous 17.852, $77, 3. Cheyene Mastagni on CNF Cat Sprat 17.912, $56; 4D: 1. Sarah Wilson Shaw on Reba 18.826, $89: 2. Tenley Benyo on Legends Colonel 18.831, $68; 3. Kyla Lambert on Scarlett 19.576, $50.
Open Barrel Racing: 163 entries.
1D: 1. Payton Schoeppach on The Mafia Boss 16.394, $576; 2. Michelle Silva on Samson 16.431, $484; 3. Sherrie Jones on JR Streakin Espuela 16.466, $415; 4. Mia Prichard on Slip Slidin Along 16.525, $323; 5. Addison Escobar on Royal Ramblin Rose 16.534, $230; 6. Miley Bunting on Click 16.572, $161; 7. Charleen Ornellas on Famous Red Roses 16.748, $115.
2D: 1. Jesslyn Blank on JM Dun it Twice 16.912, $525; 2. Cheri Kelly on Six Way to Fame 16.933, $441; 3. Sydney Perry on Danny 16.935, $378; 4. Keriann Gillis on Dun N Did It 16.945, $294; 5. Karla Sanchez on Master Smokem Remedy 16.967, $210; 6. Shannon Shade on Emiresen 16.980, $147; 7. Trew Mitchell on R First French Kiss 17.007, $105.
3D: 1. Faith McCraken on Spinner 17.399, $456; 2. Jackie Healy on Lil French Wildcat 17.403, $383; 3. Cheyene Mastagni on CNF Cat Sprat 17.406, $328; 4. Emily Wilson on Royal French Star 17.407, $255; 5. Sealynn Bianchi on JF Easy Fame 17.424, $182; 6. Cheri Kelly on Fire N Charmer 17.461, $128; 7. Micheala Muncy on Oso 17.472, $91.
4D: 1. Makenzie Clark on Pepto Lemon Drop 18.396, $405; 2. Sydney Fischer on Borden Chicita 18.630, $340; 3. Sherry Morris on Norma Red 18.729, $291; 4. Salisha Hile on MP Rockin Frenchman 18.759, $227; 5. Jessica Welch on Tamy Lee In Vegas 18.899, $162: 6. Leigh Little on Guysfamousangel 18.947, $113; 7. Ky;ie Mustante on Ike 19.110, $81.
Senior Side Pot Barrel Race: 19 entries
1D: 1. Sherrie Jones on JR Streakin Espuela 16.466, $140; 2D: 1. Karla Sanchez on Master Smokem Remedy 16.967, $75; 2. Shannon Shade on Emiresen 16.980, $50; 3D: 1. Carrie Kevie on Jewel Bug 17.623, $64; 2. Carrie Kevie on Whoopi 17.841, $43; 4D: 1. Sherry Morris on Norma Red 18.729, $56; 2. Carrie Risk on Brownie 19.361, $37.
This year we were able to keep the tradition going and were able to give away $4,000 in scholarships. Congratulations to this year’s CHSRA District 4 recipients Clay Roberts, Kolbee Souza, Tatum Hurley, Sarah Brewen, Francesca Carlin, and Kaleigh Sims. Through the years we have given away over $40,000 in scholarship money and we hope to be able to continue the tradition. See you all next year!    ■