Chase Tryan set them down for Brenten Hall in 35.05 seconds on five to win the 10th Annual Broc Cresta Memorial. – Crystal Amen Photo

By Brody Gill
  COTTONWOOD, CALIF. – On a July summer day in 2012, the rodeo world lost a young team roper at the Daddy of ‘em All in Cheyenne, Wyo. In July of 2022, it will be 10 years since the world lost the namesake of the greatest Tuesday team roping in the world, the Broc Cresta Memorial. It is hard to believe that day that all who knew and loved and mourned him was almost 10 years ago.

   Needless to say, a lot has changed in the 10 years since Broc Cresta’s passing. All whom were close enough to call him a friend or family, remember where they were, who they were with, what they were doing at the very moment the world seemed to stop.
  The 10th Annual Broc Cresta Memorial Team Roping was created as a yearly tribute to a great cowboy, friend, brother, son and person. Every year, cowboys and cowgirls gather in Cottonwood to pay their respects to the legacy Broc left for the rodeo world.
  Due to the pandemic, the roping had been cancelled the last two years. It would have been easy for companies that have supported the roping to bow out with the events that lead the world. However, each of the great companies that supported in the past gave their unwavering support to bring back the best roping since its inception.
  Old supporters such as, WestTec, Smarty, Priefert, Wrangler, and the Purple Cowboy brought amazing donations forward to be auctioned off for the live auction just as they had done before. Without them, Broc’s roping would never be the same.
  As most know, Northern California in the springtime can be volatile weather. One year it might be raining for a week straight and the next be nearing triple digits. However, almost every year since the Broc Cresta Memorial started, the weather has seemed to cooperate on the Tuesday before the Red Bluff Round Up. This year, the Four Star Ranch in Cottonwood, California, could not have been any more beautiful than it was for Broc’s Roping.
  The day started out with amateurs checking in and hand drawing their professional partners for the day. After they picked their partners, everyone is asking each other who they picked with a large grin on their face and saying, “well, it’s a pretty good draw pot!”
  The Pro-Am kicked off the morning with the amateur heelers roping with the professional headers. After two rounds, Jordyn Staley, 12-year-old daughter of Mandy and Robert Staley and who refers to Broc as “Uncle Broc,” stole the show as high call of the team roping.
  After the Amateur Heeling, the roping switched to the Amateur Heading roping with their professional partners. The Am heading proved to be extremely tough with a winning time of 19.49 seconds on three head of steers. Champion Amateur header Ty Shintaku roping with Wesley Thorp, took home Coats trophy saddles and Skyline Silversmith buckles.
  Amateur Heelers took the arena back for their short go where Ken Cook was the champion amateur heeler who roped with Brandon Beers for his professional header. With a winning aggregate time of 20.59 seconds on three steers, Ken took home the saddle and buckle.
  The live auction is truly a great spectacle to watch as everyone gathers around the announcer’s stand where all the items are displayed to bid on. This year’s items included a Smarty roping dummy, Kathy Woolley Originals office chair, Prefiert roping chute, Texas White Tail hunting trip, Alaska fishing trip, and Gold Buckle seats and trip to this year’s NFR, along with other great donations. Thank you to everyone that showed up to the live auction and donated to the Broc Cresta Memorial Scholarship fund.
  The Open roping was the final event of the day where some of the best team ropers in the world battled it out over five steers. With great fresh cattle and a long score, it was truly a great test of cowboys. Over five steers, Brenten Hall and Chase Tryan came out on top with a time of 34.64 seconds on five head taking home $16,000 per man.
  It was a great blessing to be able to give a tribute to Broc Cresta in the best way possible on that Tuesday, to rope and enjoy family and friends just as he would have wanted. On behalf of Broc’s family and friends, thank you to everyone that came from far and wide to pay tribute to a special cowboy we had to say goodbye to 10 years ago.
Forever. Always.

Results follow, payoff per man:
Amateur Heeling: 1. 20.59 seconds; Brandon Beers and Ken Cook; $2,245, $3,365. 2. 23.04; Coy Rahlmann and Davis Grupe; $1,856, $2,785. 3. 23.08; Jason Stewart and Bryar Byrne; $14,70, $2,205. 4. 23.62; Junior Dees and Casey Loverin; $1,083,  $1,625. 5. 24.44; Garrett Rogers and Dean Sherbo; $696, $1,044. 6. 26.63; Kolton Schmidt and Jordyn Staley; $386,  $580.
Amateur Heading: 1. 19.49 seconds; Ty Shintaku and Wesley Thorpe; $3,900, $2,600. 2. 20.64; Colt Piazza and Junior Nogueira; $3,230, $2,155. 3. 21.27; Todd York and Billy Jack Saebens; $2,555, $1,703. 4. 22.11; Blake VanStavern and Brady Minor; $1,885, $1,255. 5. 23.42; Garrett Weltzin and Wesley Thorp; $1,210, $807. 6. 25.15; Wes Vansickle and Justin Davis; $672, $448.
Open: 1. 34.64 seconds; Bren­ten Hall and Chase Tryan; $16,000 per man. 2. 35.06; Andrew Ward and Buddy Hawkins; $12,500. 3. 35.71; Kaleb Driggers and Junior Nogueira; $7,000. 4. 37.15; Pace Reed and Cole Wilson; $4500. 5. 37.75; Pedro Egurrola and JC Flake; $2000. 6. 42.00; Clint Summers and Levi Lord; $1,000.

  Congratulations to this year’s Broc Cresta Memorial Scholarship recipients: $1,500, Kamish Wagner, Paden Prior. $1,250, Jace Hower, Kaidyn Holland. $1,000, Mekenna Fisher, Ethan Gomes.

Brenten Hall and Chase Tryan were the winners of the Broc Cresta Memorial, taking home $32,000 for the team plus outstanding awards. Pictured left to right are Kelline Balistreri, Broc’s mother; dear family friend and roping producer Mandy Davis Staley; Brenten; Chase; Justin Davis, brother of Mandy; and Brent Cresta, Broc’s brother. – Crystal Amen Photo

The Broc Cresta Memorial Pro/Am Roping is always a prestigious part of the event. This year’s Am heeling division was won by Ken Cook with pro Brandon Beers doing the heading. Pictured left to right are Brent Cresta, Broc’s brother; Mandy Davis Staley, family friend and BC roping producer; Ken and Brandon; Kelline Balistreri, Broc’s mother; and Justin Davis, dear family friend and BC roping producer. – Crystal Amen Photo

Ken Cook grabbed the feet for Brandon Beers to win the heeling portion of the Broc Cresta Memorial Pro/Am Roping. – Crystal Amen Photo

Ty Shintaku drew Wesley Thorp in the Pro-Am Heading portion of the Broc Cresta Memorial and took home the win.
– Crystal Amen Photo