• VanStavern, Myers Win Scholarships

    Blake Van Stavern and Jaryd Myers were the scholarship winners at the Marysville, Calif. Stampede Roping. Brewer's "trophy girls" present their big checks. Click on photo for story and results.

  • CHSRA District 3 Rodeo

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  • NorCal ACTRA National Qualifier A Big Success

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  • RAM California Circuit Finals Rodeo

    Doyle Hoskins and Monty Joe Petska placed in two rounds on their way to the average championship of the team roping at the PRCA RAM California Circuit Finals Rodeo held Oct. 4-6 in Lancaster, Calif. Click photo for full story...

By Mike Sweeney
ACTRA Business Manager

CORNING, CALIF. – From September 27 to 29, the Rolling Hills Equestrian Center was the host of the NorCal National Finals Qualifier for the Wrangler/Professional’s Choice ACTRA Nationals Finals.
     Two hundred nineteen members showed up to punch their ticket to the ACTRA National Finals in Reno. A total of 698 teams participated in the three-day event.
     The prizeline featured some outstanding Skyline Silversmiths trophy awards with some help from Yeti and Professional’s Choice. Total pay out to the ropers was over $73,000 in cash and awards
     A special thanks to Stew Lowry for the custom hoof picks that were given in the ropings on Saturday and Sunday.
     The Rolling Hills staff lead by Terry Skevington was fantastic as they were one step ahead of us on every need – thanks!
     Directors Larry McGrady and Marlin Russum were right on top of all the awards when they were needed. President Bill Horner made sure everything was spot on, and it was. Oregon’s Carrie Hayes took care of the office duties and payouts. Brenda Robbins handled the announcing and timing and Vikki Sweeney handled the entries. Great job, ladies.  A big tip of the Resistol to Billy Butler who took care of the flagging duties. Thanks to Steve Simons of S Bar J Cattle for a great set of steers for these ropin’s. Steve also has one of the best chute crews in the business – super job.
     Results follow; payoffs are per roper:

Friday, Sept. 27

Billy Horner and Trent Wagner (l) were the winners of the #7 Hdcp. Pick 1/Draw 1 on Friday night as well as being named the High Money Header & Heeler of the night. Presenting their coolers is ACTRA Director Larry McGrady.

#7 Hdcp P1/D1: $80, 122 teams
1st go: 1. Scott Ervin and Kolby Bravos, 7.61, $190. 2. Aaron Bean and Dave Carlson, 7.70, $125.
Average: 1. Bill Horner and Trent Wagner, 38.69, $830. 2. Wendy Johnson and Pete Brown, 47.82, $690. 3/4. Lacy Hook and Brian Humphry; Mike Potts and Jake Juenemann, 49.65, $470. 5. Miley Bunting and Brian Humphry, 50.49, $255. 6. Chase Helton and Vernon Green, 58.54, $140.
Saturday, Sept. 28

Ryan Parker and Cody Parker won the #10.5 Hdcp. on Saturday. Ryan Fowler (l) of Skyline Silversmiths and Billy Horner, California ACTRA President, present their Skyline stirrups.

#10.5 Hdcp: 4 for $60, 47 teams
1st go: 1. Ryan Parker and Dusty Bravos, 7.48, $185.
Average: 1. Ryan Parker and Cody Parker, 32.98, $660. 2. JT Bradley and Walt Rodman, 36.16, $490. 3. Ryan Parker and Dusty Bravos, 36.2, $330. 4. Craig Harrison and Walt Rodman, 36.62, $160. 5. Cole Hook and Brian Humphry, 39.12, awards.
#7 Hdcp Down: 4 for $60, 99 teams
1st go: 1. Matthew Griffith and Hunter Lowry, 6.5, $230. 2. Ryan Parker and Hunter Lowry, 6.67, $155.
Average: 1. Nathan Wohld and Charlie Hagens, 32.43, $1,010. 2. Robert Jones and John Freeman, 33.42, $830. 3. Eli Green and Chase Helton, 33.82, $660. 4. Lacy Hook and Cole Hook, 34.58, $485. 5. Tappy Anthony and Jake Juenemann, 35.39, $310. 6. Tappy Anthony and Walt Rodman, 36.23, $175.

JT Bradley and Paden Prior won the #5.5 roping and Yeti coolers as high money header and heeler on Saturday. Presenting are Ryan Fowler, Skyline Silversmiths and Billy Horner, California ACTRA President.

#5.5: 4 for $60, 158 teams
1st go: 1. Robert Jones and Scott Myers, 6.21, $275. 2. Cassy Jones and Tyler Friday, 7.23, $215. 3. Will Ritchie and Hunter Lowry, 7.63, $125.
Average: 1. JT Bradley and Paden Prior, 39.14, $1,605. 2. Pierce Wold and Paden Prior, 39.26, $1,330. 3. Tappy Anthony and Allen Sanders, 39.4, $1,055. 4. Colt Cowden and Caleb Cowden, 39.54, $775. 5. Ashley Hagens and Charlie Hagens, 39.86, $500. 6. Ryan Fowler and Cody Alvernaz, 41.24, $275.
Sunday, Sept. 29

Nora Jean O'Flaherty and Ed Sherron won the #4 roping on Sunday. Presenting are Ryan Fowler, Skyline Silversmiths and Billy Horner, California ACTRA President.

#4 w/#3 Incentive: 4 for $60, 270 teams
1st go: 1/2. Pierce Wold and Dean Sherbo; Jason Krogue and Craig Harrison, 7.95, $365. 3. Larry McGrady and Ed Sherron, 8.12, $210. 4. Blake VanStavern and Cassy Jones, 8.28, $105.
Average: 1. Nora Jean O’Flaherty and Ed Sherron, 33.88, $1,140. 2. Colton Michilizzi and Logan Lindberg, 36.86, $950. 3. Travis Bentley and Allen Hagens, 37.26, $755. 4. Becki Bean and Bill Harrison, 40.52, $565.5. Blake Van Stavern and Cassy Jones, 41.76, $380.
#3 Incentive: 1. Annie Ney and Justin Stacy, 43.44, $1,480. 2. Nathan Wohld and Pete Williams, 44.11, $1,250. 3. Annie Ney and Buck Baca, 44.92, $1,025. 4. Leslie Davenport and Steve Mitchell, 44.97, $800. 5. Cassie Porter and Jamie Anthony, 47.2, $570. 6. Travis Bentley and Allen Hagens, 47.44, $340. 7. Chloe Bentley and Charlie Hagens, 50.15, $225.