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By Aubree Ferrando
CHSRA Dist. 3 Secretary

LINCOLN, CAL. – District 3 of the California High School Rodeo Association held its first rodeo of the season September 20-22 at the Triple Crown Equestrian Center. We’d like to thank them for providing us with an amazing arena and facility.
Cutting started Friday night, then Saturday morning starting with the grand entry, with our queen Emily Harryman carrying the American flag for the national anthem, and many others carrying the flags of our sponsors, including Dodge and Cinch.
As the events went on throughout the weekend, we had many successful and impressive rides. CHSRA D3 is home of the Thundering 3 and we are lucky to be the home of many amazing athletes.
We look forward to another amazing rodeo season and can’t wait to make more exciting memories.

High School Placings:
Barrels: 1. Lacey Bullivant. 2. Jaden Cowen. 3. Bailey Donahoo. 4. Maddie Biglow. 5. Rachel Wilson.
Poles: 1. Alexandra Evans. 2. Sara Montgomery. 3. Jaden Cowen. 4. Madison Brennan. 5. Kimberlee Littlejohn.
Breakaway: 1. Alexandra Evans. 2. Jaden Cowen. 3. Alexis Schaede. 4. Kaitlyn Bullivant. 5. Arian Rusinek.
Girls Cutting: 1. Hailey Hart. 2. Julia Felt. 3. Alexandra Souza. 4. Bailey Donahoo. 5. Aby Black.
Boys Cutting: 1. Pierce Wold.
Goat Tying: 1. Rian Rusinek. 2. Jaden Cowen. 3. Aby Black. 4. Sara Montgomery. 5. Amanda Karen.
Team Roping: 1. Brock Grashuis and Logan Anseth. 2. Michael Lubenko and Levi Foster. 3. Pierce Wold and Reno McGill. 4. Hannah O’Connor and Wyatt Hayes. 5. Colby Scott-Smith and Dean Sherbo.
Bareback: 1. Coy Montgomery.
Saddle Bronc: 1. Wyatt Coffman. 2. Weston Coffman.
Steer Wrestling: 1. Hayden Webb. 2. Kruz Conway.
Tie-Down Roping: 1. Wyatt Smith. 2. Weston Smith. 3. Justin Schutte. 4. Reno McGill. 5. Kruz Conway.

Jr. High Saturday:
Barrels: 1. Hope Kell. 2. Talia Jaeger. 3. Macy Hamer.
Pole Bending: 1. Hope Kell. 2. Talia Jaeger. 3. Claira Goss.
Goat Tying, Girls: 1. Shea Montgomery. 2. Rayna Currin. 3. Hope Kell. Boys: 1. Jesse Rusinek. 2. Blake Vanstavern. 3. Riley Smith.
Breakaway, Girls: 1. Shea Montgomery. 2. Claira Goss. 3. Ruby Hicks. Boys: 1. Noah Williams. 2. Jesse Rusinek. 3. Colton Hein.
Team Roping: 1. Logan Felix and Blake White. 2. Jared Myers and Wyatt Bullivant. 3. Blake Vanstavern and Noah Williams.
Ribbon Roping: 1. Wyatt Bullivant and Jessica D’agostini. 2. Blake Vanstavern and Shea Montgomery. 3. Jesse Rusinek and Macy Hamer.
Chute Dogging: 1. Jake Foster. 2. Chase Duffy. 3. Wyatt Bullivant.

Jr. High, Sunday:
Barrels: 1. Talia Jaeger. 2. Hope Kell. 3. Macy Hamer.
Pole Bending: 1. Claira Goss. 2. Myka Stroup. 3. Ruby Hicks.
Goat Tying, Girls: 1. Shea Montgomery. 2. Jayden Johnson. 3. Macy Hamer. Boys: 1. Blake Vanstavern. 2. Riley Currin. 3. Jared Myers.
Breakaway, Girls: 1. Macy Hamer. Boys: 1. Noah Williams. 2. Jesse Rusinek. 3. Blake White.
Team Roping: 1. Blake Vanstavern and Noah Williams. 2. Wyatt Bullivant and Jared Myers. 3. Colten Hein and Lane Sherbo.
Ribbon Roping: 1. Colton Hein and Claira Goss. 2. Blake Vanstavern and Shea Montgomery. 3. Riley Currin and Rayna Currin.
Saddle Bronc: 1. Blake Vanstavern.
Chute Dogging: 1. Tate Crooks. 2. Jake Foster. 3. Riley Smith.

Jaden Cowen competing in the barrel racing.  – Phil Doyle Photo

Kennedy Bruce competing in the cutting.  – Phil Doyle Photo

Maximiliano Loya snags one in the Tie-Down Roping at the CHSRA D3 rodeo held in Lincoln, Calif.  – Phil Doyle Photo

Claira Goss in the grand entry.   – Phil Doyle Photo