• USTRC Finals Hosts More Than 6,300 Teams

    Bogar Rascon was the winner of the 2022 RAM #9.5 truck at the USTRC NFTR XXXIII held April 24-May 1 in Fort Worth, Texas. Click photo for complete story.

  • Hope T & Whitney D Dominate BFI All-Girl

    On top of their $20,000 champs’ check, Thompson and DeSalvo were presented Cactus Saddles, Charlie 1 Horse Hats, Gist Buckles, YETI Carryalls, Justin Boots, Cactus Saddlery Pads, Heel-O-Matic Bones and Hox, and Cactus Ropes. BFI producers Corky Ullman (l) and Daren Peterson present the awards. – Andersen CbarC Photo Click photo for full story...

  • Goforth & Anaya Do Work At BFI Businessman Roping

    For roping four steers in 34.19, Goforth and Anaya scored $140,000, Cactus Saddles, Heel-O-Matic Bones and Hox, Gist Buckles, Resistol Hats, Yeti Roadies, Justin Boots, Cactus Ropes, Texas Saddlery Briefcases and HATPACS. BFI producers Corky Ullman and Daren Peterson present their awards. (Andersen CbarC Photo) Click photo for full story

  • Daylon Swearingen Crowned 2022 PBR World Champion

    Daylon Swearingen was not only crowned the 2022 PBR World Champion, he also was the champion of the PBR World Finals. He received a check for $300K for the World Finals average and a million dollar bonus as world champion. (Bull Stock Media Photo) Click photo for full story.

Special To Ropers Sports News

FORT WORTH, TEXAS – The United States Team Roping Championships (USTRC) hosted its 33rd annual National Finals of Team Roping (NFTR) XXXIII presented by Cinch, April 24-May 1, at the Will Rogers Memorial Center in Fort Worth, Texas. More than 6,300 teams competed over the course of the week.
The USTRC has traditionally been the home for the family, and this was the case as contestants young and old, man and woman, all competed for a piece of the $2.8 million awarded in cash and prizes. Nearly 40 champions were crowned over the course of seven days from the Open roping down to the #7 Division, with some ropers fulfilling a lifelong dream.
This was the year of the draw-in teams, with five of the 17 teams who won championships meeting as partners for the first time. This included the winner of the Ram #9.5 Truck Roping, Bogar Rason, who drew both of his partners helping him secure the win of the truck, with a 4th place and 6th place position in the aggregate.
“The first two guys that I had actually drawn didn’t show up, so I burned the steers,” Bogar said. “We had to go to the office and get new partners.”
One of the greatest moments in Fort Worth was the emotion from Trevor Skelton, who won the #8.5 Shoot Out on his horse “Blue,” subsequently his last time as his trusted mount, retiring 20+ year old Blue to the pasture. This cowboy from Brighton, Colorado, was emotional over the bittersweet event. “He’s been my rock through a lot of stuff, so he’s earned it” Skelton said. “It just meant the world to me for that horse to do that on his last run.”
The atmosphere of the 2022 Cinch NFTR was that of electricity and elation. From the online livestream on USTRC.com, to the flow of the three-arena setup, along with the increased social media coverage, it was an experience like none other, both for those who participated and those who watched from afar. From steer one in the John Justin Arena, to steer three in the Will Rogers Coliseum, it took a team just under nine minutes, allowing ropers to stay in “the zone” and remain focused with their partners until they completed the course.
Not only did the divisions run smoothly, but the Will Rogers Memorial Center staff worked together with the USTRC to develop a smooth process for parking, loading and unloading, and check-in improving each of the three years the event has been in Fort Worth. The 34th edition of the USTRC National Finals is scheduled for April 23 through April 30, once again at the WRMC in Fort Worth. For complete results and articles on all division winners from the 2022 USTRC Cinch National Finals of Team Roping XXXII visit ustrc.com. Be sure to check out the schedule page to find a USTRC Signature event near you.
#16.5 Shootout
Average: 1. Cinch Moody and Rich Skelton, $30,000. 2. Kreece Thompson and Chad Williams, $20,000 3. Denton Parish and Zane Bruce, $15,000. 4. Tyler Wade and Blaine Turner, $11,000. 5. Thomas Braman and Cory Petska, $8,000. 6. Kreece Thompson and True Lacina, $6,000.
#15.5 Shootout
Average: 1. Walker Smith and Zane Bruce, $32,000. 2. Jace Thorstenson and Ketch Kelton, $22,000. 3. Clint Cooper and Weston Podzemny, $17,000. 4. Bobby Mote and Trevor Brazile, $14,000. 5. Garrett Freeman and Ketch Kelton, $11,000. 6. Cason Richey and Jake Long, $9,000. 7. Jeff Hilton and Kevin Redstrom, $7,500. 8. Koby Sanchez and Corey Reid, $6,000.
Average: 1. Kaleb Driggers and Junior Nogueira, $42,200. 2. Tyler Wade and Cory Petska, $31,600. 3. Bubba Buckaloo and Joseph Harrison, $21,100. 4. Kaleb Driggers and Paul Eaves, $10,500.
#14.5 Shootout
Average: 1. Corben Culley and Tyler Pearson, $44,000. 2. Billy Bob Brown and Kade Weatherman, $34,000. 3. Cole Davis and Cord H. Johnson, $24,000. 4. Miles Baker and Mason McEvers, $18,000. 5. Hali Williams and Gabe Williams, $16,000. 6. Hunter Stanley and Hoot Williams, $14,000. 7. Justin Davis and Montrel Gilder, $12,000. 8. Colton Redmond and Cole Curry, $10,000.
#13.5 Shootout
Average: 1. Kirk Williams and Shank Edwards, $50,000. 2. Kooper Branum and Tate Thompson, $38,000. 3. Bobby Joe Hill and Luke Leathers, $28,000. 4. Clay Burnham and Clyde Bolejack, $20,000. 5. Troy Shelley and Kevin Redstrom $18,000. 6. Jagr Roden and Trigger Hargrove, $16,000. 7. Cody Prescott and Kent Nixon, $13,600.  8. Jesse Young and Joe Hughes, $11,200.
#12.5 Shootout
Average: 1. Hunter Stanley and Twister Smith, $58,000. 2. Thomas Glisson and Josh DeBord, $44,000. 3. Joe Bustamante and Luis Mendiaz, $32,000. 4. Kevin Simoneaux and Dillon Foster, $24,000. 5. Jake Leach and JohnRyon Foster, $21,000. 6. Cayden Harmon and Kelon Andrews, $18,000. 7. Daryan Gonzalez and Wesley Salmon, $16,000. 8. Zoey Carpenter and Brady Barrentine, $13,000.
#12.5 Legends
Average: 1. Kyle Cauthorn and Scott Adrian, $24,000. 2. Stephanie Roberts and Chip Gress, $17,000. 3. Mark Collins and Danny Teel, $12,800. 4. Kyle Cauthorn and Chris Wheeler, $9,500. 5. Mike Woolven and Bubba Bozeman, $7,200. 6. Dan Keen and Danny Zuniga, $5,500. 7. Mel Smith and Tee Woolman, $4,000.
#11.5 Shootout
Average: 1 Colton Sims and Matt Gunta, $65,000. 2. Ace Ashford and Denton Parish, $50,000. 3. Clayton Huston and Dylan Hancock, $35,000. 4. Jordi Edens and Dylan Hancock, $26,400. 5. Emilee Charlesworth and Kade Weatherman, $23,400. 6. Wyatt Tripp Jones and Kutter Kortis, $20,500. 7. Daniel Sisneroz and Dillon Foster, $17,000. 8. Tucker Wren and Erasmo Esamilla, $14,500.
#11.5 legends
Average: 1. Shawn Edwards and Darrell Hicks. 2. Allen Riney and Scott Adrian, $19,000. 3. TJ Good and Alan Chappell, $15,000. 4. Andy Mahard and Andy Anaya, $12,000. 5. Shawn L. Sullivan and Donnie Ward, $9,500.
#10.5 Shootout
Average: 1. Garrett Roffino and Kadin Babb, $61,000. 2. Tucker Wren and Justin Spenrath, $47,000. 3. Mike Joiner and Twister Smith, $33,000. 4. Jennifer Weir and Maverik Franks, $25,000. 5. Stone Reeves and Kannon Nunnery, $22,000. 6. Kaitlyn Torres and Jacob Stansbury, $19,500. 7. Chad Childers and Tyler Weber, $16,500. 8. Dalton Huston and Bray Fenoglio, $14,000.
#10.5 Legends
Average: 1. Rickey Kuhn and Jared Herbst, $30,000. 2. Samuel Livingston and Junior Campbell, $20,500. 3. Rusty Goforth and Richard Hughes, $16,000. 4. Mike Bullock and Jahew Thorp, $12,500. 5. Craig Moore and Will Harris, $10,500.
#9.5 Shootout
Average: 1. Jhett Vanderhamm and Cameron Capshaw, $58,000. 2. Jeff Lognion and Dalton G. Miller, $45,000. 3. Martin Martinez and Alfonso Macias, $32,000. 4. Tony Wells and Matt Miller, $24,000. 5. Kolt Watson and Carson Sonnier, $21,000. 6. Chance Finley McDonald and Colt Bryant, $18,000. 7. Albert Tena and Dustin J. Navarro, $16,000. 8. Scott Burleson and Blaine Burleson, $13,000.
#9.5 Legends
1. Ross Harley and Greg D. Robertson, $24,000. 2. Steve Allday and Williams Evans, $16,200. 3. Jeffrey Hartfield and Dennis Moore, $12,500. 4. Chad Mudd and Scottie Primeaux, $9,500. 5. Belo Wiley and Chico Hines, $7,600.
#8.5 Shootout
Average: 1. Cael Cantu and Trevor Skelton, $44,000. 2. Eric Epperson and Ethan McGhee, $34,000. 3. Zoey Carpenter and Houston Childers, $23,500. 4. Ty Merritt and Ethan McGhee, $18,000. 5. Wade Snow and Kyler Gee, $16,000. 6. Michael A. Stansbury and Brock Kimbrough, $14,000. 7. JJ Renteria and Jesus Renteria, $12,000. 8. Jackie Yates and Michael C. Martin, $9,500.
#8.5 Legends
Average: 1. Bret Carlson and Mike Colby, $21,000. 2. Todd Cole and Robin Bland, $14,500. 3. Cody McSperitt and Robert Berndsen, $11,500. 4. Dean Herron and Lonnie Morris, $8,000. 5. Kay Coltharp and Daniel Shehady, $7,000.
#9.5 Ram Truck
Average: 1. Ashtin McCune and Tyler Weber, $15,000. 2. Jesus Arias and Bode Gatlin, $10,000. 3. David Tapia and Wrangler Hernandez, $7,500. 4. Roel Marquez and Bogar Rascon, $6,500. 5. Kelvin Holder and Jimmy Blake, $5,000. 6. Martin Martinez and Bogar Rascon, $4,000. 7. Treston Brazile and Miles Baker, $3,500. 8. Kye Wedemeyer and Kerry Leany, $3,000.
Average: 1. Hudson Smith and Billy Jones, $14,000. 2. Blake Henderson and Tim Bob Smith, $10,000. 3. Brent Barby and Hayden Brown, $7,000. 4. Jim Watkins and Carson Wensel, $6,000. 5. Landon Dasilva and Murt V. Stewart, $5,000. 6. OJ Ruiz Jr. and Francisco Navarrete, $4,000. 7. Nolan Jack Mayberry and Gabriel Roriz, $3,500. 8. Tom Harkness and Treston Brazile, $2,500.