FALLON, NEVADA – The ladies were treated to a day of roping at Tommy Lee Livestock’s Big Silver Arena on Friday, June 24th. Produced by the Lee family, Tommy and Nora, the day featured a Breakaway Roping with a Youth Incentive. It was won by Jackie Crawford with a time of 10.37 on four head. Tylie Norcutt was the the winner of the Youth Incentive and she was also the Youth All-Around champion and was presented a saddle. Rylee George and Dally Goemmer roped their four head in 32.67 to win All Girl Roping. Dally also placed with Markie Battaglia to win the Open All-Around title.
Results follow and payoff is per person.

BREAKAWAY: 4 for $200
1st. go: 1. Jackie Crawford, 2.7, $400. 2. Ali Norcutt, 2.31, $200.
Average: 1. Jackie Crawford, 10.37, $1,900. 2. Cathy Cagliari, 11.27, $1,500. 3. Tylie Norcutt, 11.35, $1,050. 4. Kaitlyn Harwell, 11.64 on three, $700. 5. Kaitlyn Harwell, 12.60, $400.
ALL GIRL: 3 for $75
1st. go: 1. Nora Hunt Lee and Jessica Johnson, 7.58, $150. 2. Donna Nelson and Kim Grubbs, 7.88, $100.
Average: 1. Rylee George and Dally Goemmer, 32.67, $1,300. 2. Kale Knittle and Renee Knittle, 34.21, $1,050. 3. Markie Battaglia and Dally Goemmer, 36.42, $800. 4. Donna Nelson and Jessica Johnson, 38.01, $500. 5. Nora Hunt Lee and Jessica Johnson, 16.54, $300.

Tylie Norcutt was awarded a saddle as the high money youth at the Why Not? Cowgirl Classic. Dally Goemmer was the high money open all-round champion. Roping producer Nora Hunt-Lee presenting.

Jackie Crawford was the winner of the breakaway at the Why Not? Cowgirl Classic and Tylie Norcutt won the incentive. Roping
producer Nora Hunt-Lee (c) presenting their awards.

Winners of the team roping at the Why Not? Cowgirl Classic were Rylee George and Dally Goemmer. Nora Hunt-Lee presenting.