• Ariat WSTR Shatters Event Record With $18M+ Cash Payout

    The Ariat World Series of Team Roping concluded nine record-breaking days of competition, running December 9-17 at the South Point Equestrian Center in Las Vegas. Winning the #8.5 Apex Finale were Charlie Robbins and Billy Resor. Click photo for complete story.

  • Pacific Coast Shootouts Rings In The New Year

    Pacific Coast Shootouts ushered in the new year in Sanger, California and also held December ropings in Paso Robles and Sanger. High money winners on New Year's Day in Sanger were John Stamper (l), Adrian Macias and Billy Kissack. Click photo for full story...

  • Average Joe Finals Held At Madonna Inn

    Lane Karney (r) and Jason Johe won the Average Joe Open roping for $1,000 plus Average Joe jackets, BullKelp bedrolls, Resistol hat certificates and Best Ever pads. Click photo for full story...

  • Gold Buckles For Wade & Thorp; Average Crowns For Begay & Todd

    Wesley Thorp and Tyler Wade take a victory lap after winning the the gold buckles in team roping at the Wrangler NFR (PRCA ProRodeo Photo by Hailey Rae). Click photo for full story

  ARBUCKLE, CALIF. – June 3, 2023, was a glorious day, with the weather absolutely stunning, we couldn’t have asked for a better day to honor a fantastic woman, Brea McGrew. Many friends and family came to celebrate Brea and the hobby she loved.
  Wildwood Productions would like to sincerely thank the McGrew family for allowing and trusting us to have a roping in Brea’s honor.
  Average winners of each pot were awarded buckles. We had more than 360 teams for the day. The silent auction items paired with the ropings raised money for Harvest House, a charity that was near and dear to Brea. We know she was shining down upon us all this day and that she would be proud.
  Results of the ACTRA ropings follow; payoff is per man:
#8 Hdcp P/D: 3 for $50
1st go: 1. Josh Scheiber and Chase Helton, 5.82, $225. 2. Tanner Kent and Ted Williams, 6.04, $135. 3/4 split. Larry Williams and Ryan Wheatley; Larry Williams and Ryan Wheatley, 6.11, $45.
Average: 1. Max Loya and Ryan Wheatley, 19.72, $1,220. 2. Max Loya and Chase Helton, 20.11, $1,000. 3. Justin Schuette and Tyler Kala’e Masada, 20.67, $800. 4. Bruce Eary and Brandt Ross, 20.68, $590. 5. Logan Darst and Jeff Sparrowk, 20.73, $375. 6. Josh Scheiber and Chase Helton, 21.14, $210.
#5.5 P/D: 3 for $50
1st go: 1. John JT Myers and Brent Marrell, 6.07, $200. 2. Josh Scheiber and Ted Williams, 6.61, $120. 3. Trystin Hooper and Branstan Joseph, 7.03, $80.
Average: 1. Larry Williams and Ronnye Garcia, 25.95, $1,120. 2. Leslie Davenport and Hunter Lowry, 27.23, $925. 3. Wendy Sparrowk and Hunter Lowry, 27.91, $730. 4. Josh Scheiber and Ted Williams, 29.60, $540. 5. Wyatt Bullivant and Justin Stacy, 30.01, $350. 6. Daren Lowry and Branstan Joseph, 30.43, $190.
#4.5 P/D: 3 for $50
1st go: 1. Justin Burgess and James P. Adams, 6.48, $200. 2. Leslie Davenport and Daren Lowry, 7.24, $120. 3. Brett VanStavern and Wyatt Bullivant, 7.51, $80.
Average: 1. Travis Bentley and Brett Lewis, 33.68, $1,120. 2. Becky Moore and Triston Benedict, 36.68, $925. 3. Brett VanStavern and Justin Stacy, 38.25, $730. 4. Jack M. Rasmason and Larry Williams, 39.63, $540. 5. Becky Moore and Ronnye Garcia, 41.16, $350. 6. Leslie Davenport and Wendy Frazier, 42.09, $190.