Ropers Sports News | August 2020

ropings in the world for kids 17 and under, it’s patterned after the richest Open roping in the world – the 43-year- old Bob Feist Invitational. The Hooey Jr. BFI consists of the Jr. Open and the Jr. 10.5, which limits individual rop- ers’ classifications to #6. Both ropings also serve as direct qualifiers to the annual Jr. World Finals in Las Vegas. In the Open, Lovins was third call-back with 17-year- old header Chase Sandstrom of Comfort, Texas. “I was trying to rope them 24060 N. Ray Rd., Lodi, CA 95242 • 209-333-2924 • • R OPERS S PORTS N EWS AUGUST 2020 V OL . 52, N O . 8 $2.50 “The Original Team Roping Publication” O FFICIAL P UBLICATION O F : • California ACTRA • California $hoot-Outs Postage Pre-Paid TIME DATED MATERIAL – DO NOT DELAY GUTHRIE, OKLA. (June 20, 2020) – Jordan Lovins of Canadian, Texas, had never been to the Bob Feist Invi- tational. But when he heard that Wrangler BFI Week, pre- sented by Yeti, moved to his neighboring Oklahoma from Reno, Nevada, he “was all over it.” Lovins, 17, hauled his steers to his local fairgrounds to practice under BFI-like di- mensions and found someone with fresh steers so he could practice on a herd similar to the hard-running set of BFI Week. He capitalized by winning first and second – switching ends – for $15,900 in the third annual Hooey Ju- nior BFI. “This is the coolest rop- ing!” he said. “Most places don’t score the steers out there or have a five-head average. Here, you have to try a lot more.” As one of the richest team BFI Week producers Corky Ullman (left) and Daren Peterson (r) present awards to the Open Hooey Junior BFI champions Jordan Lovins and Chase McGuire. – Olie’s Images Ryan Bettencourt and Gavin Cardoza won the #7 Hdcp. on July 5 during S Bar J Arena’s Fourth of July Weekend. Arizona Team Wins Jr. #10.5 For $16K Lovins & McGuire Win Hooey Junior BFI & $20K See BFI JR HOOEY on Page 19 S Bar J Hosts ‘Taylorsville South’ In Sunny Sanger SANGER, CALIF. – Team roping producer Steve Simons and his outstanding crew have been putting on the annual 4th of July team roping in the mountain town of Taylorsville, Calif. Amongst the beautiful pine trees, awesome beer stand and cool river, Taylorsville has long been a favorite stop for jackpot ropers. Unfortunately, COVID-19 claimed another storied event and it was can- celled along with the Silver Buckle Rodeo held each 4th of July. Undaunted, Simons and crew decided to make the best of it and move to their home arena in Sanger. Buckles were awarded to all the average winners and high money winners over the weekend were awarded Yeti coolers. They went to Kend- all Patterson, #1-#1.5; Ernie Cardoza, #2-#2.5 and Gavin Cardoza to #3 and above. Payoffs are per man. JULY 3 #7 HDCP: $30, 70 teams 1st go: 1. Nick Gonzales and Brent Lockett, 5.71,$105. 2. Mike Christensen and Todd Hampton, 5.99, $70. Average: 1. Mike Christensen and Wes Goodrich, 25.16, $405. 2. Ty Shintaku and Todd Hamp- ton, 25.28, $300. 3. Dustie Christensen and Blane Strohn, 26.79, $200. 4. Clay Scott and Bert Ferrasci, 27.16,$100. #5.5: $30, 46 teams 1st go: 1. Rebecka Miranda and PK Kennedy, 7.07, $65. 2. Flint Sweet and Ben Hickerson, 7.42, $45. Average; 1. Taylor Ash and Ty Shintaku, 28.89, $305. 2. Matt Erwin and Nick Gonza- les, 30.95, $185. 3. Thelma Cardoza and Philip Pipkin, 31.78 ,$120. #7 HDCP DOWN: $30, 36 teams 1st go: 1 Ty Shintaku and Nick Gonzales, 5.66, $50. 2. Auline Harris and Bert See S BAR J on Page 18

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