Ropers Sports News • August 2023

PAGE 26 ROPERS SPORTS NEWS AUGUST 2023 FRI., SEPT. 1st #8 Handicap Pick & Draw .............4 for $50 Pick One, Draw One ..................for $100 Pick Two, Draw Two...................for $200 Pick Three, Draw Three .............for $300 35% Cattle • We Have The Right To Refuse Any Entry $1,000 TO HIGH MONEY WINNER! SKYLINE BUCKLES TO AVERAGE WINNERS! SKYLINE VAQUERO SILVER STIRRUPS TO 2ND IN AVG. Sponsored By Charlene & H.P. Evetts, Earl Hall, Terry Goddard & Circle N Jim Waggoner 559-686-4476 & Straight UP Productions Hoke Evetts Memorial Circle N Arena Tulare, CA 12742 Ave. 240 Sign Up 6pm • Rope 7pm ACTRA Members Only S BAR J Cattle I now have two kids in the rodeo world, and you will never see me raise my voice at either when they don’t do well. However, I do expect them to be prepared to compete. Preparation is how to give yourself the best opportunity to win and lets you overcome obstacles that will come your way. There were times when Gabe was younger and wouldn’t be as prepared as I would like, and he would get an eye roll from me. But I do try to let him do things his own way, but we would have a conversation afterwards. I’ve seen him be second high call for $35,000 at the All-Star Finals, sitting next to the heeling box with a leg thrown over the horn visiting. Thankfully the announcer said, “Hey Gabe, you’re up.” He did win second in the roping and later told me, “Dad, I knew I had to catch that one or you’d be upset.” He’s a happy little fella and will talk to anyone at any time and may be having a conversation when the header nods. But it doesn’t seem to affect him. He’s able to focus and do his job well. I’m very happy that’s he’s had such a great start at the amateur rodeos. Speed Williams... From Page 24 #8 winners on July 1 were Mike Jardine (right) and Dusty Bravos. Kelly and JP Maderas won the #3.5 roping on Monday, July 3. Matt Jespersen and Jeremy Garner won the #6.5 roping on Saturday, July 1. All Girl winners on Sunday, July 2, were Alex Baldwin and Sammy Jo Duby. Levi Andrews and Roy Owens won the #5.5 roping on Sunday, July 2. #8 winners on July 2 were Cody Fernlund (right) and CJ Cash. Todd Teskey and Matt Jespersen were the winners of the #4.5 Pick & Draw on July 1. Marti Anderson and Jerry Unruh were the winners of the #7 Roping on Monday, July 3. #4 Pick & Draw winners on July 3 were Jimmy Gallagher and Canyon Darger. Rope The Fort 4th Of July Weekend Draws 1,837 Teams CHILOQUIN, OREGON – It was nonstop action at “The Fort” over the Fourth of July weekend with a huge turnout. Three ropings were held each day and when it was all said and done, 18 Yeti buckle cups were given out to the champions. Be sure to check out the deatils for the August “Rope The Fort” scheduled for August 11th-13th on the Ropers Sports News online calendar. Results follow and payoff is per person. SAT., JULY 1 #4.5 HDCP P/D: $30, 321 teams 1st go: 1. Victor Madrigal and Garrett Gallagher, 6.34, $280. 2. Canyon Darger and Jesse Mason, 6.70, $190. 3. Brody Hatfield and Biff Talbott, 6.62, $60. Average: 1. Matt Jespersen and Todd Teskey, 27.54, $1,240. 2. Colt Bray and Garrett Gallagher, 28.14, $1,080. 3. Casey Romine and Mike Romine, 29.10, $920. 4. Laney Moore and Lucas Teskey, 29.57, $755. 5. Brody Hatfield and Biff Talbott, 30.65, $595. 6. Ashley Gallagher and Jimmy Gallagher, 32.05, $430. 7. Shad Albertson and Edwin Anderson, 32.12, $270. 8. Steve Gibson and Blake Earley, 33.39, $110. #8 HDCP P/D: $40, 83 teams 1st go: 1. Preston Young and CJ Cash, 5.490, $95. 2. Preston Young and Kelly Barker, 6.11, $65. Average: 1. Mike Jardine and Dusty Bravos, 28.49, $540. 2. Cole Hook and Dusty Bravos, 32.83, $450. 3. Matt Alden and Jeff Gieck, 33.50, $355. 4. Preston Young and CJ Cash, 34.26, $265. 5. Garrett Gallagher and CJ Cash, 34.85, $170. 6. Preston Young and Jeff Gieck, 35.75, $95. See ROPE THE FORT On Page 29

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