Ropers Sports News • August 2023

AUGUST 2023 ROPERS SPORTS NEWS PAGE 7 USING GLOBAL HANDICAP NUMBERS. MUST HAVE A WSTR OR GLOBAL HANDICAP CARD TO ROPE. MUST BE A MEMBER OF SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA SHOOTOUTS TO BE ELIGIBLE FOR AWARDS. MEMBERSHIPS ARE $60 FOR THE YEAR. MEMBERSHIPS AVAILABLE AT THE ARENA. SUNDAY, AUGUST 20TH LUCKY #11 HANDICAP WARM-UP RIVERSIDE RANCHEROS PICK OR DRAW - 3 FOR $60 2/3 CASH & PRIZE PAYBACK LIMITED TO FIRST 50 TEAMS. HANDICAP DOWN. (ROPER CAPPED AT #5.5 BOTH ENDS) WRANGLER SUPER #6 PICK 1, DRAW 1 ROPER CAPPED AT A #3 - 2 FOR $150 1ST & 2ND IN AVERAGE PLUS THE HIGHEST PLACING DRAW TEAM WIN BUCKLES 3RD & 4TH IN AVERAGE WIN ROPE BAGS **CANNOT WIN 2 PRIZES IN THE #6** 2/3 CASH & PRIZE PAYBACK #8.5 PICK OR DRAW (NO CAPS) 3 FOR $60 #7 PICK OR DRAW (NO CAPS) 3 FOR $60 DAVID $ BROWN SPONSORS CALLUS PALMS RANCH ARENA & PRESENTS: SIGN UP 8 TO 9AM - ROPE AT 9:30AM MISS YOUR 1ST IN THE #6, ROPE IN THE DAVID S BROWN ROUND FOR 1ST, 2ND, & 3RD BUCKLES - SPONSORED BY D$B AND DALE CHAVEZ 2/3 CASH & PRIZE PAYBACK 2/3 CASH & PRIZE PAYBACK 1198 Washington street, riverside, ca 92506 951-741-5316 CATTLE SUPPLIED BY SHANNON FINCH 408-640-6026 ROPES GALORE TRAILER WILL BE ON-SITE! ENTER AN ADDITIONAL 3X AUGUST 5-6, 12-13, 19-20, 26-27 Sign-Up at 9, Rope at 10am (2) #8 Hdcp ....................2 for $20 Pick 1, Draw 1 or Draw All 35% Cattle Charge ACTRA Qualifiers – Must Be ACTRA Member To Rope Memberships Available The Day Of The Roping For information contact Larry McGrady (408) 655-4744 McGRADY LIVESTOCK ARENA Hollister, CA 650 Comstock Rd., 95023 2 x 4 AUG.2023 SATURDAY-SUNDAY: 2023 ProRodeo Hall Of Fame... From Page 6 legacy. Cullen Pickett, who bought Nightjacket in 2009, said the horses’ bloodlines took their bucking stock to the next level. Now, those bloodlines will never be forgotten as an inductee into the Hall of Fame. “He (Nightjacket) never had a day off. He always showed up and it’s been the same thing with his colts. His colts are just the ones you can count on. It doesn’t matter the arena or the situation. Nightjacket had a great bucking career himself, but his legacy will forever be remembered in the stock that’s come from him.” Jim Zinser was thrilled to see Nightjacket enshrined. “Going into the ProRodeo Hall of Fame is such an impressive honor,” Zinser said. “It’s a special accomplishment that means a lot to my family and I. “In 1970, I had a man call me that I knew and rodeoed some. He had a riding stable in the Detroit (Mich.) area. He said I have this big brown mare that’s just throwing everybody off and I think she would work for you. I said you know I’ll take a chance on her. We started rodeoing with her and I really couldn’t believe how good this horse was. To this day, I’m going to say she is definitely in the top three or four for horses that have ever been on this ranch in 40 years. That horse ended up being Nightjacket’s grandmother.” Zinser gushed about the talent of Nightjacket. St. Paul Rodeo takes its place in HOF For decades, the St. Paul Rodeo has been known as one of the most unique and finest rodeos on the PRCA trail. The success of the rodeo hasn’t gone unnoticed as the St. Paul Rodeo Committee was inducted in the ProRodeo Hall of Fame on Saturday. “We have 11 members on our board right now and six out of the 11 are grandsons or great-grandsons of our rodeo founders from 1936,” said Kevin Smith, the vice-president of the St. Paul Rodeo Committee. “The rodeo really is a family and community tradition that runs deep. I think it means even more to us because of the family connections. When I got the call from the meeting room that day I kind of felt like two other generations were with me right then and there.” St. Paul, Ore., with a population of less than 450, is in the heart of the Willamette Valley, 20 miles from Salem, the state capital. From those roots, the St. Paul Rodeo is going strong as ever. In 1991, the PRCA cowboys gave the St. Paul Rodeo a plaque proclaiming it the finest rodeo in the Northwest. “We are receiving this honor because of the dedication of not only our staff and the people that have come before us, but our special community over the last 87 years,” Smith said. Cowtown Rodeo enters ProRodeo Hall of Fame The storied history of the Cowtown Rodeo in Pilesgrove, N.J., was rewarded at the highest level as it was enshrined into the ProRodeo Hall of Fame. “It didn’t set in that we are going to become the newest members of the ProRodeo Hall of Fame until we stepped foot in Colorado Springs,” Cowtown Rodeo’s Betsy Harris said. “That’s when the reality set in for all of us. “The first thing we thought about when we found out was Grant’s (Harris) Dad Howard. We think back to the work he did for rodeo. Now, that we’ve been here for 45 years that in itself is remarkable. You don’t think that you’ll ever do anything that long. When it’s your life and it’s a joy everyday like it is for us and now that our children are still involved there’s nothing better. It’s the best way to live.” Cowtown has held rodeo competitions in Salem County, N.J., nearly every week since 1955, rain or shine. The only exceptions were six Saturdays at the start of the pandemic in 2020. Cowtown is known as the oldest weekly professional rodeo in the United States. The rodeo runs each year from Memorial Day to the end of September each summer. Cowtown Rodeo was started in 1929 by Howard Harris Sr. and his son, Howard “Stoney” Harris Jr. Stoney held the first rodeo in Woodstown N.J., in conjunction with the Salem County Fair, at the original auction grounds on North Main Street. Presently this ground is known as Harris Acres, with the back stretch of the racetrack now being the PresbyteSee PRORODEO HALL OF FAME On Page 9

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