Ropers Sports News | January-February 2023

PAGE 26 ROPERS SPORTS NEWS JANUARY-FEBRUARY 2023 & Jeff Hilton $12,600 TUES., NOV. 29 #13.5 BIG GAMBLE Average: 1st. 30.11, Jace Roselle & Justin Tom $27,140. 2nd. 33.13, Tanner Nolen & Clay Ogden $20,980. 3rd. 34.04, Bill Stockton & Caden Beatty $14,800. 4th. 34.15, Westley Benally & Trey Nez $11,100. 5th. 35.43, Cayden Harmon & Jud Jackson $9,860 #12.5 BIG GAMBLE 1 Average: 1st. 31.22, Derek Proctor & Colton Scott $34,840. 2nd. 32.36, Ryan Richardson & Westley Benally $26,920. 3rd. 32.94, Chance Tynes & Austin Rayborn $19,000. 4th. 33.38, Colt Capurro & James Watson $14,240. 5th. 33.56, Robby Wood & Devon Johnson $12,660 #12.5 BIG GAMBLE 2 Average: 1st. 31.77, Cowboy Porras & Saul Porras $27,200. 2nd. 32.21, Braden Martinez & Buck Garza $21,020. 3rd. 32.37, Tanner G Evans & Peyton Walters $14,840. 4th. 34.38, Austin Kropf & Jace C Outlaw Yost Events Hosts Record-Setting $3.1 Million Las Vegas Week WICKENBURG, ARIZONA – Between November 26 and December 6, ropers from across the country made their way to Arizona to compete for some of the largest divisional payouts in the industry. Yost Events, Inc., hosted its annual “Las Vegas Week” which consisted of eight days of roping at Rancho Rio in Wickenburg, Arizona (Ty Yost’s Las Vegas in Wickenburg), five days of roping at the Everett Bowman Rodeo Grounds in Wickenburg (Ty Yost’s High Rollers for Legends), and two days of roping at the iconic Dynamite Arena in Cave Creek (Las Vegas at Dyn-O-Mite). Combined these events boasted 40 separate divisional ropings, saw 7,300 teams, and paid out a combined $3.1 million in cash to amateur team ropers. Ty Yost’s Las Vegas in Wickenburg alone, is consistently one of the top five team roping events in the nation, for both payout and total teams offering every division from the Open down to the #8.5. Oklahoma cowboys, Derek Proctor and Colton Scott, picked up the single largest paycheck of the week in one of two #12.5 Big Gamble ropings on Tuesday, November 29. The duo roped four steers in 31.22 seconds to See YOST’S LAS VEGAS WEEK On Page 30 Winners of the #8.5 Big Gamble roping on Dec. 6 were Abel Flores and Kolden Huebner. take home a whopping $34,840. These events are slated to once again take place in lateNovember and early-December 2023. For more information on Rancho Rio and Dynamite Arena, as well as a complete schedule of events, visit and Results show up to the top five only. For complete results visit and Ty Yost’s Las Vegas in Wickenburg, Nov. 28 to Dec. 6, 2022 (no Roping Dec. 4) Rancho Rio, Wickenburg, AZ, Yost Events, Inc. MON., NOV. 28 OPEN BIG GAMBLE Average: 1st. 26.99, Nelson Wyatt & Cole Curry $20,280. 2nd. 27.51, Cutter Duckett & Justin DeLaGarza $14,140. 3rd. 28.98, Jose Gutierrez & Servando Gutierrez Jr $10,440. 4th. 29.17, Kaleb Driggers & JC Flake $7,380. 5th. 31.52, Kade Sherwood & Cutter Thomison $5,520. #15.5 BIG GAMBLE Average: 1st. 26.88, Jeff Hi l ton & Rhe t t Ander son $27,660. 2nd. 27.82, Trevor Hale & JD Holland $20,440. 3rd. 28.53, Cutter Cain & Dylan Jay Payne $14,440. 4th. 28.91, Tanner Baldwin & Porter Bryant $12,020. 5th. 28.93, Blake Bowler & Dyl in Ahlst rom $10,820 #14.5 BIG GAMBLE Average: 1st. 28.39, Carson Cox & Nicky Northcott $34,620. 2nd. 29.21, Ashton Parker & Dylin Ahlstrom $26,740. 3rd. 29.52, James Lockhart & Shane T Brown $18,880. 4th. 29.72, Travis Whitlow & Justin Simon $14,160. 5th. 30.07, Zane Bruce #9.5 Big Gamble winners on Dec. 6 were Tanner Crone and Cade Barrow. #10.5 Big Gamble winners on Dec. 1 were Preston Vandeburgh and Ryan Wheatley. #9.5 Big Gamble winners on Dec. 5 were Fred Carreon and Alex Gutierrez. #10.5 Big Gamble winners on Dec. 5 were John Hall and Gary Nybo. #9.5 Las Vegas winners on Dec. 5 were Joe Webb and Blake Harrington. #10.5 Big Gamble winners on Dec. 3 were Adam White and Chance Thiessen. Winners of the #8.5 Las Vegas roping on Dec. 6 were Dally Peterson and Kirk Gentry. Winners of the #10.5 Big Gamble on Nov. 30 were Kreece Powell and Trenton Milburn.

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