Ropers Sports News | January-February 2023

PAGE 38 ROPERS SPORTS NEWS JANUARY-FEBRUARY 2023 ESCALON LIVESTOCK MARKET Annual Recreational Roping Sale Sat., MARCH 11 12 noon Escalon Livestock Market • 25525 E. Lone Tree Rd., Escalon, CA 95320 Featuring Fresh & Ready To Rope Longhorn • Corriente • Steers • Heifers Also Selling Longhorn Pairs • Bred Cows • Breeding Stock - CONSIGNMENTS ARE APPRECIATED - If You Are A Buyer Of Roping Stock, You Don't Want To Miss This Event Please call for more information: Visit us on the web at: Michael Mahado (209) 495-9208 Ben Martin (209) 329-1786 Val Mendes (209) 499-6606 Matt Morebeck (530) 615-8098 Joe Vieira (209) 531-4156 Office (209) 838-7011 3 x 8 Jan/Feb2023 onds on three runs. Balch and Quickaintfair entered the final round in the driver’s seat and remained atop the leaderboard following the short round. Balch won the second round of the permit only race in a time of 15.911 and was third in the final round in a time of 16.129 seconds. Rylee Leach won the short round in a time of 16.062 seconds and finished second in the average with 48.635. Look for both ladies on the rodeo trail in 2023 during their rookie season. Full results of all competition from the weekend can be found at Angelone Sisters... From Page 2 Reno Rodeo Announces New Lineup of Premier Events RENO, NEVADA – The 2023 Reno Rodeo will feature a new lineup of events set to add thousands of dollars to the overall payout that is already nearly $700,000. The Bob Tallman Invitational, named after the Hall of Fame Reno Rodeo announcer and Winnemucca native, will be the richest team roping Open in history. “Bob Tal lman is a true homegrown Nevada rodeo hero. Having him affiliated with this prestigious event is truly gratifying to the Reno Rodeo committee and the entire community,” said Greg “Lightning” Williams, 2023 Reno Rodeo Assoc i a t ion President. “We look forward to hosting the Bob Tallman Invitational in addition to all of the new associated roping events and the barrel racing event, The Reno, returning to the Reno Rodeo in 2023.” For Bob Tallman, it’s an honor to lend his name and expertise to the first annual Bob Tallman Invitational team roping event. “In all my years, four decades of history, I have learned there is room and reasons for change.,” said Tallman. “I’ve been a roper and avid supporter of the team roping world, coast to coast and with no borders. I believe that Patriot Events, owned and operated by Kevin and Andrea Hall, will be hugely successful in promoting, orchestrating, and managing this event for all involved. Once again this will be a step up for Reno Rodeo and a longlasting achievement for their future.” According to Kevin and Andrea Hall of Patriot Events, the Bob Tallman Invitational is the newest major Open roping event on the planet and it’s also designed to create what team ropers dream about – a truly limited, hand-picked roster selected by Bob Tallman himself paying record dollars to the industry’s elite. “Couple that with a lineup of majors, the #11.5 Reno Million, the #10.5 and #8.5 Reno Patriot, Jr Patriot Open, Reno All Girls Team Roping, Breakaway Roping and the return of the richest added-money one-day open barrel race, The Reno, we will be including a Best of the Best tiedown roping featuring the top tie-down ropers in the world.” The Bob Tallman Invitational will be held on Monday, June 19, 2023 in the indoor arena at the Reno Sparks Livestock Events Center. Tickets for the 2023 Reno Rodeo set for June 15–24 are available now at RenoRodeo. com. December 15, 2022 President JT Bradley called the meeting to order at 7:00PM Secretary Daphne VanStavern took roll. The following directors were present: Willie Worley, Billy Fulton, Aaron Bean, Marlin Russum, Larry McGrady, Hank Brown, Eric Cozzitorto, Lisa Jones, Bruce Elliott, Wayne Hicks , Ken Paddock, Bi l l Horner, Rikki Perezchica, Tres Porter, Jessica Cardoza, George Porter, Karen Russell, Jim Waggoner, Mike Redfeairn, Dominic Patino, Paul Mullins, Donald Ornellas. Minutes from the 11/17 meeting were presented and approved. Financial report: The fiscal year end 10/31/22 financial documents were shared and approved. November 2022 financial documents were shared and approved National Director report: National President, Bill Horner, reported they haven’t had a meeting since October. They have had a few executive meetings and are working on some items to bring to the national board at the January meeting. Two main items include reviewing the member survey to implement roper requests and getting more data on people to help improve our number system. George Porter was selected as the new alternate national director. Arena Updates: Aaron & Becki Bean submitted an application to produce ACTRA ropings at their new indoor arena in Fortuna (region 1). Their application was approved. Lucky B Arena in Hilmar is going to have to go through a permit process before they produce ropings in Hilmar. Steve Simons requested permission to produce ACTRA ropings at the Creston Rodeo Arena but canceled his request before the meeting. Steve Simons requested permission to produce ACTRA ropings at Thorson’s indoor arena in Morgan Hill (region 3) until April 1st, 2023. Discussion from many directors followed asking for clarification on what dates Steve was planning and whether any other arena operators were planning to produce ropings there as well. It was asked whether a producer needs to have the permission of other arena operators in the region to produce a roping. It is highly encouraged that new arenas check in with existing arenas and try to schedule ropings accordingly, but the producer only needs the permission of the board. The motion for Steve to produce the ropings was denied. He is encouraged to provide more information about dates planned and reapply. 2023 CA Finals: Request for proposals have been sent to Paso Robles and Chowchilla. It was requested they also be sent to Tulare and Turlock. A multiple year contract would be preferred. Paso Robles has already sent back their proposal. A location will be chosen at the January meeting. The second arena size at the Finals was discussed. The second arena in Paso was widened after the first day. Reno was also discussed. It can be discussed at the national level. Numbers: The additional information on the ballot is receiving a lot of positive feedback. It would still be preferred to have one more button added that would say if a member is brand new and needing a number assigned or just a member renewing their membership. It will be a motion at the national level. It was discussed how much it helps when people are educated about the number process that we go through to assess people. Our procedures and guidelines are very detailed. We have all roper data available to us. We can track how much money a person has won, how many times they place, what their times are that they win with, what ropings they place in etc. We have a tremendous amount of data available for people when their numbers are being assessed. The December ballot should be out soon and changes will be effective 12/26/22. There was discussion about creating a guideline for numbering ropers. Discussion followed about the difficulties this presents. All ropers have strengths and weaknesses that make them higher or lower and don’t fit into a certain box. It would be very difficult to categorize an exact guideline. No other major roping organization currently has a public guideline for their number system. Membership: All ropers must now have a 2023 membership to be able to rope. We currently have 546 paid members and 624 total members. Old Business: There are currently 9 arenas eligible for the arena operator incentive program. We will select a winner at our January meeting. New Business: Cattle bids need to be started. We will select a date and location at the January meeting and be prepared to send bid sheets right after that. Catastrophe Fund: A member returned $780 of the $1,000 we sent because that was all he needed to pay his medical bills. The meeting was adjourned at 8:21. The next meeting will be January 19th via Zoom. California ACTRA Board Meeting Minutes

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