Ropers Sports News | March 2023

PAGE 22 ROPERS SPORTS NEWS MARCH 2023 Eric Cozzitorto (209) 777-2910 Late Entries, call/text Andee @ (209) 585-5698 Sunday, March 19TH ★ #7.5 Hdcp. Down Pick Or Draw............3 for $120 Progressive After One • 28% Cattle Charge • Please Read “6 Pack Info” ★ #5.5 Hdcp. Pick 1/Draw 1 or Draw All ....3 for $30 Will Not Start Before 12pm • 35% Cattle Charge “ FOOD ON SITE” 2nd Location: Diamond Bar Arena • Ceres, CA 6055 Central Ave. Families Full Weekend of Roping including Rickey & Vernon Green Memorial on Sunday, April 9th Friday Night, April 7TH SU 6pm, Books Close 6:45, Rope 7pm ★ #8 Hdcp. Pick 1, Draw 1 or Draw All...................4 for $20/$40 – AWARD TO HIGH MONEY ROPER OF THE NIGHT – Saturday, April 8TH SU 9am, Books Close 9:45, Rope 10am ★ #7.5 Hdcp. Down Pick Or Draw...............................3 for $120 Progressive After One • 28% Cattle Charge • Please Read “6 Pack Info” ★ #5.5 Hdcp. Pick 1/Draw 1 or Draw All .......................3 for $30 Will Not Start Before 12pm • 35% Cattle Charge ★ #5.5 Pick Or Draw $7 Cattle/Office Charge ...........................2 for $14 KING CITY, CA Multi-District Rodeo Jackpot SAT., MARCH 25th SU at 4:45, Books Close 5:30pm, Rope 6pm #8 Hdcp. Pick 1, Draw 1, or Draw All..........3 for $30 Mark Your Calendars: • RAWHIDE CLASSIC .................SAT., APRIL 22 Tuolumne County Sheriff’s Posse Arena • Jamestown, CA • CODY J. ANTHENIEN Memorial Roping Diamond Bar Arena, Ceres, CA.....................MAY 20 & 21 ★ Be ready for FRIDAY NIGHTS this year! ★ Low #’s, Here’s Your Shot! Announcing 2023 “6-PACK SERIES” Once A Month: Must Attend Three Out Of The First Five Ropings To Be Eligible To Win Any Of The Prizes. 1st Location: Turlock Horsemen’s Club Turlock, CA 1506 S. Tegner Rd. 95380 • SU 9:30, Rope 10:30 “6-Pack Series” • NO MONEY OUT FOR AWARDS • Prizes to Average Winners of each roping • $20/man held for 6th and final jackpot • Sixth & FinalBANG Payoff: Based on 100 paid teams X 6 ropings Finale cash on top of Finale team count = $24,000 Based on 75 paid teams X 6 ropings Finale cash on top of Finale team count = $18,000 • Top 20 Back To Short Round • Fast time in short round $500/man • Prizes down to 4th in Average GUN VOUCHER OR $500 CASH VALUE TO HIGH MONEY HEADER & HEELER OF ENTIRE 6-PACK SERIES First 6-Pack SECOND 6-Pack PRIZES TO AVERAGE WINNERS OF EACH ROPING THROUGHOUT SERIES! Sunday at Turlock Horsemen’s Club Turlock, CA 1506 S. Tegner Rd. 95380 ACTRA Members Only • ACTRA Rules & Numbers Presented by CASH ONLY! Stay tuned for next four dates and locations! March 12 (Daylight Savings), 26, April 2, 16, 23 SU at 9:30, Rope at 10:30  PRACTICE, 9-10am...........$20/Horse #5.5 Hdcp Pick 1, Draw 1 or Draw All.....3 for $30 35% Cattle/Office Charge #5.5 Pick Or Draw ($7 Cattle/Office)..............2 for $14 #4.5 Pick Or Draw ($7 Cattle/Office) ..............2 for $14 Weather Permitting “ FOOD ON SITE” SAT., MARCH 11 Sign Up 9am, Rope 10am 35% Cattle Chg. • 5 Sec. Barrier #4 Pick/Draw (Capped at #2½) ...................3 for $30 #5.5 Hdcp. Down Pick/Draw (No Caps) .....3 for $40 No Team Over #5½ #6 Hdcp. Up/Down Pick/Draw (No Caps) ...3 for $40 Must Be An ACTRA Member To Rope All Pots: Must Draw One Then Enter Up By Draws Or Picks! _______________________________ 338 Chambersburg Rd. Fillmore, CA WEATHER PERMITTING: Check Fillmore Roping Club on Facebook for arena conditions Richard Haller (805) 340-0985 FILLMORE ROPING CLUB FR ____________________ All Dogs Must Be On Leash! ____________________ ACTRA Members Only! ~ PRACTICES ~ • Wednesday, 6-8pm • Sunday, 1-3pm Do not need to be a member of FRC to practice!! $25 Day Permit ($15 if 17 & under) Great Practice Cattle!! Breaking It Down by Speed Williams... From Page 16 slow and did not leave the chute well. She broke the barrier and was 2-flat plus ten. Her last chance to get into the American is what they call a Wild Card and is a one head. (See the description above). There she will rope against approximately 100 girls and the fastest run goes to the American. This is something I’m excited about because we get to work on throwing our rope super fast for the next couple of weeks. One of Gabe’s goals is to qualify for the American rodeo. This summer we drove to Cleveland, TN and were fortunate to win an Open roping and earn a spot at the Regional Finals in Lexington. The Team Roping is done differently than the Breakaway. We could only go to one region. That’s fortunate for me because Gabe would have us at all three if he had a choice. There’s also no buy backs or wildcard round for the Team Roping. In other disciplines, 5th – 12th gets a last chance. At the Regional Finals, 12 teams get to run one steer. The top four move on to the American. It’s a huge advantage to draw up toward the end so you know what you have to do. Gabe and I drew up 4th out. I’m thankful I was able to get out and hang it on one fast, but the steer fought his head and didn’t handle the best. Normally, Gabe would have taken another swing, but since 4.4 won last hole at the previous qualifier, he took a different shot and got a leg. We were 4.9 plus 5. When the 11th and 12th team roped, we were still sitting third. All the last two teams had to do was make a clean run to advance. Sadly, for us, they both did, and we were eliminated in 5th place. Had we drawn up a little better we would have taken a different approach to our steer. I want to give a shout out to the American Rodeo for giving me the opportunity to rope with my son and be with my daughter while they compete at a high level. They did an interview with us about me giving lessons, teaching them, and using the Speed Trainer. Even though the rodeo didn’t go our way, it truly will be a memory that stays with me for a long time. The American Rodeo is life changing when you can win $100,000 one day and possibly a share of $1 million. Our family will be trying to qualify again next year. I hope one day there will more rodeos like the American where everyone can have a chance to rope for that kind of money.

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