Ropers Sports News | Nov-Dec 2021

P AGE 52 R OPERS S PORTS N EWS N OVEMBER -D ECEMBER 2021 Choose the one that’s right for you! Designed specifically to help ropers and barrel racers improve their times and performance! • Each bit has a different power and pressure points for the horse’s mouth. Some are new pressure points to the industry and will get different reactions. • Each bit has calculated leverage to distribute weight to hindquarters. • Call Les for advice on bit selection: • The Collector • Double swivel mouthpiece • Some tongue pressure • Very flexible • The Adjuster • Powerful bit to help you regulate speed and create respect • The Starter • Mouthpiece similar to a snaffle • Low power • Extreme flexibility • Also popular with Barrel Racers • The Negotiator • High port solid mouthpiece bit • Helps create a huge amount of rate • The Sidewinder • Wide chain port bit • The Developer • Narrow chain port • Very flexible • Helps your horse relax THE ORIGINAL SIX These mouthpieces combined with perfectly calculated bit leverage positions make FAST TIME BITS very unique........... $ 149 95 ea (includes Curb – Adjustable Chain) 30-Day Money Back Guarantee! Creating Better Performance By Design • The Wonder Curb • Attention getter • Will not cut or leave marks on horse Price $40 If you order a bit(s), price is only $20! Be Sure To Send Us Your Win Photo While Using A Fast Time Bit And Receive A FREE BIT! * Limited to one bit per customer. Six Unique Mouthpieces That Graduate In Power For Your Horse. To Order: www. lesvogt .com or call (805) 4 55-01 62 Bits Don’t Make Great Horsemen... Great Horsemen Make Great Bits! Fast Time Bits Will Take You To The Pay Window! Master Graduate #LVRB3 Leverage Position 2.5 $ 149 95 Master Interpreter #LVRB8 Leverage Position 1.5 $ 149 95 Drop N Stop #1136 Leverage Position 3 $ 149 95 NEW Master Next Level #LVRB6 Leverage Position 2.5 $ 149 95 Master Qualifier #LVRB5 Leverage Position 2 $ 149 95 Smooth Run #11201-95v Leverage Position 3 $ 149 95 NEW The Les Vogt bits are my go-to bit. They have helped me win saddles and qualify me to the World Series. I use the Sidewinder on all my finished horses. Beckham is a stallion, it keeps him soft in the face and gives me great control when setting up cattle quick. Thanks Les!!! GREG BEGAY Thank you for your support and spon sorship: • PINES, Fort Wort h: • TOTAL EQUINE, to talfeeds. com • HEALTHY COAT, healthycoa • CSI S ADDLE PADS, csisaddlepa • MVP, Designed by 15-Time World Champion LES VOGT & Specifically Designed To Help Ropers & Barrel Racers Improve Their Times & Performance THE BEST CHRISTMAS PRESENT! _____ Master Series Roping Bit Collection _____ No More Busy Signals From Your Horse

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