Ropers Sports News | November-December 2022

PAGE 10 ROPERS SPORTS NEWS NOVEMBER-DECEMBER 2022 ACTRA Members Only Memberships Available at the Ropings 825 Wildwood Rd. Arbuckle, CA For More Info: Willie Worley (530) 520-5053 presents BLACK FRIDAY & NEW YEAR’S WEEKENDS Nov. 26 & 27; Dec. 31 & Jan. 1 NOVEMBER 27, 28 & 29 B & R Sales SATURDAYS SU 4pm, Rope 5pm #8 Hdcp. Pick & Draw ...... 3 for $40 #5.5 Pick or Draw Enter Up .. 3 for $40 SUNDAYS SU 8am, Rope 9am #8 Hdcp. Pick & Draw ...... 3 for $40 #6 Pick or Draw Enter Up ..... 3 for $40 #4.5 Pick or Draw Enter Up .. 3 for $40 Lincoln, CA Indoor Arena at 23 CASH ONLY! 35% Cattle Charge • Card Entry Process; Must Be Paid In Full To Enter 3 x 4 Nov-Dec2022 Team Roping Elite Set To Rope At NFR... From Page 8 the same partner. Right now, we are planning on riding the same horses and using the same ropes in the same building, and the steers look similar. It’s a shot for me to actually show up on the same court with the same team and see if we can improve on it. LK: What are you planning to ride at the Finals? BH: I plan on riding X (15), which is the horse I rode last year. He’s the best horse in the box that I’ve ever had. He scores really well also. Now that we have futurities, that means more to more people. He’ll stand in there motionless on a tight bridle for as long as I want, then explode off the bridle reins when I drop. I was watching an old video from the NFR in Arlington (in 2020), when Andrew had to reset a couple times. We stood motionless for, like, 47 seconds, then got our start. I think that’s the #1 thing that makes X special there. He follows the steer really well, and if we are in a really good spot, there’s really not much I have to do. I can tell him how I want to leave the box, and when. Some of my horses maybe score better, but leave 10 different ways. This horse will leave one of three ways that I dictate. If anything, he’s going to leave harder than I want, which is a good thing there. In my experience, I’ve ran 30 steers there, 20 on X. And 20 in a row, I left and never had to touch the reins again. I may have because of a bad habit, but I never had to. Tanner Tomlinson NFRs: 1 (2022) Hometown: Angleton, Texas Partner: Patrick Smith LK: You were the 2020 Resistol Heading Rookie of the Year, and turned 22 this year. Has making your first Finals sunk in yet? Tanner Tomlinson: I tell you what, it hadn’t hit me since being home until early November. I’ve dreamed about this my whole life, and it’s a dream come true. With it almost here, practicing and watching all the NFR reruns, it’s finally just hit me here lately. LK: How are you preparing for your NFR debut? TT: Patrick has the NFR arena built into his arena, so it’s the same measurements and dimensions. I’ve been running about 60-70 steers in there every day. Patrick tweaked his back, so he’s been running about 15 and I’ve had other guys coming to heel. But we’re about to get after it pretty hard. We are trying to get a run lined out, and are working on not having too much rope out if I reach. We are working on a run together that’s not too kamikaze, because I’ve always tried to go so fast. Some people have told me you don’t want to go so fast there that it makes it hard to get a run going all week. So we are finding that happy medium. Trevor (Brazile) has come over to help me a little bit, and get a run down. LK: Trevor and Patrick had some years at the NFR where they had arguably one of the best runs ever inside that building night after night. What’s it mean to be in this position with Patrick? TT: Being around Patrick has taken my heading to another level. He’s helped me with my horsemanship and how to keep a horse under me all year. We’ve really worked at getting a run together, and to build consistency together. Andrew and Buddy have a run together better than anybody, and they’re so consistent. Same with Kaleb and Junior. We got a run down mid-season that let us get on a roll and make the Finals. Patrick has been a blessing to me as a mentor the last two years. LK: What are you planning on riding at the NFR? TT: I don’t know for sure what I’m going to start on, but I do know I’m taking Coy’s (Rahlmann) horse Blue, that he rode out there last year. I’m also taking Wishbone, which is a horse Trevor rode out there last time he was there. Trevor just got him back, and I’m going to take him. My gray I rode all year doesn’t come up the wall very good in little arenas, and is a little more elevated leaving the box than them. Coy’s horse leaves super flat, and stays in the bridle leaving the box across the line. Everyone feels like the head horse being flat and easy is the main key there, so you can have a good first swing. The go is so important, so that’s why I’m taking those two horses. Patrick Smith NFRs: 13 (2003, 2005-2015, 2022) Hometown: Lipan, Texas Partner: Tanner Tomlinson LK: This is your first NFR qualification since 2015. Was this a resurgence? Patrick Smith: In 2016, I didn’t rodeo when we did the ERA (Elite Rodeo Association). I’d like to say I didn’t rodeo those other years since then, but I just didn’t get off to great starts, and came home early. As much as anything, I’ve got really good heel horses and a good partner now. All of that creates a resurgence. A good partner, good head horse and good heel horse are the three things that set you up for success. Winning is a motivator, and makes you hungry to get back in the circle. LK: You heeled at your first Finals in 2003 for Matt Tyler, who was at his 18th NFR that year (Matt and Patrick won the average, with 62.3 seconds on 10 head). What’s it feel like to be on the other end of that, and to be taking Tanner to his first NFR? PS: It’s almost a mirror image. My first year I roped with a guy who had been there so many times, and I was the first-timer. I’ve been telling Tanner about those feelings I felt, that I’m sure he’ll feel, too. I was so nervous that year, but then you ride in the box and see the chute with a steer in it, and it’s the same thing we do all year. There’s so much pressure out there, but it’s horns and feet, and making your run. I’m excited to have the knowledge I do have, and hopefully it’s an advantage to be able to share that with him. LK: You’ve got the 2022 Nutrena Heel Horse of the Year presented by AQHA, Turbo (12). How much are you looking forward to riding him at the Finals? PS: I’m really excited. Turbo’s so fast and has such an amazing finish, so that set-up fits him really well. He’s so good everywhere, but he has all the things you look for in a horse for that building, especially roping with someone like Tanner, who is so fast. Hopefully, I can show everybody what Turbo’s all about. We haven’t gotten to compete in there (the Thomas & Mack Center) together yet, so I’m very excited. Patrick Smith GUTHR I E , OKLA . – WCRA (Wor ld Champions Rodeo Alliance) and the Lazy E Arena have announced payout and cash bonus details for the 2023 Cinch World Championship Junior Rodeo (WCJR) presented by Montana Silversmiths. The World ChampionWCRA & Lazy E Format Updates For 2023 Cinch Junior Rodeo ship event is set to take place July 25-29, 2023, at the Lazy E Arena in Guthrie, Oklahoma. In late July, the Lazy E Arena and the WCRA Division Youth (DY) announced they were going to join forces on the 2023 World Championship Junior Rodeo. The 2023 event will have over $200,000 in guaranteed prize money and is open to any youth athlete ages 19 and under (as of the first day of competition) in the world competing in 11 disciplines which include – Bareback Riding, Ladies Breakaway Roping, Saddle Bronc Riding, Steer Wrestling, Team Roping Heading, Team Roping Heel ing, Tie-Down Roping, Ladies Barrel Racing, Ladies Pole Bending, Ladies Goat Tying, and Bull Riding. World Champions will be crowned in all disciplines from both the Junior Leaderboard (ages 19 and under) and the Youth Leaderboard (age 13-15) with $10,000 being paid out per discipline in the Junior Division ($110,000 total) while the Youth Division will award $5,000 per discipline ($35,000 total). The organizations also recently announced the World Champions will be crowned in all disciplines along with AllAround World Champions from both the 19 and under (19U) Junior Leaderboard and the 13-15 Youth Leaderboard. Each World Champion will be awarded a piece of the $56,000 in cash bonuses. The WCJR will also serve as a Jr. Ironman qualifier with the top five advancing to Jr. Ironman Championship held during the Cinch Timed Event Championship in March 2024. The Jr. Ironman Side Pot will have $5,000 added money with the mandatory disciplines (must enter and participate in all four disciplines). DY Athletes will have two opportunities to earn a position to the 2023 WCJR with no entry fees: the top 16 on the DY23 Leaderboard (by age classification, by discipline); generic qualification from a DY Qualifier Series event. DY Qualifier Series (DYQS) are a group of events held prior to the 2023 WCJR where athletes who nominate and place in the top spot in their respected discipline at the DY Qualifier Series event will earn a generic qualification with no entry fees to the 2023 Championship. Athletes can qualify for the WCJR by nominating their rodeo efforts and earning points for the WCRA DY23 leaderboard positions using the VRQ (Virtual Rodeo Qualifier). Athletes have until June 25, 2023 at 11:59 p.m. to nominate and earn points. The top 16 on the leaderboard in each discipline will qualify for the event with no entry fees. Lastly, athletes will also be able to enter the event through open entry and take their shot by competing through the qualifying rounds. All rodeo athletes interested in learning more about the WCRA DY, the VRQ, or event format and payout details should visit or download the WCRA DY app.

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