Ropers Sports News | November-December 2022

PAGE 14 ROPERS SPORTS NEWS NOVEMBER-DECEMBER 2022 person employed by ACTRA to hire and manage the flaggers and take care of the setup and tear down the arenas. He would still handle the timing equipment. We thank him for an outstanding job. A tip of the Resistol to the flaggers this year, Billy Butler, Brodie Jones and Jake Ward. Thanks to all of the ACTRA office, arena and booth staff: Heidi Fet t ic, Kel l i Ri ley, Wendy Pugh, Kristi Cox, LinACTRA National Finals 2022... From Page 12 Ethan Strassburger and Hector Uribe were the winners of the #3 Roping to end the ACTRA National Finals on October 22. Pictured with newly elected ACTRA President Bill Horner. – Andersen C Bar C Photography Where Families Come To Rope: Kallie Foust and Easton Foust were the winners of the #4 Roping on October 21. ACTRA President Ty Rogers presents their awards. – Andersen C Bar C Photography #8.5 winners Cobie Dodds and Nathan Scott. Presenting is Mike Piland of Cactus Ropes. – Andersen C Bar C Photography Seven-time World Champion Clay O’Brien Cooper stopped by the ACTRA booth to pick up his contestant jacket while competing at the ACTRA National Finals. – Andersen C Bar C Photography nea Aguiar, Stefanie Duby, Katrina Pelroy, Annie Stevie, Penny Barker, Carie Hayes, Cherry Rogers and Daphne VanStavern. Great job, ladies! After 15 years of getting every day started with a prayer, getting the high teams excited with the presentation of the sponsor flags and a very passionate, patriotic presentation of the American flag, announcer Jody Carper has stepped away from being the voice of ACTRA. Jody deserves the credit for the high team program as well as the awards ceremony and winner interviews. Jody will be missed. Congratulations to Tommy Lee and Steve Simons for a great set of cattle. The awards were fantastic this year and we want to thank Scott Thomas Saddlery, Skyline Silversmiths, Professional’s Choice, Wrangler, Resistol, Cactus Ropes, FastBack Ropes, Heel-O-Matic, Yeti, Bio Mane, A Cut Above Silversmiths, California Custom Trailers and Thuro-Bilt. The following payoffs are per roper; complete results including go-round rotations can be found at SAT., OCTOBER 15 LADIES BREAKAWAY 1st. Yeti cooler with Yeti cup. 2nd. Professional’s Choice Sports Boots. 3rd. Professional’s Choice winter blanket. 4th. Resistol straw hat. 5th. Prof. Choice carry-all with BioMane. Average: 1. Desi Dotson, 10.23 on 3, $2,160. 2. Delaney Kunau, 10.86, $1,780. 3. Rikki Perezchica, 11.03, $1,400. 4. Suzanne Williams, 11.17, Wyatt Hammerstrom and Blake VanStavern were the winners of the #5.5 roping. Ryan Fowler presents their awards. – Andersen C Bar C Photography Bill Horner receives a Lifetime buckle from ACTRA President Ty Rogers. Bill will also take over the reins to be the next ACTRA President. – Andersen C Bar C Photo See 2022 ACTRA FINALS On Page 16

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